Friday 8 June 2012


Threats to the implementation of the NWO?

By David Richards
June 8, 2012 
Success! Another boarded up pub.

The Illuminati want us to be nomadic, international, faceless serfs. 

To this end they are destroying everything that binds us together.

Another front in this war, the British government is taxing pubs out of business.

A British pub is much more than a place to get drunk. It is a meeting place, the focal point of the community. Everyone has a 'local'.

Pubs are the last remnants of community in atomized Britain.

Pub culture

However, due to the crippling effect of government taxation, they are falling like dominos.

Since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, 4500 pubs have closed down. We are currently losing 50 a week.

Many people can longer afford to drink in a pub and buy beer from supermarkets instead. The average cost of a pint of beer in a pub is £3 ($4.75); from a supermarket, it is £1 ($1.55.)

When I was last in England, I noticed the number of people in my local had declined dramatically. In my hometown of 25,000 people, there were about 15 pubs. Now some of them are boarded up, sad shells of their former selves.

When I see them, I think of the life that's vanished.

Men would talk and joke after a hard day's work. Those in crisis would receive aid from their neighbours. Young men would have the odd fight (rather than sitting indoors playing sadistic video games). Boy and girls from local families fell in love there.


The government has placed monstrous taxes on beer.

These tax increases widen the gap between pubs and supermarkets, because pubs have much higher overheads.

For every £3 pint sold, more than £1 goes into the government coffers!

The duty on beer in Britain is an outrageous 55 pence per pint! This is 8 times more than the beer duty in France (a measly 8p) and 11 times more than Germany (5p)!

The duty on beer is much higher, in relative terms, than spirits. Britain has the smallest gap between beer and spirits duty in Europe. This is a sign that beer is being specifically targeted.

Under the previous New Labour government (1997-2010) the duty on beer increased by 60%, but the duty on spirits only increased by 25%.
A few years ago, a former aide to Jack Straw revealed that Labour's 'open door' immigration policy was designed to destroy British culture forever.
Were the tax increases on beer intended to do the same?

In March this year, Chancellor George Osborne further tightened the noose. He introduced a 'duty elevator' putting the yearly increase on alcohol duty at 2% over the rate of inflation. So that's yearly inflation (currently 3%) + 2% EVERY YEAR!

This policy is against government self-interest. Increasing the Excise Duty actually lowers the revenue intake on beer, and sabotages that future tax take. Since the duty hikes, beer sales have fallen dramatically and thousands of pubs have closed down.

Added to this criminally high excise duty, the government charges a 20% VAT charge! On a £3 pint that is 50p!

The government claims that high taxes on beer pay for alcohol related hospital admissions. The opposite is the case: people can no longer afford to drink beer in a supervised environment, and instead buy cheap spirits from supermarkets.

In the last 10 years, alcohol-related hospital admissions have more than doubled!

On top of beer taxes, pubs have to pay employment tax, business rates, rent, staff costs and bills. Obviously they cannot absorb the taxes hikes like multi-national supermarkets.

The pub industry accounts for nearly 1,000,000 jobs. In tough economic times you would expect the government to protect the sector, instead they are murdering it.

The pub unions accuse the government of bad policy. They don't realize that our leaders are traitors who sold their souls to the Illuminati. 

We need to be uprooted from our communities to accept 
the New World Order.
The Fishermans Arms, where residents have bought a pub, after it had stood empty for a year. Photograph: Will Walker / NorthNews/North News & Pictures Ltd


Pubs are being taxed to extinction. Brits cannot take part in their communities.  Clearly they want us sitting at home in front of the TV, rather than talking to people.

The War on Pubs is intended to weaken political resistance.  Pubs are the last places in Britain where men get together and talk. In times of social turmoil, they act as dens of revolt.

Report by the British Beer and Pub Association


  1. Right on mate, truthful exposure - though I doubt that your expose will change government policy. I just had a wee hoff to your good report.

  2. Walk into a Pub in Canada and chances are the first person to strike up conversation will be an Undercover looking to entrap you. No place for 'Men' to meet.

  3. Because of the nationalistic institutions that they are, they will have to adjust. Pubs are frequented by the white Caucasian male here in Britain. Most of these males become uncontrollable when drunk. Most of these males become drunk. Pubs are a racist hotbed of the useless. You are there to drink and talk. What enlightening talk can come out of drink? None.

    Most immigrants and tourists do not to pubs, therefore it is a case of 'you' adapt to 'us' attitude. In a pub, there will always be more of 'us' than 'you'.
    Like the dogs that are strong in number, singled out they run away.

    Therefore pubs should be closed down and only those deemed worthy of continuance should be kept. Men will drink no matter where they are if they want to drink. Better at home in private than show your ignorance in public.

  4. I think also that as the Muslim population increases the Gov will increase the tax to compensate for their lack of tax contribation. What happens in districts where there are no beer drinkers ?

    What will happen to the distileries and the breweries. At this moment I believe this situation as you describe will affect the UK more than the rest of Europe.

  5. I believe once the EDL begn using pubs as their meeting points and stagging point pubs began to be seen as venues of racists, unemployed, bitter and angry violent males. People from all sorts of walks of life stop going there.

  6. Interesting take on the war on pubs. Thanks for bring it out into the open.

    All I know is that the gov HATES pubs. I mean, from experience, my son is a landlord (tenant not manager).

    His yearly rates are £25,000. On top of VAT, PAYE and literally endless official red tape costs, staff, paying for the Mafiosi protection racket that the tied house system has become.

    What does this establishment get for £25,000 a year plus 20% vat on all revenue?

    They have to pay for trash removal because the council won't collect it. Police are useless - there are so many incidents where the police can't or won't even attend let alone investigate eat-and-run frauds and attempted break-ins etc.

    In short, my son's business gets nothing for all this massive outlay except yet more gov agencies checking on this that the other and then imposing all sorts of regulations that cost huge amounts.

    Pubs have been the backbone of British life for many hundreds of years. They're where people and communities would get together to sort out local issues informally. That's why they are so dangerous.
    = It's real community and real strength.

    Not approved in a culture where divide and rule is the project.

  7. Sad to see pubs go, but they are remnants of an older society and mode of life. As the commercial game ingrains itself deeper and deeper in everybody's lives, you can see very many avenues for community living disappear everywhere, not just in Britain.

  8. One thing they did in North America was change the design of homes. Remember when people sat on porches in the evening and chatted with neighbours? That was a very communal thing in areas.... gone.

  9. Pubs are very much the old guard of Britain and represent a bastion of traditionalists mostly white males that time has long since forgotten.
    I personally don't like them for many reasons, the main ones are the ridiculous prices they seem to just make up off the top of their heads when you get the drinks in, and then give you that funny look when you react in amazement. Its why most buy their beer in supermarkets where they are a fraction of the price!
    Also most are just footy dens of mindless men glued to 'the big screen' like a UFO just landed, so making conversation is practically impossible with these neanderthals about.
    If you're a guy the loos are always a nightmare to find, unlike the womens' where they are practically signposted all the way and conveniently located which is rather odd given that pubs are designed around men and their needs traditionally.
    I will concede that if you do find a good one thats people friendly with a sizeable garden, decent beers at decent prices, good food (even rarer) and live bands then its heaven.
    Otherwise i prefer to stay in and enjoy my own beer bought from a supermarket entertaining myself or my own friends with my HI FI and Home Movie Cinema Sound in the luxury, safety and comfort of my own house.


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