Tuesday 17 July 2012


By Dr. Christof Lehmann
July 13, 2012

The “Arab Spring” that has swept across Northern African and Middle Eastern nations since early 2011 has elicited two significant developments in international affairs. 

That NATO has initiated a long planned re-colonization of Africa and the Middle East in preparation of a containment of and aggression against Russia and China, and that both Russia and China respond with what is objectively a challenge to NATO´s bet for global dominance.

The other is, that the phenomena that is euphemistically called “The Arab Spring” is being played out in two versions, depending on whether a nation is considered as an ally of NATO or not.
Even though democracy and human rights are used as pretext for aggression and for marketing purposes, this dichotomy elicits with all clarity that the final product, if successful, will be the exact opposite of democracy and human rights, and this tendency, away from human rights and democracy will be taking place in both Northern Africa, the Middle East, as well as in Europe and the USA ~ Canada.
Which version of the Arab Spring is being played out in which country depends on, whether it is played out in a targeted nation, or whether the dynamics of seemingly popular but cynically manufactured unrests and subversions in targeted nations have inspired genuine popular unrests in allied nations.

The first version is a product, while the second version is a byproduct and a side effect that is being contained, belittled, under reported and oppressed.

The recent and ongoing developments elicit ever more clearly what US-President Barak Obama meant when he said with respect to Palestine’s bet for Statehood at the U.N. In 2011, (1) that a Palestinian Solution was only possible within a comprehensive solution for the Middle East. In fact, that comprehensive solution is about to set the region on fire, threatens to develop into a conflict of global reach, and promises everything but freedom and democracy for the region as well as for Europe and the U.S.A.


The principal precondition for understanding the geo-political dynamics of the Middle East and their wider implications is an understanding of this dichotomy within the phenomena that is generalized as “The Arab Spring”. “The Arab Spring” consists in fact of two phenomena, which could be described as action and reaction, or action, side effect and the containment of the side effect.

Which is the version for targeted nations is a product that is manufactured by an alliance of NATO member states, Gulf Cooperation Council Member States, as well as Jordan and Israel. It is the version that has been implemented in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, and which is currently being implemented in Syria.
Which is the by product, consists of genuine popular uprisings that have their root in a spill over effect of the subversions in targeted nations. The primary strategy in not targeted nations is to contain the uprisings and possibly label them as “Iranian Conspiracy”. The primary examples for the containment version are Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
The primary function of “The Arab Spring” is a re-colonization. It is a modo-colonial project that bears the principle hallmarks that are the common denominators of every single modo-colonial coup d´etat in former European colonies since the end of Europe´s previous colonial era after World War Two.

As already pointed out in a former article which is specifically dealing with Ivory Coast and Libya, (2) the common denominators are:
~ The involvement of foreign nations.

~ The instrumentalization of local elements,

~ The goal to control resources, economy, and geo-politically as well as strategically significant locations.
As also stated in this article, these common denominators have an additional component, which is the containment of Chinese access to resources, commerce, transportation and the development of joint venture based, non-interventionist partnerships. (ibid.)

The pretext for US-American and Western European involvement in these conflicts is commonly based on freedom, democracy and human rights. Main Stream Media are co-opted as propaganda mechanisms that manufacture popular consent in Western nations. Targeted nations access to media is denied. Two examples of this Orwellian strategy are:
1. The fact that the BBC illegally recycles an image from the war on Iraq, claiming that it shows victims of a massacre on Syrians that is blamed on the Syrian government (4) and that the Director of BBC´s Word News editor has to admit that the BBC-Coverage of the Al-Houla Massacre was based on opposition propaganda. (5)

2. The fact that the Arab League pressured Arabsat and Nilesat not to carry Syrian TV and Radio signals, thus assisting NATO at gaining absolute image control, which is part of official NATO warfare doctrine. (6)
Hundreds of other and even more serious examples could be found, such as the premeditated murder on civilians to produce “private video recordings” which then are aired on Al Jazeera. The author leaves it to the reader to make his own additional inquiries.

The popular consent is based on elicited and fabled advocacy for stability, human rights and democracy. Since the 25th NATO Summit in Chicago, 2012, a fabled and manufactured “responsibility to protect” has become part of official NATO doctrine and must be added to the pretexts for intervention. (7)

A Training Circular of the US-Special Forces is breaking down the machinations and details how a subversion is manufactured from popular dissent to full scale warfare.

Even though all of the steps towards a successful subversion that are explained in the training manual are illegal and in breach of multiple international laws, the operand word is “plausible deniability”. The training circular, TC 18-01 is printed with a destruction notice. Destruct by any means possible to prevent dissemination. A full and down-loadable copy of the TC 18-01 has previously been published on nsnbc. (8)

We can positively conclude that “The Arab Spring” consists of two phenomena. A subversion in targeted nations that is marketed under the guise of popular uprisings that are aggravated, financed, armed, and politically or militarily supported, like in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria. A spillover effect in not targeted nations like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, where a genuine popular uprising is labeled as Iranian Conspiracy, and brutally oppressed by police and military forces.

To arrive at a reasonable analysis of what the greater plan and prospects are for the Middle East and which geo-political implications the implementation of the plan has, it is necessary to analyze the developments in both the not targeted or allied nations as well as the developments in targeted nations separately.


After the successful subversion in i.e. Libya and Egypt these countries are in a transitional stage and could be categorized as either targeted nation, allied nation, or both. Categorizing them under targeted nations is for practical purposes and to avoid repetition.


Turkey has undergone considerable domestic political changes after the sectarian Islamic Justice and Development Party came to power under the leadership of Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan. While former Turkish governments led by the secular Turkish Labor Party maintained good relations to the Arab Socialist Baath Party led Syrian government, the Islamic Justice and Development Party is both ideologically and politically opposed to Arab Socialism and Syria.

The rise of the Erdogan led Turkish Sunni Muslim government led to a revival of Turkish Ottoman Empire-like ambitions. This political line positions Turkey as a regional Sunni Muslim competition for regional dominance to the Shia dominated Iran. Iran, which in spite of its status as Islamic Republic is a close strategic and political ally to the Arab Socialist Baath Party led government of Syria. The common denominators in the two countries foreign politics and strategic cooperation are a realistic, perceived threat from NATO and Israel, as well as a shared alliance with Russia as well as China.

To understand Turkeys political course is also good to keep in mind that Turkey not only is a NATO member, but that E.U. countries, primarily Germany, have had a strong influence on Ankara, using a carrot and stick approach that renders Turkey in a permanent position where it has to prove its “worthiness” as European country and E.U. prospect.

A destabilized Syria or possibly a Syria that is governed by a Muslim Brotherhood government would provide considerable regional leverage to Turkey. A “balkanization” of Syria could further more be perceived as a potential key for Turkey to solve its Kurdish problem, permanently and without having to make major concessions to the Kurdish minority inside Turkey.

In June 2012 it transpired that Turkey in deed has attempted to co-opt the Kurdish National Council of Syria and associated parties and militia. The attempt, however, was unsuccessful. A senior member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria, Nuri Brimo, declared that the Kurdish National Council stands in solidarity with the Syrian Government. Brimo explained that Kurdish militia so far had prevented the Free Syrian Army from entering Kurdish dominated territories and prevented massacres like that in Al-Houla. (9)

Considering the fact that Turkey has carried out a politic of ruthless oppression against its Kurdish minority and is waging a de facto war against the PKK, it is highly unlikely that the ethnic minority of Syria would trust Turkey as a potential ally. An ethnic Kurdish Turkish alliance is also highly unlikely, because the constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic provides special privileges and protection to all minorities. Syria is providing special protection and privileges to women, which is well noticed by the PKK, which has a consequent feminist political line. All together, the ethnic Kurdish populations of both Turkey and Syria are a very unlikely ally to any Erdogan led, Muslim Brotherhood associated Turkish Government.

In fact, the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood are the present Turkish governments and the anti Syrian Alliance´s greatest Turkey based military asset in the ongoing insurgency in Syria. The beginning of the preparations for this strategic alliance date back to 2009 and 2010, and involve one of this century’s most intricate false flag operations, which both gathered the ranks of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and boosted Erdogan´s domestic support and popularity to such a degree that he was able to sack sectarian generals within a traditionally politically strong, secular Turkish military and general staff.
The Mavri Marmara ~ a convenient cover to assassinate inconvenient Turkish Brotherhood members using Al Qaeda leader / NATO asset Belhadj.and Israel.

The operation was carried out by co-opting the Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavri Marmara and the Free Gaza Organization. Nine members of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and associated organizations were opposed to the Muslim Brotherhoods involvement in a military campaign against Syria were tricked on board the Turkish registered Gaza Freedom Flotilla vessel Mavi Marmara.

On board were also the well known Libyan Al Qaeda terrorist and MI6/NATO asset Abdelhakim Belhadj and his second in command within the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Harati. Their task was to point out the nine Turkish citizens and Muslim Brothers who were opposed to a war on Syria and who were targeted for assassination.

Israeli commandos who committed an act of piracy in international waters carried out the assassinations. Erdogan could blast the Israeli government, break diplomatic ties with Israel ~ for three weeks ~. The wave op popularity was used to challenge the secular general staff and sack generals who were opposed to a war on Syria. (10)

It is worth mentioning here that leading members of Hamas were involved in the Mavi Marmara operation. A fact we will return to when analyzing the developments in Qatar and Palestine.

This action was, however, by far the first brush R. Tayyip Erdogan had with terrorism or Al Qaeda. In fact, Erdogan has a long standing and well documented relationship with both the Taliban and Al Qaeda. A video, published in another article by the author shows Erdogan posing with both Taliban and Al Qaeda members. (11)

Turkey is host to multiple US bases that will be of immense strategic value in any possible attack on Syria. Turkey´s military bases along the Turkish Syrian border have since 2011 been used as basis of operations for both Turkish and US Special forces who are operating in Syria as well as for the “Free Syrian Army”. The brigades operating with their basis of operations from Turkish territory are mainly brigades under the control of the Turkish and Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. US-Special forces have, as stated in articles dating back to August 2011, been operating in Turkey and inside Syria. (12)

Turkey’s military bases are a key element in NATO´s anti ballistic missile shield. As a matter of fact, Turkey is the only NATO member state in which these missiles can fulfill the function which NATO claims they have. To contain or limit a potential threat from Iran. In fact the missile systems that are established in Romania and elsewhere are established to provide NATO with a perceived first strike capability against Russia. The strategic value of this perceived first strike capability has been discussed in a previous article by the author, following NATO´s 25th Summit in Chicago, 2012. (ibid.)

With respect to a longer term regional perspective, Turkey is counting on gaining a position as major regional factor in the Middle East, opposing both Russia, Iran and secular Palestinian parties influence over internal Syrian affairs.


Even though Qatar is a minor Gulf State it exercises immense regional influence with respect to the Arab Spring and the planned regional developments. This influence is based on multiple factors.

Qatar is a long standing ally of the United Kingdom. Qatar´s ruling family has close ties to British Royalty and its intelligence services have long standing and close ties to the British MI6. Moreover, and eventually more importantly than the fact that Qatar is ruled by what some describe as a British Vice King,
it is the home of the International Muslim Brotherhood.

In other words, both the Muslim Brothers in Egypt, who now hold the presidential office, the Muslim Brothers in Turkey, Jordan and elsewhere have an allegiance to the Muslim Brothers in Qatar. With respect to recent regional developments, this influence also extends to Hamas, which was originally founded by prominent Muslim Brotherhood associated families, as well as to Al Jamaa Al Islamiya in Lebanon.
In fact, it has succeeded in turning two of Syria´s and Iran´s closest regional allies, Hamas and Al Jamaa Al Islamiya against Tehran and Damascus and by achieving a realignment of Al Jamaa Al Islamiya with Qatar, it has succeeded in the seeding of instability in Lebanon.

The fact that Hamas became an ally to Syria and Iran was mainly based on three factors:
1. that it could not safely maintain a functional headquarter within the Palestinian Territories;

2. that Syria is the sole Arab nation that consequently and consistently has supported Palestinian fractions and Palestine and that Syria has provided Hamas with a safe haven for its headquarters and with a secure basis of operations;

3. that Iran has perceived Hamas as a strategical ally against Israel and as such has supported it.
It must be kept in mind that Israel is the sole regional power that has a nuclear strike capability. Israel has at least 200 nuclear warheads ready for use. Some of them are placed on missiles inside German made Israeli submarines. As much as Iran acts in solidarity with Palestinians as a matter of principle, as much was it interesting for Iran to have an ally who so to speak could carry an eventual military confrontation between Israel and Iran right to the doorsteps of the Knesset, Israel´s parliament.

Qatar and Qatar´s Muslim Brotherhood has since 2009 – 2010 succeeded at secretly bringing Hamas back into the fold of the Qatar based International Wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The first “test” for how seriously Hamas would take its commitment to betray Syria and Iran while keeping up appearances as long as possible, was most likely Hamas´s participation in arranging the murder on nine Turkish Muslim Brotherhood members on the Marvi Marmara in 2010. Some of the details are explained in the article about the false flag operation on the Mavi Marmara by Martin Iqbal. (ibid.)
As late as December 2011, Hamas´s Khaled Mashal declared Hamas´s solidarity with the Syrian “regime” ~ a giveaway word ~ semantics are revealing the truth. (15)

Shortly after Mashal´s declaration of solidarity, leading Hamas cadres began moving to Gaza, which if one knows the region never would have been possible without either Israel´s and/or Egypt´s consent. Hamas ultimately fled its headquarters in Damascus on the very same day that an article by Martin Iqbal quoted information of the author of the present article, stating that Hamas was implicated in the Marvi Marmara operation. (ibid.) Clean-up operations, a euphemism for assassinations, within the top ranks of Hamas are documented to last until as late as late June 2012. (17)

Qatar´s Muslim Brothers have achieved the same U-turn with respect to Lebanon´s Al Jamaa Al Islamiya. After years of alignment with Iran, Al Jamaa Al Islamiya has turned towards an alliance with Qatar, thus providing both political and most importantly military and strategic leverage for Qatar in Lebanon. Although the military and political strength of Al Jamaa Al Islamiya in Lebanon is negligible as such, it is the cumulative effect of their troops with other pro Western and in fact pro Israeli forces in Lebanon that is significant.

Key names of pro-Western, pro-Saudi, pro Israeli players in Lebanon are among other Walid Jumblatt, who is the Secretary General of the Progressive Socialist Party and leader of the Lebanese Druze community, and the Saudi Lebanese national Saad Hariri and his Movement of the Future Party. Qatar has in other words driven a wedge into Syrian and Iranian influence in both Palestine and Lebanon. It has reinforced its influence significantly.

Qatar has been one of the first GCC members to send troops to Libya to assist the Al Qaeda associated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and other NATO/GCC allied mercenaries in Libya at ousting the Libyan government with Special Forces, regular ground troops and air power. Qatar still has several thousand troops deployed in Libya, including Air-Force infantry and Special Forces. Qatar is one of the 13 nations that continue the fight against the still ongoing resistance by forces that are loyal to the former Libyan government, or who oppose Libya´s occupation.

Qatar is one of the main donors of money and suppliers of weapons to the Free Syrian Army and the National Transitional Council of Syria. It is not unlikely that Qatar has Special Forces operating on Syrian Territory.

Overall one must say that Qatar, in spite of its size is playing a major role in the turmoil that plagues the Middle East. A role it can and will be playing due to influence over the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliated organizations, due to the fact that it is a major financial contributor and contributor of overtly and covertly operating military forces in Libya and most likely Syria, and due to the fact that Qatar is a long standing British ally against Iran.
It is absolutely worth noticing that Qatar, like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the U.A.E. is a kingdom, with an autocratic and oppressive political system. Like its Gulf neighbors, Qatar has a legal system that is based on a conservative and oppressive interpretation of Islam. Human rights and civil liberties are more or less nonexistent in Qatar.

Like in Saudi Arabia women do not enjoy special protection. Dissent within the population exists, but until today the “side effects” of the Arab Spring in Qatar have been very limited and both reform and human rights movements are rudimentary due to the fact that they are consequently oppressed.
Strategically, Qatar is together with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the U.A.E. one of the front line states from where a military assault on Iran or an attempted naval blockade of the Persian Gulf would be staged. Although Qatar´s own military forces are relatively insignificant compared to those of Saudi Arabia, Qatar is a strategically important base of operations for US military forces in the region.


Bahrain has since the spring of 2011 been plagued by almost daily protests, demonstrations, human rights scandals, and often very violent clashes between Bahraini police, military and protesters. The popular unrests in Bahrain have indeed grown so much that the ruling Al-Khalifa family found it necessary to call on Saudi Arabia to deal with the protesters. Both the police and military of Bahrain as well as the Saudi military in Bahrain have been and are coming heavy-handedly down on the protesters, Saudi Arabia´s heavy handed behavior in Bahrain has on the other hand sparked increased protests against an expansion of cooperation within the Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC.

Opposite to the manufactured and co-opted subversions in Libya and Syria, the protests in Bahrain are legitimate and genuine public uprisings against a royal family that absolutely dominates the politics of Bahrain. As in all more or less tyrannically governed Gulf States there exists a genuine and legitimate popular demand for political, social and legal change in Bahrain.

In May 2012 the author was driving in a cab from Manama Airport to the diplomatic quarter of Manama, Bahrain. The largest signpost along the roadsides stated “Down Iranian Conspiracy“. My first thoughts were “Narcissism. In love with one’s own idealized image without wanting to see any flaws. Externalizing ~ Projections.” 

There could as well have been a signpost that stated “Down the Shia Conspiracy”. It would have been equally invalid as an explanation for the unrests. The signpost was written in English language and most likely meant to convince foreigners that the unrests were not caused by decades of oppressive rule by viceroys of the United Kingdom. Charade & Narcissism.

Medical Doctors who were treating some of the first casualties of the crack down on protests in Bahrain have received ridiculously harsh prison sentences. Medical Doctors were blamed for storing weapons at the hospital. Members of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights are arrested on a regular basis.

The Director of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Nabeel Rajab, received a three months prison sentence for a “Tweet” that was condescending towards the governing Al-Khalifa family. He is regularly arrested, released, rearrested. Even Amnesty International, and please keep in mind that the director of Amnesty International USA also is Hillary Clinton´s and the State Departments adviser on government NGO relations, cannot do anything to prevent that Amnesty must criticize Bahrain. Amnesty can otherwise be rather content with covering up for NATO´s crimes in Libya. (18)

European nations and the USA largely neglect the legitimate public uprising in Bahrain and the governments brutal crack downs. Western Main Stream Media are pounding Western populations with false information about Syria, while both NATO and GCC members, including Bahrain finance and arm Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood brigades ~ The Free Syrian Army - to create a state of war in Syria. It is evident beyond any reasonable doubt that the symptoms of the Arab Spring in Bahrain are an unwanted side effect, a spill over, which is to be contained and kept out of the media as much as it is possible without risking that the cover-up becomes all too embarrassing.

A good example for double standards is the Danish Foreign Minister, who criticizes Bahrain, pleading for a less violent approach to the people’s legitimate demands for reform, while arms shipments to Bahrain via Denmark continue. The USA has resumed weapons deliveries to Bahrain in spite of the human rights situation.

The military forces of Bahrain are as such not very significant if compared to those of Saudi Arabia, but arms sales from the US to Bahrain have increased significantly over the last year. Bahrain hosts the 5th Fleet of the USA and is an important NATO partner in any potential confrontation with Iran.

The government of Bahrain is together with Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia in a process of establishing a union that is being modeled over the European Union. Bahrain is sponsoring the insurgency in Syria but is doing it less overtly than Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. -


Saudi Arabia has from the get go of the Arab Spring in Libya been heavily involved by recruiting and dispatching mercenaries, including Al Qaeda brigades that are under the command of the Saudi Ministry of the Interior. Saudi Arabia is also one of the 13 nations that maintained and maintains troops inside Libya after NATO´s official discontinuation of “Operation Unified Protector”.

Already during the autumn of 2011 Syrian and Russian intelligence sources stated that they had intercepted internet traffic that strongly indicated that the Saudi Arabian government had dispatched the Al Qaeda associated Omar Brigade from Saudi Arabia to Syria. (19)

Saudi Arabia is one of the most “ardent” Friends of Syria” and provides much of the illegal mercenary power that are fighting in Syria, as well as funding and weapons. In fact, the Saudi Arabian delegate to the first “Friends of Syria” meeting in Tunisia left the meeting in protest over the fact that there was no sufficient support for a military solution, prompting the author to write the article “Friends of Syria, with such good Friends, who needs any Enemies”. (20)

Some of the funding is funneled via straw-men like the Saudi-Lebanese citizen and former P.M. of Lebanon Saad Hariri who already became implicated in financing and arming the insurgency in Syria in September 2011. (21).

Saudi Arabia is most likely counting on a consolidation of Saudi Influence within the GCC as well as a consolidation of regional influence via the monetary and political union that is being established by the GCC member states.

Part of the Saudi motivation for the consolidation may indeed be worries whether its Western friends and allies would sooner or later use the Egyptian model of The Arab Spring on Saudi Arabia, even though that would most likely be improbable before Saudi Arabia has served as a springboard for an aggression on Iran. As long as the house of Saud is playing along with that overall strategy their position should be relatively secure.

The Saudi Arabian Military is receiving large deliveries of new weapons systems. The delivery of new F-15 fighter jets and upgrades of older models to the highest standards was, as mentioned in a previous article, surprisingly not met by Israeli complaints, which indicates a closer co-operation between Israel and Saudi Arabia. (22)

Saudi Arabia is receiving 84 brand new Boeing F 15SA fighter jets and it receives upgrades for its existing fleet of 70 F 15s. The deal is worth 29.4 billion USD. The deal also includes 150 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles and three different types of helicopters.

According to Russian Military Analyst Andrei Akulov, Saudi Arabia also wants to buy between 600 and 800 German made Leopard battle tanks. Akulov states, that his modest 25 years military experience tells him that the tanks cannot be separated from other weapons systems which Saudi Arabia inevitable will have to add to the shopping list. Together with the significant increase of the Saudi Air Power and increased anti-tank capabilities, the massive upgrade of armor will significantly change the regional military balance. (23)

Although Akulov is off target with respect to Hamas, Palestine and other details, he is very well informed about military developments. The massive increase of Saudi Arabia´s fleet of high tech German battle tanks is worth noticing when one considers information that was published in a previous article, written in response to both the Russian and Chinese military having been put on highest alert late in 2011. In it, the Russian general command is quoted for expecting US/NATO militay strategy in the Middle East to rely on massive amounts of armored vehicles. (24)

The fact that Israel has not objected to the massive boost of Saudi Military capability may be the most disturbing aspect, and reinforces suspicions for an Israeli, Arab, NATO deal to include the “Final Solution” for Israel and Palestine” as well as plans for the annexation of the Golan and Southern Lebanon. (25)


Israel is in deed, together with Saudi Arabia the main Middle Eastern beneficiary of the Arab Spring. Good working relations and business as usual in Israel Turkey relations continue. The expected annexation of the Syrian Golan and the Palestinian West Bank promises a greater Israel. The occupation of Southern Lebanon as bargaining chip and possible area for a resettlement of displaced Palestinians and displaced Syrians from the Golan is being planned for. That way, the people of Lebanon will be dealing with the Palestinian problem while Israel can contain the fighting inside Lebanon. This is typical for Israeli strategy. In fact the article referred to above includes all necessary information and it is not necessary to repeat it here. (ibid.)

I would advise the reader of the present article to read the referred to article separately after reading the present one, to arrive at the best possible understanding of what that “final solution for Israel and Palestine” implies. Much more will be written on Israel in other sections and there is no reason to elicit it here without the proper context.


The Kingdom of Jordan is playing a crucial role in the subversion of Syria. In fact, Jordan has also been playing a vital logistical role in the aggression against Libya. Currently Jordan is providing the logistical “hinterland” for the mercenaries of the L.I.F.G. and Saudi Al-Qaeda brigades. In fact, the entire border region around the city of Al Mafriq is functioning as a staging area for transgressions against Syria. Turkey is entertaining an intelligence room and recruitment office in Amman, Jordan. (27)

Jordan will be a vital partner in any Saudi military transgression against Syria by providing passage for Saudi troops and by providing forward military bases. Considering that Jordan has been playing a pivotal role in facilitating of negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, considering that Jordan has been playing a pivotal role in facilitating the U-Turn of Hamas, away from Iran and Syria and into the folds of the Qatar based International Muslim Brotherhood, one could say that Jordan´s royal family is “finally” having its revenge against Syria and the PLO, and they have been waiting for it for decades. (28)

It has taken a long, long time to get this revenge.
After all, the “Black September” when the Jordanian military and the PLO battled it out in Amman; the Black September, when Syria sent tanks to Jordan to prevent the wiping out of the PLO by the Jordanian military; that Black September, when King Abdullah the First of Jordan called on Israel, on the Zionist enemy of Arabs, to stop Syria´s rescue operation for the PLO, that Black September and all that happened all the way back in 1970.

That Black September when Arafat had to be smuggled out of Jordan and to Egypt, disguised as a girl, in order not to be murdered by the King of Jordan, who called on the Zionist enemy of Arabs so he could murder Palestinians.

Only then, after that Black September, the Arab nations still had an Egyptian president of the caliber of Abd El Nasr so the Hashemite King would not dare what his son most likely has in mind today.
Revenge for his father at last?

King Abdullah the Second of Jordan is an Arab ruler much to the liking of London and Washington. A King, like those in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates. That is, of course, the best possible qualification to support the fight for “Democracy and Freedom” in Syria.



The Arab Spring in Egypt was from beginning to end manufactured with the aid of foreign influences. The Egyptian population and most significantly the class with the lowest incomes and the massive numbers of unemployed, the masses which with the aid of media were marched and paraded in front of TV cameras from throughout the world as useful pawns are the losers.

Used, abused, and nothing in fact will change for them for the better.

There will be no improvements in social justice, since the Muslim Brothers made it clear from the very start that they would co-operate with the IMF.
So much for the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic principles in banking.
There will be no improvements with respect to gender equality and most likely setbacks can be expected. For Egyptians it would be good to recall one of the prolific speeches of Gamal Abd el Nasr, where he stated that the Egyptian government really wanted to compromise with the Muslim Brothers in 1953, if they were willing to be reasonable.

The first thing the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood asked for was a law that would make the wearing of the hijab mandatory. Nasr politely asked, if he, the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood, who had a daughter who studied medicine at Cairo University, and who did not wear the hijab, would not rather try to make his own daughter wear the hijab before he asked him, Nasr, to try to make every woman in Egypt wear it. The speech is indeed a historical moment which Egyptians would be wise to recall. (29)

For those who still confuse “The Arab Spring” with democracy it may be good to recall that Egypt´s new president stated that Islam and Democracy were incompatible with each other. Mursi´s words were in fact an insult against both Islam and Democracy, but they clearly represent what brand of Islam and what brand of Democracy the Muslim Brothers have in store for the people of Egypt.

One of the main reasons for the targeting of Egypt was that
President Hosni Mubarak had solidly positioned his son as heir of the Egyptian presidency

and that Mubarak and the Egyptian military were solidly in control of the country.
Egypt had become too self-confident.

Egypt was not unstable enough and

Egypt had its own thoughts about Middle East politics. Thoughts that opposed a greater influence of the GCC member states.

A policy that would not lend itself and Egypt to a war on Syria for the benefit of Israel, and a policy that would not abandon Palestinians in the West Bank for the benefit of a Hamas led Palestinian Emirate of Gaza.
The Presidential election and the Muslim Brotherhood Presidency of Mursi guaranteed that the military still remained a strong influence in Egypt, but that it became politically weakened and thus more easily controllable by the West. It is here interesting to notice that the initial discontinuation of US military aid to Egypt was lifted after Mursi´s election victory. Egypt receives 1.3 billion USD worth in military aid from the USA.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood will together with Hamas be playing key roles in the implementation of what could best be described as a Final Solution for a Greater Israel and Palestine. As detailed in a previous article, this final solution includes the permanent annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan, the permanent annexation of  the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the establishment of a Hamas led Palestinian Emirate Gaza, and the annexation of parts of Southern Lebanon by Israel. (30)

In spite of flaming election speeches by Mursi during his campaign, in spite of words such as those that he will not accept any other solution for Palestine than a Palestine within the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine, the political reality looks quite different. The established fact is that the highest cadres of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are pulling into the same direction. A Palestinian Emirate in Gaza.

A recent Grad rocket attack on Israel from the Northern Sinai was one example of how Hamas and the Muslim Brothers cooperate. The Grad Rocket attack was indeed part of the campaign that helped Mursi to secure his election victory. (31)

The Arab Spring in Egypt was a post-modern coup d´etat that aligned Egypt with the NATO/GCC/Israeli Master Plan towards the “Comprehensive Solution for the Middle East” Obama mentioned when the UN General Assembly discussed Palestine’s bet for statehood. (ibid.)


As explained below, and as detailed in several articles by the author, the polit bureau of Hamas has since 2010 been working towards the Arab Spring, taken part in cleaning out the anti Syria war ranks within the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood, actively betrayed Syria and Iran, and is co-operating with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

The price Hamas has been offered for its realignment with the Qatar based International Muslim Brotherhood is the promise of a “leading role within a Palestinian Arab Spring after the fall of Damascus”.

Keeping the Palestinian Emirate Gaza in mind too, it is not surprising that the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, DFLP, the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP, and even Mahmud Abbas and Fatah voice that Hamas is sabotaging national reconciliation.

As long as Syria, which in fact is the sole Arab nation that consequently and consistently has supported the struggle for the Liberation of Palestine is destabilized, there is very little international support to be expected for those Palestinian fractions who actually attempt to resist the “Final Solution”.


As reported in a previous article about Israel´s final solution for Palestine and a Greater Israel, Israel has plans to reoccupy Southern Lebanon and to either permanently annex Southern Lebanon together with the occupied Syrian Golan, or to use it as a bargaining chip for the eventual relocation of displaced Palestinians from the West Bank.

This information is not “merely” based on a long discussion between the author and a reliable Palestinian intelligence source who the author has known for decades and who has provided valuable and correct intelligence on Turkey, Syria, Palestine and other matters over the last months which has been published in various articles by the author. The information is also, so to speak” coming straight from the horses own mouth.
In a recent article published in the Israeli daily newspaper Haarez, Brigadier General Hezi Halevi of the IDF informed that a new war on Lebanon is planned to be initiated subsequent to an expected fall of the Syrian government. The new war and invasion, which is planned to be even more ferocious that the 2006 invasion that mainly targeted civilian targets in what only can be describes as systematic and cynical terror bombing of civilians, will be blamed on Hezbollah and it´s establishment of bases in southern Lebanon.

The 2006 war on Lebanon resulted in the death of approximately 6.000 human beings. The vast majority of the dead were civilians, and a large proportion of the civilian victims were in fact children and non combatant women.

Israel regularly blames Syria for delivering weapons, including modern rockets to Hezbollah, which in spite of the fact that it is registered as a legal political party and holds several seats in the Lebanese parliament is designated a “terrorist” organization by the USA and Israel. The Shiite Hezbollah, Party of God” was established as a response to repeated and illegal wars of aggression by Israel against Lebanon and repeated occupations of large parts of southern Lebanon. Both Iran´s support of Hezbollah and Syria’s support of Hezbollah, even with arms, is legal according to international law.

During the 2006 invasion of Lebanon Israel in fact had to retreat after one month without being able to decisively defeat Hezbollah. Both systematic bombing of civilian targets in Beirut, and probably the bombing of a UN Peace Keepers post are emblematic for the fact that Israel does not shy from terror bombing to achieve political and military objectives.

The Israeli objectives in a coming war will however be different from those of previous campaigns.

This time the objectives will be the establishment of a permanent presence or even annexation of Southern Lebanon, together with a long term destabilization of Lebanon by creating a civil war.

Should the war on Syria be successful, and the criteria for success is not necessarily a regime change but a protracted civil war, Israel will make sure that this civil war spreads into Lebanon. In that situation, Israel would be able to fight a Hezbollah that has to engage domestic enemies.

The Lebanese Al Jamaa Al Islamiya, which previously was allied with Hezbollah, may in fact become one of Hezbollah´s contenders in a civil war situation. It is extremely difficult to make an accurate prediction. What is certain is that Al Jamaa Al Islamiya has aligned itself with the Qatar based International Muslim Brotherhood and away from Iran. This move may under any circumstance weaken Hezbollah´s domestic support in case of an Israeli invasion. As far as the author is aware there are ongoing talks between both Hezbollah and Al Jamaa al Islamiya.

The leader of the Lebanese Druze Community and Secretary General of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt is currently involved in financing and arming insurgents in Syria. As previously reported in an article by the author, Jumblatt is providing among other shipments of Israeli weapons and ammunition to what is called the Syrian Opposition of Free Syrian Army. As explained in the article “Attack on Syria likely before March?” (ibid.) one such delivery of 50 ton at a value of 250 million USD was delivered by the Israeli Raphael Industry.

Jumblatt is a long standing US and Israeli asset in Lebanese anti-Syrian power brokering. His track record is going back all the way to the Lebanese civil war where he inherited his post after his father who was assassinated for his anti Pan-Arabic dealings. Even though the Progressive Socialist Party was part of the progressive alliance during the civil war, it was also constantly driving a wedge in between those parties who were pro or anti Pan Arabic, which then meant pro or anti Syrian ad Egyptian.

It is very likely that Jumblatt is attempting to maneuver his party and the Druze community in Lebanon into a similar position in Lebanon, and that he is and will be co-operating with NATO, the GCC and Israel in an attempt to persuade or force the Syrian Druze community to demand autonomy from Damascus, to break with the national unity government, and to disrupt national reconciliation in Syria. So far attempts to turn the Syrian Druze community against Damascus have not been successful.

Most likely, the Druze community, as well as the ethnic Kurdish community in Syria and other are well aware that a disintegration of Syria would be disastrous.

The Movement of the Future Party led by Saad Hariri and in particular Saad Hariri himself is heavily involved in financing and arming insurgents in Syria. Saad Hariri has previously been Prime Minister of Lebanon. He is the son of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri who was assassinated.

The author has in a previous article drawn attention to both the involvement of Saad Hariri in financing and arming the insurgency in Syria as well as the fact that Saad Hariri has been involved in manufacturing evidence and buying false witness testimony for the trial pertaining the assassination of his father at the special court at the ICC in the Hague. The article on nsnbc also contains a video with a covertly recorded audio file recorded while Hariri is talking about the details pertaining the fabricated evidence and false testimony. (34)

Saad Hariri is a Saudi-Lebanese national, and he as well as his party are heavily backed by and representing Saudi interests in Lebanon. It is very likely that much of the money and weapons that are provided via Saad Hariri and his party are addressed to Saudi Arabian Al Qaeda brigades which are operating inside Syria, such as the Omar Brigade which is under the control of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of the Interior.

Saad Hariri has been slowly but consistently been working at containing Hezbollah as well as Syrian and Iranian influence in Lebanon. In case of a deterioration of the situation in Lebanon it is likely that his party will create a united front with among other Jumblatt´s Progressive Socialist Party against Hezbollah and eventually Palestinian factions in Lebanon.

There are three scenarios that are worth considering with respect to Hariri and his movement.

Should the subversion in Syria be successful and the country be “Balkanized”, he will continue to be an agent of Saudi and US-American as well as also French influence in Syria and attempt to keep Syria divided rather than united. In the case that Israel attacks Lebanon and occupies Lebanon, as planned, he will be involved in politically scape-goating Hezbollah for the Israeli invasion and occupation, and he will be involved in sabotaging Hezbollah´s as well as eventual Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation.

The Holy Cow of Lebanon if one can say so, the “National Pact” that was established when Lebanon gained independence is for many Lebanese perceived as a “holy cow”. The national pact is an agreement which in essence contains the following points. That Lebanon is an independent nation. That it defines itself as being of Arab nature. That the political offices of President, Prime Minister, and Speaker of the Parliament are divided among Christian Maronites, Sunni and Shia.

While many perceive it as the three horses that are pulling the Lebanese chariot, it is in fact the seed of division rather than of national unity, and it is a perfect tool for foreign nations to divide and conquer.

Should the catastrophe of a new civil war in Lebanon, the disintegration of Syria, and a reoccupation of Lebanon be prevented, it would be highly recommendable for those who act in the interest of the “nation state” Lebanon to realize that this holy cow in fact is a Trojan horse. One of the typical symptoms of the national pact is that Lebanon can come in a situation where it is attacked by Israel and that the national defense is maintained by one party, Hezbollah, while the Lebanese military remains in its barracks. To call that construct a “National Pact” is indeed Orwellian.

The Palestinian Diaspora in Lebanon and Syria has been suffering not only from the displacement caused by the Israeli occupation and countless Israeli transgressions against Palestinians in Lebanon. It has also suffered heavily from intra-Lebanese rivalries, rivalries between anti Syrian fractions in Lebanon and Syria and so forth, not to mention intra-Palestinian rivalries. The Palestinian Diaspora in both Syria and Lebanon are attempting to remain neutral with respect to the ongoing crisis.

It is questionable how long the Palestinian Diaspora in Lebanon and Syria can remain neutral. In Syria attempts have been made to turn Palestinians against the Syrian government. False flag attacks have been carried out by the “Syrian Opposition” to enrage Palestinians against the Syrian Government. Other attacks against Palestinian refugee camps were carried out as reprisals for Palestinian declarations that stated that Palestinians remain neutral. (35)

Unless a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Syria is found within a matter of a few months, it is very unlikely that the conflict does not spread into Lebanon, as planned, and that the Palestinian Diaspora in both Syria and Lebanon can maintain a neutral posture. Palestinians will have to answer serious questions within the Palestinian communities in Lebanon and Palestine.

With respect to Hamas it should be self-evident that any cooperation with Israel, Turkey and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to establish a Palestinian Emirate Gaza and abandon Palestinians in the West Bank is in fact treason. Unless Hamas fractions in Lebanon and Syria are confronted with some pertinent questions and choices that must be regarded as assets of those who want to bring about “the comprehensive solution for the Middle East” as described above.

For the Palestinian Diaspora it is high time to reconsider whom one supports, and the same is true about Hamas supporters in Gaza.

Unless Hamas conducts a new U-Turn and realigns itself with “Palestine” it must be considered and will be considered a political and military liability. With respect to Fatah, it would be high time to consider to confront Mahmud Abbas and the majority of P.A. Ministers, as well as the PLO negotiations team with the fact that the two state solution and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, in fact the entire “Oslo Accord” and everything that came along with it was a carefully manufactured trap. So far the sole effects of the Palestinian Authority have been the following:
~ The establishment of a Palestinian Authority which is impotent with respect to representing the occupied state of Palestine in foreign affairs.

~ The self-administrated genocide on Palestinians by Zionism.

~ The abandonment of any military credibility of the PLO that previously made it a “credible” political factor, for the privilege of administrating the systematic genocide on Palestinians.
These are the greatest achievements the Palestinian Authority and the PLO have indeed achieved since Oslo.

Given the fact that a fall of Damascus is equivalent to the loss of the sole Arab partner who consistently and consequently has supported Palestine and Palestinians, neither the Palestinian Diaspora nor the PLO can or should remain neutral.

A viable solution for the rescue of Palestinian aspirations for their rights will have to include the following points, which implicitly mean that some more holy cows, or Trojan horses will have to be abandoned.
~ A return to a unified Palestinian demand for a one state solution.

~ The unalienable right for Palestinians to return.

~ Stop of Jewish immigration which significantly offsets the demography of Palestine.

~ Unequivocal support of Syria in its struggle against an Israeli, GCC, NATO backed insurgency.

~ Unequivocal support of and solidarity with Syrians in the Israeli occupied Golan.

~ A return to a militarily credible PLO as a basis for political credibility.

~ If necessarily, the arrest of any member of any political fraction who overtly or covertly negotiates any division of Palestine into a separate state in the Gaza strip and the abandonment of any Palestinian territory.

The comprehensive solution for the Middle East that is envisioned by NATO is, as already detailed in a previous article a solution that is directed against Russia and China, and a solution that is about to bring the world to the brink of a conflict of global proportions. (36)

As outlined in the previous article, the war on Syria and the Arab Spring has the following interchangeable objectives:
~ To destabilize Syria and Lebanon and to bring about long lasting civil wars that significantly weaken Iran in preparation of an attack on Iran.

~ To engage Russia in a Middle Eastern Conflict, counting on one of three possibly attainable objectives. These objectives are strategically interchangeable and may be achieved simultaneously. All of them however, aim at engaging Russia directly or indirectly in a regional conflict with global geo-political consequences.

~ To contain Russian involvement in the Middle Eastern theater due to the threat of NATO´s plausible first strike capability against Russia, thus forcing Russia to surrender its strategic allies to NATO and the GCC. Preventing Russia from direct engagement while the NATO,GCC, Israel Coalition destabilizes and brings about regime change in Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

~ Weakening Russia, and preparing a long, protracted, Chechnya style war of attrition against Russia via a destabilized Iran and Syria. A continued and intensified attempt to destabilize Russia by proxy in Georgia and other former Soviet Republics like Moldavia. Color revolutions in Belarus and other allied nations with the aim to bring about “regime change” in Russia. Denying Russia access to the Mediterranean by destabilizing Syria.

~ Alternatively to draw Russia into a long, protracted proxy war in Syria, Iran and Lebanon with an Afghanistan like defeat of Russian forces, in preparation of a direct engagement of Russia via Georgia, Azerbaijan, and the region in general.

~ To these one should add that an end to any “Palestinian Problem” is part of the comprehensive solution too.
All of the objectives are pursued with the possibility of initiating what NATO perceives as a plausible nuclear first strike capability against Russia to contain Russian interference into NATO´s Middle Eastern Conquest. The risk of a thermo-nuclear war on Russia is perceived as a calculable risk and plausible, viable possibility, if not as a goal in an on itself.

Considering the recent decades geo-political developments, the coagulation of loose alliances like the BRICS, SCC and ALBA into more solid blocks that counter Western Ambitions of Global Full Spectrum Dominance, a final war against China becomes plausible only, after a military and political defeat of Russia.

~ The Middle East may seem far away as long as one does not consider that the murder and violence originates very close to your homes.

~ Naturally both Libya and Syria had internal problems, but they were after all the most democratic, most tolerant among the nations in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Let there be no doubt that those political and other forces in Europe, the USA, Canada, Israel and Turkey, who cooperate with the Gulf Dictatorships and terrorist organizations will have no scruples to unleash the same terror in Europe, the USA, Canada, Israel or Turkey.

~ The cooperation with Al Qadea and Muslim Brotherhood will invariably lead to blow backs in NATO countries. Some of these blow backs will be genuine. Most of these blow backs will be manufactured by the same deep state, the same cartels that manufactured Western Terrorism on Westerners, from Gladio to 9/11, London and Madrid.

~ If that sounds like an “outrageous conspiracy theory” to you, mind that the former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar stated that Abdelhakim Belhadj, the Military Governor of Tripoli and Free Syrian Army Commander, is a notorious Al Qaeda Terrorist, with whom NATO co-operates, and that this Abdelhakim Belhadj was the man behind the Madrid bombings.

~ Unless progressive political fractions, peace movements, anti war coalitions, and citizens in NATO countries wake up to the realities of the ongoing crisis, it is very likely that there will be a rude awakening in store.

~ It will be a rude awakening to a new NATO wide fascism more dangerous than that of Germany, Italy and Spain up to and during the second world war, and most likely, it will be an awakening to a third world war.
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