Thursday 26 July 2012


The above creature was discovered on July 25, washed up on the shore of the East River beneath the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side, and was "maybe two feet, a bit more perhaps, head to tail." 

Somewhere I read that ferries pass Plum Island on this particular route.....

Of course it is bloated horribly and guesses run wild, but so far no one has come up with anything more concrete. Authorities claim that they bury these creatures immediately but personally, I doubt that.

These pictures were taken by Denise Ginley, who spotted the dead animal under the Brooklyn Bridge over the weekend. So far, the best guess of what the creature might be include: a giant rat, a cooked pig or a small, bloated dog.

Will we ever really know?

Even Ginley told Joe Coscarelli of the The Daily Intel that the animal’s feet are “not pig-like at all.” 

She speculates that it could be a “monstrously huge rat.”

Click to enlarge these images and let me know what do you think.


  1. Yo Quiero Taco Bell

    (I always wondered whatever happened to that little dog... now we know)

  2. LOL I always thought that beastie ended up in someone's taco!

  3. It is hard to say what that critter is because it is all deformed, probably bloated. My guess would be a pig.

    But with all the new discoveries happening almost daily in different sects of science, it would not be impossible that someone is doing some wild genetic experiment with animals and even people.

  4. I can only imagine whatever it was it had a horribly & unholy life of any kind. Maybe death was a saving grace.

    Either way ... eeeeeuuuuwww.



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