Tuesday 24 July 2012


JDL attitude

By Mark Glenn
July 22, 2012


Today, July 22, 2012, I received a number of emails from an individual claiming to be part of your organization, Jewish Defense League, designated by the US Justice Department and the FBI to be a terrorist organization. This individual claimed to be in possession of personal information about me that could then be used to inflict bodily harm on myself and my family members as a result of my choosing to exercise my God-given right to freedom of speech.

The incident has been reported to the local sheriff’s department and tomorrow morning I have conferences scheduled with agents of both the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, at which time I will be providing them with copies of the various emails and the email address of the individual who sent them.

It is an established fact that you are a terrorist organization responsible for multiple murders, arson, bombings, shootings, etc. It is also an established fact that you work closely with Israel’s intelligence services, including Mossad and Shin Bet.

I can only assume–given your history–that indeed the individual sending these threats is a member of your organization and that he intends upon carrying it out. I also must assume–again, based upon your history–that he plans to do so while utilizing the services/resources of other members of your organization for logistical assistance.

I am writing this open letter to you for the purpose of making you aware of the fact that as of this moment tens of thousands of people across the globe have been made aware of these developments and that, in the event something does indeed take place, you will be the prime suspect.

The individual making these threats using the email address the-jdl@live.com has had his emails broadcast across the globe in the web posting that appears here.

Let it be further known that I take a ‘pro-active’ approach to my personal safety as well that of my family, and in the event that your operative makes himself known to me and finds himself in my environs and that I feel my life or the lives of those around me is jeopardized, he and anyone with him acting in such a threatening manner will be shot dead with no warning and with extreme prejudice.
If indeed this individual is a member of your terrorist organization, it behooves you to contact him and make it known that his actions are jeopardizing your entire organization.

Indeed, given that he has made these threats over the internet, using an email address whose IP can be traced, once the proper questioning and paperwork has been done tomorrow for criminal charges to be filed against him, I will be then be contacting an attorney to see about civil charges being filed against your organization.


Now here is the broadcast from the Ugly Truth in which Mark speaks to this issue and outlines his responsive actions and the excellent reasons for them and how he handled the situation at this juncture. This is well worth the listen! For the life of me I cannot figure out how to d/l Mark's shows anymore so here is the link to that particular programme. 



  1. What I can’t understand about TUT is that it promotes the unity of Christianity and Islam, to fight off Zionism.


    It’s amazing how many parallels run through Judaism and Islam!

    Judaism promotes paedophilia!
    Islam promotes paedophilia!

    Judaism is robbing the Goyim blind with “Kosher” tax!
    Islam is robbing the kuffar blind with “Halal” tax!

    Judaism’s Talmud promotes the slaughter of Christians!
    Islam’s Koran promotes the slaughter of Christians!

    As I lay Judaism and Islam side by side, I cannot help but come to the realisation that Mark Glenn is a fool!

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  3. have never seen a halal tax where I live but kosher is everywhere. I imagine however it is in other places but surely NOT nearly as comprehensive as Kosher.

    You are, I believe, missing the point here. ONLY by the unification of Islam, Christianity, whites, blacks, polka dotted, etc etc can we hope to defeat the horrible intentions of the Hasidic Jews/Zionism.

    I am not a White nationalist although I strongly support the White race, my own, for obvious reasons. I do see more similarities between Islam and Christianity than between Christianity and Judaism which are polar opposites when it comes to the Christ and His Mother.

    It seems to me that your observations are hasty and do not take in the overall international picture.

    And remember, that the more fanatic agents of Islam draw from the same roots as fanatic Zionism. It all goes back to the Babylonian Talmud. And that, my friend, is the Jewish holy book that is anathema to the rest of humanity.

    As for Mark, he does what he must do and he does it well. His cause is just and he sees that we must all do what we can to unite for the current and coming battles of body and spirit we face.

    There are more of us "crescent and cross" types out there than might be thought... and we need more.

    It would be much better if you joined the united struggle than stood alone against all enemies, whether imagined or otherwise.

    Remember, in the Middle East, for thousands of years Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together in harmony until Zionism/Judaism began to take over and create social divisions and enmity between Christian and Muslim.

    In Palestine, both these religions are persecuted by the Israelis. In response, both Christians and Muslim still stand together against the enemy who treat them both equally foully.


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