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Mike Adams
Natural News
July 19, 2012

Two of the most influential alternative media organizations on the ‘net ~ and ~ have blown the lid wide open on Big Pharma’s massive bribery network.

Through exclusive interviews with pharma insiders, InfoWars and NaturalNews have done what the mainstream media refuses to do: grant a platform to credible whistle blowers who are exposing the systematic, criminal Big Pharma bribing of doctors who willingly accept kickbacks to write prescriptions for high-profit pharmaceuticals.

These revelations are surfacing on the heels of the drug industry’s largest settlement in history: GlaxoSmithKline’s $3 billion fine and guilty plea to committing felony crimes

NaturalNews editor Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) was able to connect with one of the key whistle blowers who initiated that nine-year DOJ investigation, and he went on the record with shocking allegations about off-label pharmaceutical marketing and the systematic bribery of doctors

Blair was also interviewed by Adams on the Alex Jones Show (, where he revealed additional information about Glaxo’s activities such as the “coaching” of pharmaceutical sales reps to enroll doctors in elaborate kickback schemes. The video of that interview is available below.


Following Blair’s interview on the Alex Jones Show, a woman who identified herself as “Ally” called in to the show and described, in authentic language and tone, how she had worked inside a company that managed the “kickback” relationships between drug companies and doctors.

On live national radio, she proceeded to describe details about how doctors would earn up to $6,000 a day as part of Big Pharma’s speakers bureaus. In her own words, below, she explains how doctors and physicians lined up to cash in on the bribery payoffs, happy to sell their souls to Big Pharma while pimping out drugs that were often shown to be dangerous ~ even deadly ~ to the consuming public.

Hear her call-in conversation with the Health Ranger at:


What follows is a slightly condensed transcript of her call-in to the Alex Jones Show on July 17, 2012, speaking with Mike Adams, who was guest hosting for Alex. Bold emphasis added:
I used to work for a company that managed that speaker bureau program. We paid out those “honorariums” to speakers to go around and tell other doctors to prescribe… We would pay them up to $3200 for an hour’s worth of work. These doctors got to think they were rock stars. They would go around thinking they were so cool. …They were making a living talking to other doctors. The only thing bigger than their heads was their wallets. They were so egotistical and so rich from it.
What Blair was saying earlier about the slide presentations that the doctors would use, absolutely those were written by the marketing people. My direct clients were the marketing people at Sanofi Aventis, AstraZeneca, Wyeth, and absolutely the doctors were paid to prescribe.

Mike Adams: Wow, so what was the behavior of the doctors? Were they willing to sell out?
Are you kidding me? They LOVED it! They would tack on these speeches onto a vacation. They would go off and have dinner, lunch or breakfast with other doctors, and then get the hotel paid for, and get their airfare paid, and they would pick a couple of days extra and just go on vacation!
Mike Adams: Remember that folks, when you go see your doctor, you’re probably dealing with a criminal who accepted bribes. That’s what these are; these are bribes, these are kickbacks. [For the record, GlaxoSmithKline is on the record pleading guilty to this admission with the U.S. Department of Justice.] (
Absolutely… I’m sure all the listeners right now are shocked by all this. This was everyday obvious for us. I knew it was wrong in my heart and my soul, I knew this was wrong which is why I had to get out of it. It was so blatantly obvious what was going on but everybody just like sheep kept walking toward the edge of the cliff, just kept doing it, just didn’t care, the doctors wanted the money, the reps were getting money, the more prescriptions that they got the better their sales were, the more kickbacks they got. Everybody was complicit, it was not a big secret. Everybody knew what they were doing.
Mike Adams: So how many doctors did your company deal with in your estimation?
It was doctors for each and every single drug. For instance, Sanofi Aventis had their overall list of speakers, and then each individual drug had their speakers. It had to be thousands…
Mike Adams: What was the highest amount you saw paid to doctors for these speaking gigs?
…they could very easily, sometimes they would make $1500 – $1800 for an hour, a visit, a lunch, breakfast or dinner, but they could go do a breakfast, and then a lunch and then a dinner, stack it up and then they were racking up five or six grand a day. …There were so many little things they could get reimbursed for. Dry cleaning, meals at the airport. Anything that was incidental to the trip they got picked up, too.

Yes, I would recruit the doctors based on the pharmaceutical reps’ suggestions. So they might find a doctor who they thought was “in on the deal” so they would submit their paperwork to get this doctor signed up to be on the speakers bureau, and then I would just physically coordinate the meetings and cut the checks. I would set up to get the speaker’s airfare, hotel, and get him the slide presentations, everything he needed to go to this meeting. I would set up the on-site meeting, it might be a meeting that had 50 to 60 people, or it might be just one doctor. There are times the doctor would get paid two grand to talk to one guy!
Mike Adams: It is a giant orgy of corruption that’s called medicine. If you take these drugs, if you take these vaccines, you are a sucker of these industries who are using your body to make profits for their own filthy rich executives. If you trust your doctor, you’re a fool.
I think as you said, don’t let them use your body, and don’t let them use your mind either. I was just a young kid doing this job, and I just needed the money, and as I got deeper and deeper into it, I knew it was wrong. I was unhappy every day. I just felt bad and icky in my soul, so I got out. I started my own business completely unrelated to pharmaceuticals, and I started following my own passion and my own heart.

Here in the Midwest it’s the secret that everybody knows but nobody talks about. Everybody knows the dice are loaded, and it’s time to start talking out about it. It’s time to start making life changes. Thank you for letting me talk. I hope that the information has been helpful to you guys.

According to court documents already described here at (, GlaxoSmithKline alone had a speaker’s bureau network of 49,000 paid speakers.

Those are 49,000 doctors and physicians who knowingly and willfully accepted kickbacks and bribes to push GSK propaganda in the form of “medical education.” This was a massive network of institutionalized bribery and corruption. Tens of thousands of doctors were in on the deal, collecting obscene “speaking fees” while taking fully-paid vacations as long as they continued to write an appropriate number of prescriptions for the pharmaceutical industry.

These revelations discredit the entire institution of conventional medicine. What has been billed as a system of so-called “evidence-based medicine” where intelligent, informed doctors make compassionate decisions about the welfare of their patients has turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of M.D. pharma whores pimping out their souls for a quick buck. Through their actions, they cost Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies billions of dollars in overpriced prescriptions just so they could cash in at the Big Pharma feeding trough.

These are the licensed, M.D.s, the “doctors” that state medical boards certify as the only people who can discuss disease treatment with a patient. These bribery-accepting unethical medical practitioners have been granted medical treatment monopolies by state medical boards, but they turn out to be some of the most dishonest, selfish “professionals” working today.

The only thing worse than whoring out your own body as a prostitute is whoring out the bodies of your patients to Big Pharma, and that’s what these 49,000 people did day after day, year after year, spanning decades of corruption with under-the-table bribery disguised as “speaking honorariums.”

And what do these bought-and-paid-for doctors tell their patients to take? Vaccines, medications, brand-name drugs. Chemotherapy! Anything that makes a buck for big pharma gets pimped out by these professional check-cashers who exploit the bodies of patients for profit. Jerry Sandusky raped boys in the Penn State locker room showers, but medical doctors have financially raped an entire nation with runaway health care fraud and deceptive money-funneling operations.

Over half of all personal bankruptcies in the USA today are due to medical costs, and skyrocketing monopolistic prices for pharmaceuticals are bankrupting cities, states and even the entire nation which is teetering on the edge of a financial crisis.

Why has America allowed the drug companies to bilk the entire population for billions of dollars in illicit profits and then, even when the drug companies are caught in criminal acts, nobody goes to jail?

Nobody takes a “perp walk.” The mainstream media doesn’t even run a story about it! And then Obama tells us we all are going to be forced to conduct business with these very same companies under Obamacare!

That’s the new America, where the citizens are financially penalized by the federal government if they do not engage in the consumption of deadly chemical products from medical corporations caught red-handed engaged in criminal fraud.


If your doctor prescribes you any brand-name drugs or recommends you take vaccines, a red flag should immediately go up in your mind: Is your doctor accepting bribes from Big Pharma?

They won’t tell you, of course, because they routinely do not disclose this information to patients. There is a place where you can get some of this information, however: It’s called ProPublica.

Under their “Dollars for Docs” section (, ProPublica reveals the payments doctors have received from drug companies. There, you can check total kickbacks and doctor bribes by state, by company, or even by your doctor’s name.

For example, this page reveals that Cleveland Clinic received $3 million from Pfizer recently:
It also shows that nearly half a million dollars was paid to the University of Utah from Pfizer.

This page shows that in 2010, Eli Lilly paid over $61 million in “speaking fees” to its network of doctors and physicians:
This is a company that admitted to illegal off-label promotion of Zyprexa and paid a $1.4 billion fine to settle criminal and civil charges. (Is there ANY drug company that hasn’t been caught engaged in criminal acts?)

This story isn’t over. Watch for more investigative reporting on Big Pharma bribery, brought to you by, the most talked-about source of independent health news on the internet. (With no ties to drug companies, obviously.)

Oh, and by the way, the pharmaceutical industry hires entire P.R. agencies to conduct social media trolling operations using a complex network of falsified accounts on Facebook, YouTube and other sites.

So any negative comments you might see about this story ~ or any story exposing Big Pharma fraud ~ is probably being posted by a cowardly shill getting paid by the drug companies to desperately try to disrupt the truth movement that’s exposing their crimes. Watch for that, as they’re easy to spot.

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