Saturday 28 July 2012


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I immediately realized when I saw the court appearance that this was not the same man but this proves it.

Thumbs up to Beulahman for this one. It seems young James Holmes is NOT the son of a simple scientist at all. In fact, his daddy is a very famous man and high level government type asset. Read on.

Once again breaking news on the Colorado shooting from dutchsinse. And yes, this HUGE news that you will not ever hear about in the mainstream media unless a million of us begin to raise a fuss. And even then, perhaps not.

James Holmes’ (the Colorado shooter) father is Robert Holmes who is set to testify at the LIBOR banking scandal hearings a SENIOR SCIENTIST at the famous "FICO" ~ the people who determine credit scores!

Here are the father’s details:

First.. here is what he looks like (seen arriving at the Denver airport after the shooting caught by paparazzi TMZ):

Here is more information on James Holmes father Robert:

Here is the basic search ..

An article that came to me via email that led me to look into this a bit deeper: thanks Karla Miller !

Read about the basic ICC LIBOR case against Barclays:


  1. Might any financial interests gain by threatening such a witness?

  2. Any suggestions about how a million of us can "begin to raise a fuss"? I've had it with the "information" MSM is putting out there about this case.


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