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British illustration after Irgun, founded by Livni's terrorist father, had bombed the hotel killing some 91 British civilians and soldiers.

Stuart Littlewood wonders what the British people will think of the plans by the UK’s Jewish foreign secretary, David Miliband, to change the law to allow suspected Israeli war criminals to visit Britain without fear of prosecution.

Pardon me if my $.02 worth of Slippits and Slappits are a tad over the top in this post because I am, to put it mildly, a wee bit ticked at this development.

”This diplomatic ruckus helps us to see clearly the lunacy of stacking the British Foreign Office with Israel-lovers. There's Miliband, of course, with his ethnic links. He voted enthusiastically for the Iraq war and against an investigation.

“Then there's our minister in charge of Middle East affairs, Ivan Lewis... In January, with the sickening stench of Israel's blitzkrieg on Gaza in the world’s nostrils, Lewis told a rally in Manchester:

‘This community stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Israel in the good and the bad times. We do not apply double standards to Israel...’”

The British public must be wondering what has happened to the nation’s backbone ~ and its moral compass ~ when they see news items like these.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband yesterday apologized to MK [Member of the Knesset] Tzipi Livni and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for the arrest warrant issued against Livni in London earlier this week. He also promised Lieberman to begin working immediately to change the UK laws that enable the issue of arrest warrants against Israeli officials accused of war crimes.

Two Kabal Queens. One a whore, the other a mass murderer. Remember this the next time Madonna wants to entertain you.

Who does this foreign secretary think he is, apologizing in our name for the operation of British law, especially when the warrant was issued to answer well-founded charges of war crimes?

Livni claims it was not personal.

"It’s about the entire State of Israel and our ability to go on working together against common threats.This warrant isn't issued against me but against free world fighting terrorism."

Oh, Tzipi, Tzipi, what a joker you are! Great sense of humour. NOT. Every right-minded citizen can see that this was a warrant issued against a terrorist and a war criminal acting for a state which is founded on the age old principles of racism and ethnic-cleansing. Israel is only free if you happen to be Jewish.

It is VERY personal to the rest of the world that creatures like yourself, the spawn of murderers and terrorists yourself, should be allowed to get away with your crimes yet still bemoan "special status" as victims on this planet.

It is VERY VERY personal to the lives wrecked, the families destroyed, due to your actions as you stood in front of international cameras and claimed it was the other guy's fault. I detested you for the filth you were then, but now, that feeling is just a tad more intense.I am sure you understand that it is not personal at all.

What common threats? We have nothing in common. The threats Israel faces are caused by its racist expansion, land theft, general lawlessness and hateful attitude towards its neighbours, (and the rest of the non-Jewish inhabitants of this Planet) and by the lethal threat Israel itself presents to others in the region. Our government puts us in harm’s way by associating so closely with the regime and continually taking its side.

These British men were tortured by, among others, Livni's father, also involved in the bombing of the King David. As can be seen from the cartoon above, things have shifted to Israel since then.

Any threats Israel faces these days are brought on by their own doing. Any sympathy here goes to your neighbours, the ones who do not kiss and suck your toes like Mubarak or the King of Jordan.
As for former Russian night club bouncer Lieberman, a deranged loudmouth who lives in an illegal Jewish settlement in the Palestinian West Bank and thrives on extremist language, since when did he merit a British apology?

Justice Minister Jack Straw

Miliband called the warrant intolerable and said he had spoken to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Justice Minister Jack Straw to find an urgent solution. Prosor [the Israeli ambassador in London] chastised the British secretary saying it was time the British government took action.

“The Government is looking urgently at ways in which the UK system might be changed in order to avoid this sort of situation arising again,” Mr Miliband said in a statement.

“The procedure by which arrest warrants can be sought and issued without any prior knowledge or advice by a prosecutor is an unusual feature of the system in England and Wales,” he added.

“Israeli leaders, like leaders from other countries, must be able to visit and have a proper dialogue with the British Government.”

Prosor “chastised” a Minister of the Crown and demanded a change to our laws? Your own laws need changing more than ours, Prosor.

CHUTZPAH to the extreme! That this comeuppance dare to do make such demands. However, read the quote below and his attitude will make more sense.

"We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own." ~ Maurice Samuel 'You Gentiles', P. l55 Harcourt, Brace. 1924

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's office also released a statement:

“We will not agree to a situation in which [former Prime Minister] Ehud Olmert, [Defence Minister] Ehud Barak and [opposition leader and former Foreign Minister] Tzipi Livni will be summoned to the bench. We utterly reject the absurdity that is happening in Britain."

Get your tanks off Palestine’s lawn, Netanyahu, and your squatters off Palestinian land before you criticize anyone else.

NetandYahOOO, just what is absurd? Sadly the actions of you and your countrymen are a very real and very sick absurdity we all must deal with. You are far from having clean fingers and reek from Arab blood when one stands downwind from you.
The Israelis’ arrogance is breath-taking. Livni would gladly repeat the atrocities in Gaza last December-January. Her office issued a statement saying she was proud of Operation Cast Lead. It can be read in the Jerusalem post here.

Miliband 'shocked' at Livni's warrant By HERB KEINON ~ Jerusalem Post.

Speaking at a conference at Tel Aviv's Institute for Security Studies, she said:

”I would today take the same decisions."

Arrogance is refusing to acknowledge what is right and consider others beneath one. It has been proven over and over again that their overweening arrogance and disdain for all others have been one of the causes of their downfall over the centuries.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband ~ the visual of this apparent lightweight grovelling between the Israeli heavyweights is pathetic beyond belief. This child is SO bought and sold by the NWO purveyors!

Miliband’s grovelling, especially to the Lieberman and Livni, is enough to make any red-blooded UK citizen cringe with shame. Few of us, surely, would touch these people with a barge-pole.

This abandonment of principle and descent into the abyss is explained in the Foreign Office statement:
"The UK is determined to be a strategic partner of Israel.”


I have always wanted to know how this serves our best interests.

The law on arrest warrants, of course,

should be left undisturbed.

It’s all quite simple.

If Israel behaved in a civilized manner

there would be no need for them.

This diplomatic ruckus helps us to see clearly the lunacy of stacking the British Foreign Office with Israel-lovers. There's Miliband, of course, with his ethnic links. He voted enthusiastically for the Iraq war and against an investigation.

Then there's our minister in charge of Middle East affairs, Ivan Lewis. He's a former vice-chairman of Labour Friends of Israel. He too voted for the Iraq war and against any investigation.

In January, with the sickening stench of Israel's blitzkrieg on Gaza in the world’s nostrils, Lewis told a rally in Manchester:

"This community stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Israel in the good and the bad times. We do not apply double standards to Israel."
The trouble is, his kind don’t apply any standards at all.

In July, with the blood of 1,400 dead Gazans (including 320 children and 109 women) on the hands of the Zionist devils, and with thousands more horribly maimed, the insensitive Lewis told the House of Commons:

“Israel is a close ally of the UK and we have regular warm and productive exchanges at all levels."

A dead Arab is a good Arab, nothing to even bother considering in the eyes of such creatures. No conscience, nor will there be, as the slaughter goes on to bring about the New World Order so desired by the Kabalic Zionists and those whom they serve.

"Israel's barbarity exceeds ordinary cruelty"
~ Turkish PM Erdogan, Feb, 2009 World Economic Forum, Israel's slaughter of 352 Gazan children.

Lewis is also chief executive of the Manchester Jewish Federation and a trustee of the Holocaust Educational Trust. Along with Miliband, he is the face of British diplomacy in the explosive Middle East.

Pass me the bucket, I feel my meal is rising.

Add to the team Miliband's Principal Private Secretary, Matthew Gould, just promoted as Britain's first Jewish ambassador to Israel with effect from next year. Gould told Haaretz that he and his wife will keep a Jewish household and bring up their kids in the Jewish tradition.

The fact that I'm Jewish means I will come with a particular insight and sympathy and understanding, because the story of my family is in certain respects the story of the people of the State of Israel. But fundamentally I'm going as the British ambassador, to pursue British policies and advance British interests.

"I am not an American citizen of Jewish faith. I am a Jew. I have been an American for sixty-three years, but I have been a Jew for 4000 years." ~ Rabbi Stephen S. Wise (1933)

That’s difficult to believe, and some will point to a hopeless conflict of interests not only for Gould but also Miliband, Lewis and others who feel an affinity with the appalling “story" of Israel.

Presiding over all this is our disaster-prone prime minister, Gordon Brown, a Zionist sympathizer and patron of the Jewish National Fund, which is an organization set up to facilitate the confiscation and development of illegally occupied Palestinian lands.

As if to illustrate just how far Britain will go to appease Israel’s “Criminal Tendency”, the Jewish Chronicle reported a few days ago how the Foreign Office stamped on an initiative by the Department for Communities and Local Government to reassure the Muslim community that the British government did not support Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Foreign Office officials considered it pandering to the Muslim community’s prejudices about Israel, especially when it was discovered that some Muslim leaders around the country wanted the government to recognize Hamas’s right to armed resistance.

Tut-tut. Oh dear, no. Everybody knows that only Israel is entitled to self-defence. And Britain panders only to Israel.

Sir Gerald Kaufman, a heroic Jew who walks the ethics he speaks. Note the happy eyes of a man of ethics.

British Jewish MP Sir Gerald Kaufman recently threw a bucket of cold water over this obscene Anglo-Israeli love-in by branding the Israeli government a gang of amoral thugs.

These are the undesirables Miliband wants to accommodate with a change in the law. Well, I doubt if the British public would welcome the idea of such vile people, who think nothing of burning women and children to the bone with white phosphorus, coming and going as they please in our capital city.

These same thugs won't even allow thousands of Palestinian students like Berlanty Azzam the freedom to travel within their own homeland to attend university and finish their degree.
Mr Miliband,
your cruel friends are not welcome here.

Stuart Littlewood is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. For further information please visit

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