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December 15, 2009
Les Visible
Just Get There

Les Visible | Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The human body is a marvel. Within its profound integrity and promise there are hidden many secrets. It’s a soft and vulnerable package of flesh and blood and bones. You would not think it capable of things it has accomplished and the conditions that it has survived. Somehow this mechanism is tougher than it looks. It can take an awful lot of punishment. Look at the abuse it visits upon itself.

It’s composed of a number of systems whose purpose is to work in harmonious accord to some end, which has never been fully explained or agreed upon. Terrible wars have been fought over the purpose of human existence. No one ever wins these wars and everyone who may have triumphed or survived at any period of time are now as gone as their victims.

At the moment there are people winning and losing wars around the world. I should say that there is the appearance of people winning and losing wars because in many cases there has been no victor, just continuations of conflict.

What is interesting is that, in most cases, one side has far superior firepower yet they are unable to prevail. In some cases they are actually losing, despite their arguments to the contrary.

Maybe it’s not about winning and losing as much as it is to profit financially from the conflicts. The people who start the wars don’t fight in them. War is a very profitable business and perhaps we should see it as just that; not an unfortunate condition that is due to border disputes or the spread of a preferable ideology, religion or ancient racial hatred but due to economics.

War is like any other industry. It creates jobs and markets and a cornucopia of opportunities for collective and personal enrichment. As long as you can get enough people together to fight them you’ve got a cash cow.

The societies and cultures that people live in are also bodies. They prosper or get sick and die just like any individual member does. All of these bodies live within the framework of Nature and all of them depend on it. There are two kinds of Nature.

There’s the raw Nature which provides our food and grants us an environment to be in, which is serviced by the greater forces of Nature, like the sun and moon, the wind and rain.

Then there is altered Nature, composed of buildings and vehicles of transport with all of what is contained in the buildings and ferried around by the transport. It’s still a part of Nature, no matter how unnatural it gets. There seems to be some kind of a rule that affects the unnatural constructs. It’s a form of the ‘shit happens’ variety.

Shit happens in original Nature too but it still winds up looking more or less like it did before; unnatural Nature winds up not being around at all, except for a few enduring landmarks that remain as a testimony to what was but is no more.

It is an interesting consideration that we don’t understand the meaning and intent of these enduring landmarks like The Pyramids and The Sphinx. The official explanations don’t agree with the arcane explanations, just as the lives of ordinary people do not mirror the desires and intentions of those who rule over them.

Lately we are being told that similar structures exist in far parts of the world that had no connection with each other. We are hearing that the legacies of many ancient cultures all reflect a remarkable similarity in their predictions about the times in which we are presently living.

Most people are uninterested in this.

Their interest is upon the things of the moment and the gratification of the usual appetites. These are the same people that fight in the wars for the profit and amusement of the people who start them.

I’ve heard it said that a nation (which usually contains cultures) is only as good as its laws. In practice, a nation is only as good as its ability to restrain those who have the power and the tools to pervert those laws. This would include lawyers, judges, politicians, lobbyists and the business interests which they serve.

Any nation that cannot contain these forces cannot protect their laws or the people who rely on them. We live in times where this is glaringly evident. New laws are needed but effective laws are impossible because they are made by the special interests just named.

The people have no say in the making of these laws. They no longer even have a say in which whore they choose to represent them because none of the choices can even stand for election without the permission of a foreign nation; I speak of America by example here but it is so in other nations as well.

The foreign nation of which I speak is not a nation per se. It is a sort of offshore banking cartel with a military and an army of assassins who make sure no laws are made that infringe on their capacity to loot and abuse those whom they consider less than human.

This is ironic since they themselves are not human. One can only be human who behaves like a human being; otherwise they soon turn into something else ~ unless they were something else to begin with.

In every culture there is the evidence of belief in the supernatural. Unfortunately, the religions which evolved from this belief soon became temporal business operations which compromised any relationship they might have had with the original supernatural force and became instead, a holding of the antithesis of this supernatural force.

The historical record shows that there is quite often no visible justice carried out against those who offend the laws and natural balance with their behavior. People don’t get this, even though the teachers, who have come and gone and upon whose lives and teachings the religions came into being, spoke quite clearly of other locations where justice is carried out.

Some of them spoke of a condition called reincarnation which makes sure that the offender is reborn into situations that guarantee justice in the flesh. Many people are not satisfied with this feature of existence. A lot of people don’t like it when it rains either or when someone gets between them and something they want.

The problem with people, as I see it, is that they want life to adjust to their expectations instead of adjusting to life as it is. It is a pointless exercise on their part because, whether they willingly adjust or not, they will be adjusted just the same. It could be said that everything is perfect to the minutest detail but we just can’t see it.

We can’t see it because we have chosen not to accept this.

I have heard countless arguments about the way things are and the way things should be. I have heard so many arguments about the meaning of life and from whence and to what it proceeds.

I have been in the company of very wise individuals and some of them were immortals and quite often they would say, “I don’t know”. However, I have also noted that they are very often brimming with a secret joy that can be felt in their presence. There is rightness and a powerful security about them. They are not like the rest of the human race in the way they think and in the way they live and behave. They make a lasting impression on the minds of the people who encounter them. There must be something more to life and to living than is immediately apparent in the world around us.

My experience has led me to believe that one must energetically pursue a deeper understanding of life. When people refuse to do this, I notice that they argue about superficial and irrelevant issues and concepts as if they applied to this deeper understanding and, from what I can tell, they do not.

My observations indicate to me that the majority of all actions and endeavors are pointless or destructive in nature.

I also observe that suicide is epidemic. To most, it does not appear to be suicide but the evidence shows that it is. Ignorance and apathy seem to play a large part in it. Unenlightened self-interest and undisciplined desire also have a major role in the unfortunate ends which comes to a large number of people. It seems that selfishness and indifference to the existence of others somehow puts one in a position of not seeing things as they are and renders them vulnerable to all sorts of painful mistakes and errors in judgment.

This is how it looks to me at the moment and I do not doubt that my perceptions are not comprehensive and could well change. After all, I don’t know.

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The wiser one is, the more one realizes how much there is to learn.

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