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December 18, 2009


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I’ve been getting emails about the Norway Spiral; what I might think the cause was. My definitive answer on the subject is, “I don’t know.” I do know that the idea that it was some sort of UFO or supernatural celebration of warmonger Obama’s (rhymes with Osama) receipt of the bankrupt, Nobel Peace Prize is probably not true.

It could be true if the UFO’s were from some Klingon race or if the supernatural force was Satanic in nature and they wanted to make a statement in support of the man’s murderous adventurism at the behest of his Zio-Nazi handlers. That would make sense.

I suspect that there is going to be an ever increasing amount of ‘signs and wonders’ appearing as we get closer to whatever it is that we are getting closer to. Most of these things are likely to be holographic projections and the result of other disinfo efforts to scare the public and keep them in line.

What is this Norwegian Spiral? No answers are forthcoming. Project Bluebeam experiment perhaps?

The bad guys are at each other’s throats these days, as they should be and there’s no telling what that’s going to initiate.

The Illuminati are a very political and back stabbing group, a "dog eat dog" mentality; everyone wants to move up. These are NOT nice people and they use and manipulate others viciously. They cut their eyeteeth on status, power, and money. ~ Svali

The biggest concern of the moment is the pending assault on Iran. Israel likes to celebrate their holidays with bloodshed and suffering visited upon their neighbors. We’re in the zone at the moment.

I don’t know when they are going to do this but it is going to change everything.

The world changed dramatically after they pulled off 9/11. It will change even more dramatically after this.

There are pressing reasons to attack Iran, sooner rather than later.

Zippy (the Pinhead) Livni got charged with war crimes in the UK. Then, PDQ, she got uncharged, due to the not at all (and don’t you say it is) powerful Israeli lobby.

Even if it’s not happening, it did happen. Barak ~ one of the main players in 9/11 ~ is being charged in Austria. Some numbers of psychopaths from the Kingdom of Rothschild ~ known as Israel~ are also on restricted travel.

In the US, they passed a truly humungous Defense Spending Bill (which didn’t even include the surge) designed to protect that country from a manufactured terrorist threat which the neo-cons are carefully and not so carefully manipulating at the public expense.

Fat-faced, alcoholic lawmakers are arguing about how transparent the national health care bill can be. Do they just turn it over completely to the insurance and pharmaceutical firms to run or do they hide that fact and how much of it do they hide?

It’s becoming increasingly clear that no matter how much money they charge the public, there is not going to be enough for them.

I suspect they will cut a deal with First Premier Bank and everyone will be able to pay with their credit cards. If you don’t have one you can get one.

Ever since it became clear to me that Israel intended to attack Iran ~ and that’s been a long time now ~ I have had the unshakable sensation that it is going to turn into the biggest backfire in history.

MONUMENTAL FAIL! But one we will all pay for.

The thought comes into my mind that there is something ‘they’ don’t know and that something is going to affect the result in a truly momentous way.

We don’t know what the lost souls are cooking up in the back room. I want to point out that there are several back rooms and several groups that are not only opposed to you but to each other as well. You see it every day now. You see them going after each other. You see, if you are paying attention, all the little messages they are sending each other.

People should take heart from this.

Many of us think of evil as a unified force. After all, it appears to run the whole world at this time.

It’s actually a collection of well entrenched, tick-like creatures, who have each attached themselves to some large body of the public. Each of them has become bloated beyond recognition. They are well past the guy in Se7en with his face down in the spaghetti bowl.

A tick before "attaching" and feeding; a nicely fed tick.

Ticks don’t have a shut off valve. I understand that they do fall off on occasion; must be some sort of occupational hazard. These are super ticks so they can still move from one group of people to another if they’ve sucked their present host dry.

So we wind up with that territorial imperative problem where one group of ticks object to another group coming over for an extended buffet, uninvited.

These days everything is getting seen and heard. We’ve got hidden video transmitters and cellphone cameras and we’ve got the internet to transmit it everywhere all at once. It’s gotten out of hand and they are trying to put it back in the bottle but that’s not going to happen. They’re getting nailed right and left and they don’t like it one bit.

Tony Blair is being compromised and exposed all of a sudden. Now we find he’s got that new startup company for global warming; well, they all do, don’t they? He makes that ‘oops’ comment about Iraq and one would have to say that things aren’t going well for Tony at the moment.

It may be difficult to believe, but sometimes these people sabotage themselves because they cannot help themselves. The tremendous guilt becomes heavy fast.

Al Gored can’t even appear in public anymore without We Are Change or someone else getting in his face. He sets himself up on a shitheap of lies and as the crowning moment approaches, someone leaks all those emails from East Anglia. The next thing we know the scientists are at each others throats and both sides have large S&MSM backing.

There’s a war on people and it’s not the ones we’ve become familiar with. Powerful people are coming out of the woodwork and saying the unexpected.

The Baroness on the EU Commission has made some challenging statements about Israel.

Lord Monckton is all over the place.

How did a certain group of people come to be in charge of the media and so many facets of commerce and industry? They own the banks and they can print as much money as they want to and loan it out to those who owe them fealty. This is why the central banks don’t want their operations scrutinized. They are counterfeiters who bought the world with phony money.

To solve this problem, the central banks must be eliminated. After that, these monster operations will fall under their own weight. They stole so much and then bought so much paper, which inflated to such a degree, that no one knows how bad it is but there is the implication that there is no value at all in most of what they are engaged in. A lot of the money is now as worthless as they are. What we have now is the propped up appearance of value.

The kicker is what is going on behind the scenes. You can get some idea of this from studying what is showing up out here. I was much amused by Putin’s comment to Berlusconi about how manly he was during his assault. You have to understand something about Russian humor to get this.

Steam is hissing out of the weak points in the apparatus and inexorably the charade continues. The public humiliations are a daily affair and the recipients clamor for more air time so that they can add to the spectacle of their state.

Don’t tell me that something unknown to the players isn’t at work far and wide at the moment. They are running out of options and the space to exercise them in. They are left with the usual false flag capers and some varieties of science fiction events to loose upon the minds of those that it is becoming increasingly harder to deceive.

There are billions of people who are engaged in some religious faith. At the end of the Cliff High interview, you heard a remarkably annoying woman demonstrate an example of one. Millions of fundies are looking for a sign and it is likely they are going to get a few.

My expectation is that several cabals of ticks are industriously engaged in cooking up supernatural spectacles to take a convincing control of their attention; set it up, verify it and then work it and milk it. I suspect that is coming really soon and Christmas is a good time for a five hundred foot Jesus in the sky, along with representatives of the other faiths.

Still, like I said, something is loose that they don’t understand and can’t control. It keeps pulling their pants down as they are explaining themselves. They look behind them and no one is there.

It’s uncanny. I celebrate it.

I’m on the side of whoever is messing with the ticks.

I’m on the side of whoever is exposing the banks and all the corporate extensions that lead out from them.

Truthfully, I’m on the side of Harmony and Balance.

We won’t get there without what is off balance, finally manifesting in some kind of ‘Bush on a Segway’.

Take heart from all of these strange doings. The ticks are on the run and it’s hard to run when your belly is full of blood.

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