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The moment sycophant Harper was again in a ruling position, the hapless creature has followed the NWO party lines. About 9 years ago I saw him with the Compte de Rothschild and KNEW he would win the next election and proceed to take us down in his desperate lust for power.
So far Harper has exceeded my expectations. He is the greatest embarrassment we must suffer. No he is not the one who set Canada's path into the downhill mode. However he is the one bringing it to the fore and sticking it to the world and the people as well.

No one I know ever voted for him. Such, also, is the power of the media for it is they who decided the winners and then twist the populace by their way of thought. The only time this man looks happy is when he is receiving yet another award from the Chabad Lubavitch for some enormous service to Judaism or Israel. He does not serve Canadian, so much is obvious!

There are nine ways we are ruining our once enviable Canadian reputation in the world.

By Murray Dobbin,

17 Dec 2009,

It was really just a matter of time. The deep well of affection and respect around the world that Canada has drawn on for decades has been slowly poisoned by the Harper government (and the Liberals immediately before it) and the world is now taking serious notice.

In the words of the famous Yes Men (who pulled off the brilliant hoax in Copenhagen): "We've always kind of grown up looking up to Canada... We've always thought that Canadians were such nice people and had much better policies than we did ~ national health care and all that. And this is just a real disappointment for us, energy policy and learning that Canadians' carbon footprint per capita is higher than us."

The Copenhagen conference may just be the final burden that brings us to critical mass, that qualitative leap where Canada is suddenly seen as a mean-spirited, disingenuous, and reactionary force in the family of nations. Here are some of the most important image-busters in Canada's foreign policy bag of nasty tricks.

Climate change.
This is obviously the biggie. More than any other issue, it is truly global and the Harper government's staggering arrogance makes Canada a rogue nation. No other country is so contemptuous of the interests of the planet.

Not only does Stephen Harper think he is smarter than anyone in Canada, he thinks he is smarter than anyone, period.
Harper's message: the rest of you are a pack of idiots. As a result, even the U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu refused to agree to a photo op with Environment Minister Jim Prentice.

COPENHAGEN ~ Green groups on Friday named Canada "Fossil of the Year" ~ an award that carried the additional honorific of "Colossal Fossil" ~ for what they said was a strategy to sabotage efforts to tackle climate change.

"Canada's 2020 [emissions] target is among the worst in the industrialized world, and leaked cabinet documents revealed that the government is contemplating a cap-and-trade plan so weak that it would put even that target out of reach," said Climate Action Network International and

Asbestos. It is the deadliest workplace substance in history, killing more workers in Canada than any other cause. And the deaths are increasing every year. Stephen Harper has explicitly declared himself the champion of Quebec asbestos and has dedicated himself to ensuring that asbestos is not declared a dangerous substance under the Rotterdam Convention.Thousands of workers in developing countries will die as a result. Canada challenged France's ban on asbestos through the WTO and lost, making the French environmental law one of the few to survive such a challenge and reinforcing the science declaring asbestos a class one carcinogen.

Terminator seeds. Terminator technology refers to seed genetically modified to produce sterile seeds that cannot be planted, forcing peasants around the world to purchase seeds every season. Globally, farmers would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in income.

At the last meeting of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Curitiba, Brazil, Canada joined Australia and New Zealand in trying to undermine the protocol, calling for a "case by case risk assessment" of terminator seeds, with the intention of allowing the technology to be approved through existing legislation for genetically modified crops.
Where there are terminator seeds, death waits nearby to harvest the fallout.

Canada and its partners failed in their efforts but not for lack of trying. Not a single company in Canada has expressed an interest in pursuing this technology ~ so Mr. Harper casually trashed Canada's reputation for purely ideological reason

GMO food. Canada is on the front line of forcing people around the world to eat genetically modified food. It is using a big stick against Europeans. A November 2006 World Trade Organization ruling found in favour of a complaint brought by the U.S., Canada and Argentina that the EU had violated WTO rules through "undue delays" in approving genetically modified organisms.

Solid orange: The five countries producing
more than 95% of commercialized GMO

Striped: Other country producing
commercialized GMO

Orange dot: Only experimental crops.

This in spite of the fact that Europeans' rejection of such foods has been growing over the 15 years that polls have been conducted. Even previously supportive leaders like President Sarkozy of France and the EU's environment commissioner have changed their mind citing new science.

Here is some work I did on GMO, I had no idea my own country was so backwards!

50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Foods



The Afghan occupation and renewed militarism. While Canada is not alone in the endless and brutal occupation of Afghanistan, it is seen around the world as one of the most aggressive supporters of U.S. policy in that country and the region.

Canadian Peace Keepers like this gentlemen have been phased out over the past few decades to be replaced with killing machines who serve American and Israeli interests.

Canada's long reputation as an "honest broker" in global geo-politics, while never entirely accurate, has been severely damaged. We are now seen not as a peacekeeper or peacemaker but as a killer of "scumbags" and a warrior state fighting the absurd American "war on terror."


While there are more peacekeepers active in the world than ever before, we have a government that ridicules the very thing that gave Canada its humanitarian reputation

Israel. Related to the Afghan conflict, but also distinct from it, is Canada's policy of providing Israel with a complete carte blanche to do literally anything it wants, including committing war crimes against the people of Gaza.

The seig heil of modern day North American democracy!

When Hamas was elected as the government of Gaza, Canada was the first to indicate it would not recognize it ~ a travesty of our alleged support for democracy. The invasion of Lebanon, over the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers, witnessed the deliberate and massive destruction of infrastructure and attacks on civilian targets ~ a strategy intended to turn Lebanese civilians against Hezbollah. The ferocious bombing assault against a defenceless nation was described by Prime Minister Harper as a "measured response.

Personally, I find this to be among the worst of Canada's crimes. Indeed one of the reasons I began to blog was to do my small piece to undo this crime and during this time I have learned of one betrayal to the Palestinian people by my government. This runs from the creation of Canada Park to the forbidding of George Galloway into the country, to the almost complete Judeofascism of Canada, a crime perpetrated against the Canadian people.The majority of Canadians do not yet realize how deep we are into this now.

Harper is the darling of Israel and when a thing like Avignor Lieberman says "Canada is a great friend of Israel", I cringe in embarrassment.

The betrayal of Africa. After decades of Canadian government commitment to African aid, the Harper government, virtually overnight and without even a pretense of an explanation, simply wrote Africa out of the picture. Dropped from the list of recipient countries were eight African nations, including Rwanda, still recovering from genocide.

While conventional wisdom suggests that African aid has been ineffective, it was generally not true of Canadian programs, which really worked at helping lift people out of disease and poverty.

The Harper government has reconfigured aid to match Canada's "interests" ~ a quintessentially American approach ~ and has shifted aid to Latin America (Peru and Columbia, already the recipient of billions in aid from the U.S.) and the Caribbean

Latin America. Just as many of the countries of Latin America are struggling successfully to overcome the dark period of neo-liberalism and IMF/World Bank restrictions on their national policies, Stephen Harper has expressed a "renewed" interest in the region. The problem is that renewed interest is as a junior partner in American "manifest destiny."

With the U.S. busy in Iraq and Afghanistan, Canada is offering a helping hand in re-establishing American and corporate dominance in the region.

Hostile to Cuba and Venezuela, and friendly to the right-wing regime in Columbia, the Canadian government has also gone along with the U.S. as the only other member of the OAS to recognize the fraudulently elected government of Honduras despite that country's military coup, widespread human rights violations, media closures and its refusal to implement an agreement to reinstate (even briefly) the legitimate government of Manuel Zelaya.

Thus Canada eagerly aligns itself against Latin American nationalism, the most powerful force on the continent, as its first real engagement in the region.

China and human rights. As a sop to his large anti-abortion constituency, Harper not only ignored China for the first four years of his government but openly snubbed the fastest growing world power.

To suggest that this was because Harper objected to China's human rights record is laughable. If so, it was the most ineffective intervention ever made. While unstated, Harper was in reality giving a sign to his anti-abortion supporters that he would not cozy up to a country that performs more abortions than the rest of the world combined.

His phony concern about human rights in China just underlines his embarrassing absence on the issue literally everywhere else: Gaza, Lebanon, Burma, Honduras, Afghan detainees, the Sudan, etc.

There is hardly a region in the world where Canada has not exchanged its previous moderate, middle power role for one of aggressive, "interests-based" policies, joined at the hip with the terminally unpopular U.S.

One way or the other the Harper regime, in just four short years, has damaged Canada's relationships with the EU, the Muslim world, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and China

Canada's ugly new face

It is difficult to assess the international impact of each of these examples. Canada rarely gets covered in the news and most people in Europe or other countries, developed and developing, may know little about these issues.

But eventually foreign policy reaches down to ordinary people around the world ~ those moved by Israel's occupation of the West Bank, those who want safe food for their kids, those aware of the appalling working conditions of workers in developing nations like India, the millions who are opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the hundreds of millions watching the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

We have been able for a long time to rest on our laurels because these issues don't often overlap for most people. But eventually it starts to break through the long-standing positive image of Canada. And it breaks through with precisely the people who play a major role in determining the political culture and government policies of their respective countries. These are the people who are the most engaged in their democracies, who influence their governments, who engage with civil society organizations and the media.

The Ugliest Canadian of them all, giving the thumbs up to continue on the path to destruction. This man is our Obama, here to nail the coffin shut.

In short, the people who know are those who are in positions to spread the word about a new global phenomenon: the ugly Canadian.


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  1. I don't get the point.

    Murray Dobbin has been one of the biggest Jew-slaves in Canada for decades. Now he complains that being anti-Israeli is equated with hatred of Jews? People like him created that situation.

    His mission for years was to "expose" the only grass roots, anti-NWO (the closest to anti-NWO in Canada anyway) political party as "neo-Nazis" "Hitlerites" "fascists" racists" antisemites" etc etc etc

    People like Dobbin kept the Liberals in power while they invaded Serbia and enforced the murderous sanctions against the Iraqis.

    He's complaining because Harper hasn't "done enough" for the Rothschilds and Goldman-Sachs: "Climate is truly global and the Harper government's staggering arrogance makes Canada a rogue nation. No other country is so contemptuous of the interests of the planet."

    I can't see how Harper is worse in any way than Mulroney or Chretien or Martin. Not at all. The best hope for Canada is that Harper is insincere in his support for Israel and the poor Jews, seeing such expressions as "just part of the job", as Putin also had to behave until he was in a position of real power.

    The Greens (who Dobbin hates by the way) are a Bronfman hobby horse.

    The NDP would hand over Canadian sovereignty to the UN in a heartbeat.

    Dobbin thinks Canada is too anti-abortion. A bizarre belief considering only North Korea and Canada have no abortion law.

    Harper's fall, which I believe was in the cards except that Dion was so completely useless that nobody in their right mind would follow him, and Ignatief is almost as pathetic.

    Harper's in power because Martin was mad, a complete loon, who said he was going to create a world government when Alberta was on the verge of splitting from Canada!

    The collapse of the P. Conservatives was unfortunate in that it risked creating a one-party Liberal tyranny, but was necessary to break the back of the NWO Liberal-Prog. Conservative Duopoly.

    The resultant Bloc and Reform Parties could have helped lay the basis of a real alternative, but the NDP's incompetence and constant support for the Libs (by portraying Reform as the Nazi Party of Canada), and the Red Tories continuing disproportionate grip on the Senate and masonic influence in the media put an end to that [i.e. the idea of a real alternative in Canada].

    If Harper falls in the next election, the the CFR's puppet Ignatieff will be in position to really bring the axe down on Canadian sovereignty.

    Has Canada under harper seen 1/50th of the bank bailouts and corporate handouts that have gone on under Bush-Obama? No.

    He should have done more to get rid of the gun registry, but the Liberals would have only expanded it.

    He pays too much lip service to the GW scam, but the Liberals would have signed onto suicide plan cooked up at Copenhagen.

    He shouldn't have backed the stupid "Human Rights Museum" but the Liberals would have "donated" much more $$$.

    I don't see how any PM could get Canadian troops out of the Liberal's mission in Afghanistan earlier than 2011 as Harper has pledged.

    What foreign country has Harper invaded? He's a bastard for recognizing "Kosovo" but if he hadn't he'd be out of office by now. Anyway, Ignatieff, Chretien and Martin were vastly more gung-ho for "humanitarian intervention" in Afghanistan, Serbia, and Iraq than Harper ever was.

    Sorry for the cliche, but truly, politics is the art of the possible.


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