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“In keeping with a true democracy, Holocaust Revisionism is completely legitimate just as any historical event must always be allowed to be further researched in a scholarly manner, especially with the modern forensic techniques, something which the Holocaust Fundamentalists/Obsessers have never bothered with. They rely only on conflicting eyewitness accounts. It is in the best interests of all people of conscience to demand only Truth wherever it leads us because the Truth will set us free. …

To some people, the Truth is inconvenient to their agenda. But isn’t that just too bad." ~ Wendy Campbell.

This is a film to educate and amaze your friends, family, and community.

WHY HAVE SOME people (described hereafter as the "Thought Police") incessantly attacked revisionist historians (meaning historians who question the Establishment version of events, and who use research, scientific tests, and original documents to more closely approach the truth) of all different backgrounds (from Gentiles, to Jews, to Christians, to Muslims, to freethinkers, to Whites, to Arabs, etc.) in some of the most horrible ways imaginable?

The Thought Police have not just merely suppressed the revisionists' findings by boycotting them, but have also censored them by promoting laws to make their honest findings punishable by jail time.

They have committed arson against the revisionists.

They have committed murder.

They have thrown acid on revisionists' faces, beat them, destroyed their homes, and engaged in other acts of mayhem.

Ernst Zundel was taken away from his American wife, with whom he was living in the hills of Tennessee, and thrown in American, Canadian, and German dungeons. He was imprisoned without charge for three years and is now serving several years in Germany for questioning just one small part of the Holocaust story.

Germar Rudolf, a PhD-level chemist, was also taken away from his wife and their child in Illinois ~ and deported to Germany to stand trial for daring to publish scientific findings that cast doubt on WWII Jewish claims.

David Irving, a best-selling author and world-renowned historian, was just sentenced to three years in jail in Austria for uttering merely one single sentence 15 years ago!

The Thought Police will stop at nothing to silence these brave men. We truly do live in Orwellian Times. In some cases they have even removed the licenses from lawyers who defend these people and jailed them as well, merely for doing their job.

If a lawyer can defend a Robert Picton or a Jeffrey Dahmer, should he be imprisoned?

Of course not!

Nor should those of revisionists.

In fact, let no one tell you there is freedom of speech in the face of such oppression to thinking outside the party line 100%.

The Persecution of Revisionists: The Holocaust Unveiled
http://video. videoplay? docid=4393184127 249550554

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http://rense. com/general81/ auch.htm

Judea Declares War on Germany: A Critical Look at World War II
http://video. videoplay? docid=4138523842 550891901

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http://www.holocaus tdenialvideos. com/

Treblinka Was No Extermination Camp com/watch? v=-wsxmCTScCE

A Jew Defends Hit! ler
Part 1 com/watch? v=purWmOFl8qc&feature=related

Part 2 com/watch? v=TVU3I8dRtto&feature=related

Part 3 com/watch? v=FqR0SHMsEMA&feature=related

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Online Book:

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