Saturday 5 December 2009


By Alan Hart
Sabbah Report

Mr. President, will you take a call from Prime Minister Netanyahu in five minutes? He says it's urgent, very urgent."

"Rahm, I can tell from the tone of your voice that you're not asking me a question. You're giving me an order."

Rahm Emanuel smiled.

President Obama did his best to match it and then said, "There are times when I don't know who is doing most to screw me, you or Netanyahu."

"Mr. President, we work as a team."

"I take it you mean you and Netanyahu, not you and me."

Rahm's only response was another smile.

"Okay, I'll take the call."

Rahm pressed a button on the President's desk and said to the operator, "Put him straight through when he calls."

Obama drew on an imaginary cigarette. "Rahm, there's a question I've been meaning to ask you for a long time…. Do you think I'd be sitting in this chair if I had not agreed to have you as my chief of staff?"

Rahm thought about saying "No" but settled for "Probably not".

"Yes, Prime Minister. What can I do for you today?"

"Mr. President, I need you to understand that I have a very serious problem on my hands because of my commitment to assist you to advance the peace process. As you know, my government has ordered building inspectors to enforce a 10-month freeze on the construction of new buildings in Judea and Samaria. But our inspectors are being blocked by some of the settlers. It's not yet turned seriously violent, but I fear it will if we proceed with enforcement. "You must decide, prime minister, who rules, you or the settlers. I'm sure the IDF can handle them."

Butcher Sharon being served by the last President of Amerikkka, G.Busch

"Mr. President, there's some background to this problem that you may not be aware of. Back in 1980, General Sharon signed an oath with his blood. He did it at a meeting with very many senior IDF officers. They all signed the oath with their blood. Down the years since then, the same oath has been signed by many others with their blood. In the event of a government of Israel seeking to withdraw from Judea and Samaria for peace with the Palestinians, the oath commits those who signed it to make common cause with the settlers and fight that government to the death. Mr. President, I am frightened. If I do what you ask ~ we both know that a temporary freeze will be the overture to a full withdrawal ~ I could trigger a Jewish civil war, and that could be the end of Israel."

Rahm Emanuel was about to speak. The President silenced him with a gesture.

"Binyamin, I am aware of the blood oath. Perhaps none of my predecessors were, but I am. I'm also aware that when Prime Minister Begin started to stuff the occupied West bank with settlers, it was for the purpose of creating the civil war scenario you now fear. He calculated that no Israeli prime minister would want to go down in history as the one who gave the order to the Jewish army to shoot Jews out of occupation for the sake of peace with the Palestinians."

The President paused to debate briefly with himself what he should say next.

"Binyamin, it's time for all of us to face the truth. The dangerous mess that you Israelis are now in is entirely of your own making. You should not have settled the occupied territories. Very soon after the 1967 war the government of Israel was advised by its own legal experts that settlement would be illegal. That was also the opinion of the governments of the organized international community, all of them, and you Israelis told them to go to hell."

"Mr. President, I'll be the first Israeli prime minister to say there's some truth in what you've just said. But it's only a small part of the whole truth. The settlements went ahead only because the governments of the major powers failed to give us a red light. Security Council Resolution 242 ought to have contained clauses emphasizing that settlement of the newly occupied territory would be illegal and would not be tolerated. Before you press me further, Mr. President, think about that and then ask yourself who, really, is most to blame for the dangerous mess we are all in."

The line went dead.

The conversation above is imaginary

but the blood oath is not.

I tell the true story of it in Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. My source was Ezer Weizman when he was Israel's minister of defense.

I had an appointment with him at 1.30pm in his office at the defense ministry in Tel Aviv. At the reception desk of a strangely unbusy ministry, I was told that he was out and had left a message asking for me to be shown into his outer office and to make myself comfortable until he arrived.

Netanyahu, Obama, Abb ~ Seems the Palestinian Pres doesn't get the joke

Nearly half an hour later I heard the sound of heavy, weary footsteps coming up the stone stairs. When Ezer filled the frame of the doorway to the outer office of his inner sanctum, it was obvious that he was not his usual energetic, breezy self. He had the look of a haunted man. He managed a smile and said "Shalom".

Then, without another word, he put an arm around my shoulder and walked me into his office. He closed the door, nodded me to a seat on the other side of his ministerial desk and flopped into his own chair. He pushed it back and plonked his feet on the desk. He was looking straight at me but through me, to something only visible in his imagination.

I let the silence run and then, eventually, I said: "Ezer, you've obviously got a major problem on your mind. Shall I make an appointment for another day?"

Eventually he spoke. On refection I was sure he told me what he did only because I was there. He needed to tell somebody and it happened by chance to be me.

He said slowly and with quiet emphasis:

"This lunchtime Sharon convened a secret meeting of some of our generals and other top military and security people. They signed a blood oath which commits them to fight to the death to prevent any government of Israel withdrawing from the West Bank." Pause. "I know that's what happened at the meeting because I've checked it out, and that's why I was late."

* Alan Hart is a former ITN and BBC Panorama foreign correspondent who covered wars and conflicts wherever they were taking place in the world and specialized in the Middle East. Author of Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. He blogs on and tweets on


  1. Interesting.

    Still, Alan Hart's just another Jewish shill. His schtick is that Zionists "betray the real Jewish values"

    He's like that British Lord (Kaufman?) who's all "outraged at what Israel has become" because it's "betrayed the humanitarian values of great Jews" like his "great friend David Ben Gurion."

    That's why I used to "defend" Ariel Sharon, when all these Jews hated him and called him a murderer and so on. I didn't get it. All he did was the things that were necessary in order to maintain the true Zionist vision, if you know what I mean. I was at a Jewish community centre at...I think t was Rosh Hashannah...and they broadcast messages from Israel. PM Ariel Sharon spoke and I couldn't hear what he was sayinng because the Jews all booed and hissed when he was onscreen. Then Szymon Perski spoke, and the crowd of Jews all cheered and applauded the tele as he droned on and on about how the Jewish people are so wonderful, blah blah blah blah. I thought, "What a pack of hypocrites. They almost all want the OCs to be annexed (but w/o the residents having any citizenship rights), they almost all support Israel in Lebanon, they almost all are Zionists, they almost without exception support the founding of Israel and the entire Zionist movement. Then they all almost hate Sharon because he does what has to be done to maintain The Jewish State.

    Same in the general media. All the hate directed against Sharon in opinion columns, and speeches, and cartoons, and protests. Rat-faced devious bastards like Peres just benefit from it. They get to act like The Good Jews.

    Notice in Hart's piece how he portrays Weizmann as a poor innocent decent hard-working struggling mensch, trying to maintain humanity in the face of the evil Sharonites. And did Weizmann go on TV and warn The Good Israelis about the Blood Oath plan? Did Alan Hart right about it then. I guess not. Hypocrites.

    Sorry about the password problem

    [Akira here. Wordpress started getting all screwy so I signed out. Somebody trying to hack my site?]

    Sorry, I just put a password thee because I meant to go back after a while and check over some of the language I used. I've come to the conclusion that all of Judaism, all of it, in every way, and everything from Judaism is evil, completely, through and through. It's just inhuman. Rotten to the core. Satanic. Nothing good about it. No more mincing words. You probably read the same things I wrote on the IncognitoMan site.

    Anyway, I have some Jewish and Israeli friends -- who, of course, are increasingly unfriendly to me -- and wanted to make sure I'd expressed myself correctly, to avoid misunderstanding. I mean, if people are going to hate me, at least hate me for the right reason!

  2. Very Funny, but then again very sad and alarming. I suppose if you did not understand fully the the complexities and realities, you would find it funny. Nice post.

  3. This guy Hart is hilarious. He talks, on his site, about "Obama's apparent surrender to the Zionist lobby"

    Zionist lobby?



    And in this piece here he actually has the Jews' number one nigger speak "thoughtfully" "independently" to Rambo and Satanyahoo.

    "Binyamin, Rahm, I know what you guy's are up to..."

    HA HA HA

    Here's the real conversation:

    O'Bomber: "But Rahm, do I really have to go on TV and suck up to Jews gan. I mean, not that I mind, but, three times in one day?"

    Rahm: "Shut the fuck up and just do what we tell you."

    O'Bomber: "But, you know I AM the president! And BTW, I'm gonna talk back to Natanyayhoo."

    Rahm: "You open your black pie-hole and say anything that's not on the teleprompter, these pictures of you taking it up the ass for coke, and this video of you taking a bribe will be on the air faster than you can say 'Shalom', bitch!"

    O'Bomber: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it Gimme another chance. Please, I'm begging you."

    [Notice also Hart's idolatrous pic of "Mother Israel" Meyersohn on his home-page

  4. Now see, you guys all taught me something... (not very hard to do so don't let it go to your heads)!

    I had never heard of this Hart character and only took that piece at face value. Hmmm a skit I can relate to and Mmmmm omg they really did do that!

    But now I can see the hidden politics as well thanks to your comments. No wonder I loveses blogging ~ always more to learn.


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