Tuesday 7 December 2010


Cry for my beloved country. We have become the textbook NWO model for other Western "democracies". The following saddens me beyond words. The chains of a scientific, medical dictatorship are being tightened once again. Our bodies and those of our children are not our own as far as these megalomaniacs think. Saddest of all is the fact that most people will go along with this because they have had their minds tenderly washed and dried, returned to their skulls, ready for fresh applications of controlled and controlling behaviour.


Canada needs a national vaccination registry so no child misses out on being immunized, a public health group says.

The Canadian Public Health Association says a registry would help the government track how many people across the country have been vaccinated, as well as whether children who move between provinces are up to date on their shots.

In a report to be released Monday, the association says Canada needs a national strategy, the core of which would be the registry and a co-ordinated vaccine schedule.

Experts who contributed to the report fear kids miss out on immunization if they move between provinces because some are on different schedules. Not all provinces pay for the same vaccines either, leaving out poor families in some areas.

There's also a need for a co-ordinated national campaign to counter anti-vaccine voices, the report says.

Debra Lynkowski, head of the association, says the world's eradicated or controlled so many diseases that it's easy to take vaccines for granted.

“But we certainly wouldn't have decades ago when, for instance, polio was a real concern,” she said.
Lynkowski says the organization understands why parents worry about their kids, but “some of the concerns unfortunately aren't based on science or evidence.”

A spokeswoman for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, which had a doctor contribute to the report, says a national vaccine registry is an important contributor to patient safety.

More than 50 experts in public health, government and the pharmaceutical industry contributed to the discussions leading to the report. The report’s being released as they gather for the Canadian Immunization Conference, which Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq opened on Sunday.

A spokesman for Aglukkaq says the feds are reviewing the National Immunization Strategy.

“Some of the key areas under review include vaccine safety, supply and uptake,” Tim Vail wrote in an e-mail.

Lynkowski says federal funding for a vaccine against the human papilloma virus, a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancer, has run out, with no word from the government on whether they’ll renew it.

Vail says the feds were always clear the money was one-time only funding.


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