Sunday 19 December 2010


It is the biggest leak of military secrets ever. Al Jazeera has obtained access to almost 400,000 classified American documents. Torture, claims of murder at the checkpoint - revelations that make a mockery of the rules of combat. This special programme reveals the truth about the war in Iraq.

Posted December 12, 2010

Part 2
We are getting an insight into the rise of al-Qaeda in Iraq - who pays for it and does it get its money? We will also reveal details about Iran's secret war inside Iraq, and America's massive use of air power - is it as precise as they claim?

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  1. Very simply a rigged rehash of what we already knew, but with false exaggeration. It is done to destabilize the region and the effect is most evil and onerous for it will endanger the Christians of Iraq to put this swill out there. It is a creation of the CIA just like al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. We must not have anything to do with either, or we will be responsible for the harm caused.


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