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December 23, 2010
Noor al Haqiaq

Right away we can stop calling it the "BP Spill". "Spill" leaves the impression of small as in spilt milk. It also leaves the impression of an accident. This disaster in the Gulf was anything but an accident,  you will learn it was planned for quite some time. Just as were a few other disasters. Once again we are facing the sick phenomenon we saw after the Asian Tsunami and Haiti, Disaster Capitalism.  

2010 has been a really tough call for most of the world. Picking the most tragic of events is not easy, sadly because there are so many each one worse than the last. The knowledge that many of these events have been man made is just too terrible to consider, but consider it we must.

Personally I consider the BP disaster to be top priority, possibly the worst of the lot. Watch the following video expose by Jesse Ventura and learn more than you ever wanted to know about this horror. A conspiracy theory with hard facts to back it up is no longer conspiracy, it is a hidden truth that is not allowed into the public realm. That is what we have with the Disaster and Jesse takes us to places even I had not fully imagined. I knew a great deal, but not this much. This is the full show below. 

It was the biggest man-made disaster in history but was is it a conspiracy? Two-time Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura interviews Louisiana locals, BP workers, Army Corps of Engineers personnel, investigative journalists and activist lawyers and he thinks he's gotten to the bottom of this dark tale.

Two investigative journalists, Sherri Kane & Dr. Leonard Horowitz meet with Ventura and tell him they suspect the Gulf Oil disaster was planned: BP's CEO, Tony Hayward, personally unloaded 1/3 of his BP shares one month before the spill.

On the morning of the explosion, the stocks for TransOcean, company which owned the rig that BP was leasing, opened on the European stock markets with a special "put option" which is a type of insurance policy that was made available to insiders.

In addition, Halliburton, the company in charge of reinforcing the cement for the wellhead at the time it blew had just bought the largest oil clean-up company in the world, Boots & Coots for $240 million, just eleven days before the explosion. Pensacola attorney, Mike Pappanatonio says that all three parties knew that the well's Blow-Out Preventer had been malfunctioning for weeks prior to the explosion.

The motivations of all concerned were "Crisis Capitalism" or the creation of the problem and then offering the solution. Halliburton's profits jumped 83% immediately following the crisis as their clean-up company began to profit instantly.

Former Special Ops serviceman, Adam Dillon was hired by BP as a First Responder. He saw the massive scale of the spill, which did not add up to the numbers being reported and he was fired when he reported his figures to his superiors.

When Governor Ventura looks into whether BP is connected to Nalco, the manufacturer of the toxic dispersant, Corexit that has been used extensively in the "clean-up," he finds that a top executive of Nalco was previously a BP president & board-member for several years!

Local business owner, Kindra Arnesen says it's obvious to anybody on the ground that the Government was only defending the corporations, rather than the people.

Ventura interviews well-known conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones who tells him that the BP "clean-up" is really about the depopulation of Louisiana; to clear out the people and turn it into a giant oil refinery and toxic waste dump, without any people around to complain about environmental issues.

Jones says that these plans go back as far as Hurricane Katrina, which caused over 150,000 people to leave New Orleans permanently in 2005.

Jones says the management of the BP Oil spill was modeled on the Exxon Valdez disaster, whose clean-up crew is today mostly dead, having died at an average age of 51.

Attorney Alfred Webre is interviewed, claiming that Barack Obama has been a CIA asset since the early 1980s, when he was enrolled by former US National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who quickly identified Obama as potential future US President, along with George W. Bush. He says although the two have led the Government from the Left and the Right, respectively, that their policies have ultimately been quite similar.

We also learn that BP once gave a $500 million grant to Dr. Steven Chu while he was at the University of California. He has since been appointed by Obama as his Secretary of Energy. In turn, Chu hired former BP scientist Dr. Steven Zoonin to be his #2 at the Department of Energy! Could things possibly get more mobbed up?

Also discussed is the possibility that the planners knew that the effects of this disaster would kill the Gulf Stream which warms the waters of Europe so that winters are not deadly. We have already seen that the Gulf Stream is almost dead and Europe is having one of the coldest winters in their recorded history. It is said that the end result of this mess could be a mini ice age which would kill off much of the world's populace as well as put oil prices at a premium because of the need to keep warm among other things.

Webre says US Government agencies have been co-opted into depopulating the Gulf Coast. Ventura's co-producer then finds a $40 billion plan by the US Army Corps of Engineers to depopulate Mississippi and the Gulf Coast by re-locating coastal residents affected by the spill.

When Ventura meets with a Corps representative, Dr. S.I. Rees who acknowledges that she is involved in this vast relocation project, she denies that its budget is that extensive ~ yet...

Ventura concludes that BP and the US Government have been lying from the start and that the latter doesn't even try to deny it. He asks, "What's next?"

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