Friday 24 December 2010


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You ask yourself, just how twisted, indifferent and malevolent can some people get before the universe begins to construct an international gallows franchise everywhere there needs to be one.

Each day we see unknown wannabees and the usual suspects, vying and competing to see which of them can be registered and remembered as one of the greatest assholes of our time.

They’re looking for immortality in all the wrong places, while imagining its location is a suite at The Plaza, followed by a cameo appearance as an ornate urn in the remake of “The Loved One”.

You’ve got Olympics scale competitors, like Janet Nazipolitano and Skull Chertoff. Even their own criminal associates have passed an inflexible law that these two are not allowed to breed. Of course, if you know more about them, you would realize that restriction is unnecessary.

There are all kinds of rich people like Jane Harman, Jay Rockefeller, John Kerry, John McCain and others who weren’t satisfied to just spend their spouses or parent’s money and live high on the cannibal hog. They needed, through some terrible compulsion, to also be able to fuck with the lives of others for personal amusement. Why else would you go into public service if you already possessed the payoff for which people go into public service?

Of course there is the vanity of public exposure and personal importance and when you look and act like the serial killer version of Lyle Lovett or a poor man’s Hannibal Lector in Depends, then I guess Nature is telling you, you gotta do what you were designed to do, badly, or worse.

There are a few who go into it just for the celebration of pure evil, like Joe Lieberman or Chuckie Schumer but they got those Satan does vaudeville genes.

Sometimes, I sit back and ask myself; where are and who are the good guys?

Maybe Ron Paul is a good guy, maybe.

We are damn well going to see whether he is now or not because he is in the catbird seat for where his caterwauling has led him. I guess I’d like him better if he didn’t sound like a perpetual member of the Vienna Boy’s Choir, which leads me to Dennis Kucinich, as a logical progression, I think.

I begin to think the testosterone shortage is ubiquitous until I get a load of Jessie Ventura. He could be the real deal if he doesn’t turn into a TV personality to the extent he forgets what he came here for.

Alex Jones is not a good guy and neither is Noam Chomsky. I used to think that Chicago prosecutor might be good guy but apparently not.

Back in the day, I thought Bill Clinton was a good guy, just to show you what a Holden Caulfield sort of callow youth I was. When he got chummy with George, (Hail Satan!), Bush Senior, I got the message.

I mostly think Jimmy Carter is a good guy but everyone stops short of telling it like it is and most of you who read here and at the other fine emporiums of what’s actually going on, know what it’s all short of.

 I’m not obliquely referring to Kucinich here so, don’t think that. Get it? Never mind, cue Randy Newman.

There’s a recurrent peculiarity that goes off in my head like an atom bomb, just about every day and that is, how come Eisenhower, De Gaulle, Churchill and everyone else who wrote about their time, never mentioned death camps, gas chambers or crematoriums?

How come there was an increase in the population of a certain group from before the war to after the war? 
Please enlarge thumb.

How  come the Red Cross, which was the most in the know organization of anyone connected with the facts of the war and the camps, has one figure as to the deaths and now we got another figure?

Should I go figure?

How come the death count at Auschwitz was lowed by 3 million from 4.5 million to 1.5 million by the very people claiming six million and you still get six million?

How come all these forensic tests come up with no evidence of mass graves?

How come just over one hundred thousand survivors have translated into a present count of from two hundred and fifty thousand to over one million survivors? That’s an impossibility but there it is. 
Please enlarge thumb.

I could add all kinds of supportive facts to an argument that I couldn’t be making because it’s against the law but this is not the big ticket item.

What is the big ticket item?

No one is saying anything.

 No one except fringe pariahs like myself and a few others has anything to say about this and even uses the serendipitously, out of the blue, several years on, post war figures (from where?) as a defense for all the vile, genocidal behavior of Israel.

That’s the big ticket item.

Absolute, easily refuted hogwash is accepted as fact by seemingly intelligent, well educated and powerful political figures.

It’s no wonder they don’t want anyone questioning this because there are too many questions.

It’s a strange thing how laws have been passed to prevent discussion of this righteously, questionable event in various countries where no good can be seen to come of it.

What is the force behind the scenes here?

What force compelled ordinarily rational people to go against their own interests and the interests of their fellows by allowing for evil laws to be passed against the truth?

I mean, what force besides that of Satan, who rules the temporal sphere acting on behalf of his progeny?

It would have to be money.

Yes folks, its money. Those who print it determine the nature and color of reality.

But can there not be even a handful of slightly honest, slightly courageous, people around with some small flicker of integrity left who might say something?

Isn’t there some famous and influential person dying of terminal illness somewhere who might speak out from their death bed?

What gives? I mean, what gives?

I’m missing some hocus pocus somewhere.

I know that their near complete control of the press accounts for a blackout on anything approaching wider exposure but there are ways.

This group of latter day Pharisees has got their hand out for every dime they can get their hands on and it’s all based on the same hard wired argument for perpetual victimhood.

I understand the victimhood, as an inflexible block against criticism, especially in the light of all those much larger holocausts like the gulags of Soviet Russia, the Ukraine and the Armenian holocausts that they were directly responsible for.

I understand that the best way to go around victimizing is to be seen as the victim but… come on, this is beyond absurd that so many people in a position to speak can be so utterly silent.

It must be that when you sell out, a certain switch gets thrown inside your head and you are made incapable of alternative behavior. Is it some pervasive force, of ancient and atavistic evil, that simply clouds the minds of nearly everyone, everywhere?

It missed me and it missed a few others.

Maybe those tinfoil hats are more effective than we give them credit for.

I really need some answers but, on the other hand, I suspect those answers are coming soon. I scarcely see any of the other bloggers and writers mentioning this.

They seem to want to focus on other aspects or other things, without dealing with the real nitty gritty, which is behind all the other shit to begin with.

Unless you deal with the cause and not the symptoms, all you are going to get is a questionable state of false well being but you’re still sick, you just don’t notice it as much.

Maybe that’s why I never take any of that cold or flu medicine, or ever catch much of anything either. I think there’s a connection between all of it. I think most people get sick because their integrity and courage are too low to protect them from pathological invasion.

There are all kinds of immune systems and some people go to great lengths to prove it. Don’t watch that video it you are squeamish. WARNING! Do not watch that video if you have issues (grin).

I’m putting something together and this is probably the right place to link it, here at the end of whatever this is. Let me hear from you.

In conclusion, all I can say is that a whole lot of you had better grow a pair and to also say that I’m glad I’m not you.

There is some shit I just will not eat.

Well it didn’t work out so well for Braveheart but the times are certainly changing so we’ll see how it all sorts out because… well, because we are all a part of it and it’s going to become very apparent soon enough.

End Transmission…….

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