Sunday 9 June 2013


A photo essay of the Iranian people. These are the folk of Tehran, one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities in the world.  Ask yourself, why are these people being demonized? This collection of photos may take two parts because I collected so many of just ordinary Iranians living their lives on the streets of Tehran. Please enjoy.THEN convince yourself that this is the enemy.

 Playground with view of Tehran

 Eternal ... a boy and two girls.. and a book. Rumi perhaps?

 The bakery

 A rug stall

 The Junk collector

 A priest
The carpet merchant

 The cigarette seller

 Mother and daughter

 The alms seeker

 Grabbing a fresh juice

 The proprietor of an art shop

A couple at home

 The kitchen goods stall

 Persian carpets anyone?

 Street busker

 Kitchen of a small cafe

 The bookseller beside the veterinary clinic

Need your shoes shined, sir?

 A mural dedicated to fallen martyrs

 Kleenex tissue delivery!

I have seen that very same look on my own daughter as she receives a pleasant text.

 The candle seller and his chick.

 I believe this is my favourite photo of the lot

Compare these off duty soldiers to those of the IDF. No swagger, no weapons in public. Just brandishing ice cream cones.

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  1. I devour all pictures from Iran. It fascinates me to no end.

    All the people are so beautiful, rich and poor and, as you stated, there is a contentment in their faces rarely seen elsewhere.

    Loved both part 1 + 2


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