Sunday 9 June 2013


 The scarf sellers. Our enemies? These two cut-ups?

 I love this one. Two old men, life long friends.
 Blind fortune teller

An international tradition ~ an Iranian father and his daughter shopping for a bridal gown.

Similar playground scenes used to be common in Tripoli and Damascus before NATO.

 Shia merchant's tea shop

 Mural of old Tehran

Jay walking. Almost all roads are gently curved, no intersections as we know them.

A young bicycle mechanic ~ elegant, confident, serene.

 Elmer Fudd?

 The storyteller and rapt audience

 There are public fitness areas in all parks and scattered around the city.

 Auto wrecking and spare parts men

Curtains on the buses is interesting.

Hanging out in the alley

He has seen it all

A lot of smiling going on.


There are flowers everywhere in Tehran

 Spice sellers

If anyone can tell me what this gentleman is doing I would be grateful

 Shop owner and mannequin

Father and son barbershop

 Boys coming home after school

Simon Bolivar....

NOW, tell me just how evil these people are! Note the contented expressions on most of them... they are at peace with themselves and the world.  There are a lot of smiles on the faces of these Iranians.


  1. Excellent, as usual, Noor. Maybe your readers would like too see this documentary: Rick Steves' Iran

  2. Sweet and wonderful look. thanks, Noor

  3. After looking through my magnifying glass, I would say he is selling incense, but that is just a guess on my part.

    Certainly, these people and their country are not the enemy they are made out to be.

    Thanks Noor, for a trip through a different culture worthy of exploring and not annihilating.


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