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ED Noor: This just arrived in my mailbox. I am putting it up for the benefit of the Americans who actually have a voice in this campaign. As a Canadian I can only do my bit, get the word out and wish them all the luck in the world. That filthy creature must be exposed. It always shocks me when these politicians are re-elected.
Attorney General Eric Holder,

The Federal Bureau of investigations suggested I contact your office regarding Senator John McCain's illegally entry into Syria yesterday, Monday, May 27, 2013.

It is my understanding that US state department and other clandestine activity has been facilitating intelligence, logistics and weapons to militants and criminal mercenaries operating in and around Syria for over two years.

It is also my understanding that John McCain met with and pledged support to militants and criminal mercenaries during his illegal entry into Syria yesterday.

I am sending this letter as official notice of a citizens request for the arrest of John McCain and investigation of these criminal activities in Syria.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Scott Rickard
Scott Rickard is a trained translator and former intelligence officer for the USAF, the NSA, and the Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI). Rickard has translated Korean and Arabic and is currently working at high level systems engineering.
Scott Rickard began his latest interview with Mark Glenn talking about the banking system’s control of America’s foreign and military policies. He also said the foreign mercenaries in Syria operating in 20 to 30 miles of Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. These mercenaries do not have more than 1% support in Syria and Lebanon.
His major criticism is that we have too many traitors within our government. Rickard has a petition at the White House website to arrest John McCain for consorting with terrorists on his recent trip to rebel territory inside Syria near the Turkish border. 

His petition (above) also asks for an investigation into the US State Department which under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have been channeling aid to al Qaeda and al Nusra. These mercenaries have a 4,500 Osama bin Laden brigade. Al Nusra has even been condemned by the UN.
Rickard named others who cause problems for America. He cited General Mike Flynn who is Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency who used to run America’s Opium out of Afghanistan.
He also named Lyndon Johnson and Walt Rostow as two men who turned American politics over to the Zionists after the assassination of President Kennedy. Not mentioned was that Johnson was partially of Jewish descent (Huffman, Ament and Perrin.) Johnson’s wife was likely Jewish, She was First Lady but did not know the names of her grandparents or more likely refused to disclose their names.
As an example of the close relation between Wall Street and the top brass of the military, he cites Four Star USAF Reserve General Stephen P. Gross who is now a Deputy Director at Deloitte & Touche, a major accounting firm. All of the multi-billion dollar frauds in the past 20 years from Enron to Mortgage Backed Securities have involved our major accounting firms, the ratings agencies, the Too Big To Jail Banks and kept politicians.
That Wall Street is in charge of the criminal cabal running this government was evident on the evening of 9-10-2001 when Donald Rumsfeld states that neither he nor his Comptroller Rabbi Dov Zakheim could trace 2.3 trillion dollars on DOD spending. Later that night a billion dollars in gold and silver bullion went missing from the COMEX vaults at WTC 4. On the morning of 911 a man incapable of flying a single engine Cessna had hijacked Flight 77. He piloted a commercial airliner into an 8,000 foot power dive making a 270 degree turn to come in at ground level so he could kill the auditors trying to trace that 2.3 trillion dollar that had gone walk about.
No one has been able to duplicate that descent of Flight 77 using a flight simulator. An alternative explanation to the hijacker theory is that the company that Zakheim was the president of in the 1990s supplied Command Transmitter Systems to the Israelis. The Mossad electronically hijacked 4 commercial airliners and crashed 3 of them into buildings. The fourth was shot down over Pennsylvania when the pilot and crew successfully regained control of the plane.

Mark Glenn and Scott Rickard discussed events on the ground in Syria. The Syrian Army is gaining the upper hand. Syria is receiving S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. The rebels are losing so many men that the US and its NATO allies have been reduced to seeking peace talks in June. A Lebanese general told Rickard that they are hopeful that a peace offensive led by Iran, Syria and Lebanon will succeed. I believe the recent deployment of mobile missile launchers for Iran’s Shahab 3 rocket which can hit Israel is a part of that peace process. Iran is not a belligerent nation. They have not attacked anyone in over 200 years; the newest models of Shahab 3 have five cluster warheads (280 kg or 620 lb) with each warhead being capable of targeting different destinations.

Hezbollah can shut down Israel’s ability to generate electricity for months. Iran and Syria can hit Israel’s leaky nuclear power plant at Dimona causing a meltdown. Hezbollah, Iran and Syria have well above 150,000 missiles and can destroy Israel. The former IDF commander, Gabi Ashkenazi, said attacking Iran is stupid. Mark Glenn said that the wild card in the peace process is Netanyahu. He thinks that if Netanyahu does not learn to behave himself that he might go the way of Yitzhak Rabin who was assassinated. Another possibility is a coma similar to Ariel Sharon’s.

Both Israeli Prime Ministers and American Presidents can be eliminated if they interfere with the plans of the men they serve.

I maintain there will be no war in the Mideast. Iran and Syria keep getting stronger. This is at a time when a June stock market selloff is likely. This could get serious as there are so many rigged markets hinging on interest rates not going up.  But interest rates are going up in Japan and the US. Money managers should be getting nervous even if all the games in town are fixed by the New York and London banks.

I will conclude with this quote from Scott Rickard: “I know more real intelligence than the people inside the NSA and CIA.”

He said that is true because he has more access to real information from the alternative news media. The mainstream press knows nothing. And people inside US intelligence agencies are separated from the information everyone in the other departments has.

And that applies to us. We know more about the real world than anyone in Washington.

You can find the URL to sign that petition at the address below.

Arrest John McCain & Investigate US State Department & Clandestine Activity in Syria

You can listen to the interview at the address below. Warning for some reason Rickard uses foul language.

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  1. you sir are an anti Semite and an obvious agent for hire paid by The Iranians and The Russians. Besides being certifiably insane with conspiracy theories!

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