Wednesday 26 June 2013


This video needs little fanfare. Dane Wigington, speaks from Mt. Shasta which is south of where I live on the West Coast. What he speaks of regarding chemtrails at night, I see from my window when I look out at the moon, which is now also increasingly covered by unnatural clouds. When I moved to this island in 1982 it was quite lush, sub tropical, heavy forests draped in Spanish moss, truly misty. An early morning kayak ride, a semi mystical experience, was conducted in the mist accompanied by the croak of ravens and occasional blares of foghorns a 24/7 possibility. 

Back in the day, fog along the Pacific Coasts did not often break until late morning but it is different today. Either the sun is blasting cloudless skies from the moment it rises, or it is hidden behind artificial silver skies as it is at the moment. And I have not heard a foghorn or a bell in absolutely years although we are told that is due to a new computerized warning system. Lighthouses all closed too. June was once the lushest greenest month ever with clear blue skies, fluffy racing clouds,; now what I see from my window are layer upon layer of flat silver with a spot of pale silver blue here and there. IT LOOKS lifeless.

To be honest, I came from the myopic view that the spraying was genocidal in intent as it is indeed. I have begun to (but been afraid to explore, honestly) consider the Morgellan's/ chemtrail/ tarnshumanism movement as interconnected.

This engaging speaker lays it on the line. Connects the weather dots. Connects the weather warfare dots. He lays no blame, just proves the existence of such things. He even brings it full circle to the Rothschilds. Yet never does he waver from slow constant delivery of documented fact after documented fact. 

This video should make you question EVERY weather disaster that has taken place over the past decade or two including the horror of the Boxing Day Tsunami in Asia, Fukushima, the constant flooding and destruction of the American midwest, the horrific fires of Russia a few years ago, various mudslides in China, earthquakes in Haiti, and on and on and on. Of course Nature has a roll to play but people do not realize these fools are rtrying to subvert nature. 

Tip of the hat to AANGIRFAN.

This video should go viral.

In this video, Dane Wigington gives a presentation in Northern California on the harmful effects of Geoengineering, declaring that there is no more critical topic today. The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being recklessly destroyed by these programs. This is not a topic that will begin to affect us in several years, but is now already causing massive animal and plant die off around the world, as well as human illness.

The debate over whether geoengineering programs are going on is now a moot point. We have more than enough data to confirm it. We have actual footage showing tankers spraying. The materials showing up on the ground are exactly the same materials mentioned in the numerous geoengineering patents and documents. Visit our website for a list of these government patents and documents.

Our skies today are simply not normal. Upon examination this cannot be denied. They are filled with nanoparticulates of heavy metals. But the skies have been filled with grid patterns for so long now that we are used to them and do not see them anymore. Sadly, the fact is that people do not look up.

To be clear, what we are seeing is not cloud seeding to increase rainfall. These particulates are designed to block the sun and move the jet stream. Dane explains how this is causing the drought and deluge being experienced around the globe.

Our atmosphere is nothing but a massive physics lab to geoengineering scientists who have no concern whatsoever about the consequences to humanity or any living thing, including themselves. The experiments are literally tearing the planet apart and destroying life on earth.

Dane reports, among other things, on:
• Geoengineering related climate disruptions, extreme drought and deluge
• Ozone depletion
• Methane release
• Drastic reduction in arctic sea ice
• Global oxygen content reductions
• Oceans on the brink of collapse
• Massive fish die offs
• 200 species becoming extinct every single day
• A drastic rise in Autism, Alzheimer's, and Dementia
• Crisis level forest reductions
• The sterilization of soils making it impossible for plants to grow without Monsanto's aluminum resistant seeds
Dane Wigington presents hard data which reveals what these catastrophic programs have done to our planet to date and what they will do if they are allowed to continue. Please take the time to watch this video, follow up with some investigation of your own on our site ~, and share this information far and wide.

Thank you,
GeoengineeringWatch Staff

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