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By Zen Gardner
May 31, 2013
It’s a very freaky time right now. I’m really removed in every way possible away from mainstream anything. The only news I follow is alternative sites, and much of that is esoterica or practical ideas for the real world we should be living in now and how to go about it.

Being so removed has also brought on some very profound new sensations.

We’re well into our second month of detoxing again from life in the US and it’s a very strange experience at this time. Almost immediately, besides the exhilaration of a beautiful and humble new land to learn about and explore, it’s as if the static is gone and I can feel the real spiritual atmosphere the planet is experiencing.

And despite the local peace, it’s not a good overall vibe.

I thought it was the location I was in but I don’t think so anymore. It feels like there’s this creeping crescendo of oppressive darkness that’s getting exerted on the planet, like a gravitational or magnetic pull downward. It’s the same feeling you get when you watch an ominous storm gathering on the horizon, only it’s all around and pulling downwards. Very much the old gloom and doom scenario, only in this subtle, almost visible inky heaviness seeping out of the earth and trying to draw everything down.

Maybe, Maybe Not

It’s hard to quantify intuitive feelings like this. I’ve also had a series of incredibly clear dreams that have gone along with this sensation, so it could signify things I’m going through personally, which no doubt is to some extent true. Someone was commenting on Is It Ever Too Late To Wake Up about a similar experience they’re having and that’s what triggered this article. And I quote:
I have this feeling that peaks and then subsides a bit. I have quit watching any news (just to see what is being fed to the masses) and stopped swinging by MSM websites to see the latest “story”. Yet, it is as though I can feel the waves of BS rolling in. There is a storm off the shore for sure. The waves are more powerful and coming in faster and faster. I scream louder, but others cannot hear me over the crashing sounds. I am hoping the salt water gets in their eyes to distract the hypnotized eyes and allow them to see for a moment before the storm rolls on shore. I want to slap people, but I know it won’t really matter. So, I throw out a statement here and there to get a mind that has not even began to peek out to find the food it needs. We all have to keep trying. I agree with Martine ~ anything is better than nothing. It all adds to the collective that we want to raise vibrations and hurts the collective that is bringing us down. Tilt the scale, one little ol’ pea at a time. ~ Little Mama
Well put. What I’m sensing and trying to describe here sure fits this climate we’re witnessing in the world today. The forces of darkness are exerting more and more draconian control mechanisms to where there’s no way things can be reversed without some sort of conflagration. Too much has been set in motion, which is why I keep repeating to prepare accordingly, as it will give you great peace of mind.

Letting Go ~ Or Else

That’s why letting go of this world is so important right now. This gravitational inertia is pulling on a lower dimensional level. Only those who operate in that vibrational field will be seriously affected by it. When someone awakens to conscious Truth and awareness the matrix crap starts to fall away.

But there are a lot of conscious choices to make in the process.
How much stuff should I have?
Are my finances out of the reach of the banksters?
Where should I live and with whom?
What will I give my daily energy and attention to?
How can I help further the awakening and lend a helping hand to this wonderful spiritual revolution?
Is my ego still in charge rather than my consciousness?
Am I as fully a part of the solution as I can be, and not still part of the problem?
When thinking about this whole subject I was reminded of those that grabbed their valuables and jumped off the Titanic, only to sink all the faster. If this increasing gravity has anything to hold on to it’s going to take down whomever won’t let it go.

That’s a Huge Lesson for Us All!




That’s all I can say. The parasitic beast is consuming everything in its path that exhibits inertia.

We need to let go of the net of shallow understanding lest it catch the evil birds of control and draw them in. 

We need to relax our egoic contractions to these affronts by the controllers’ snares and sidestep their idiocy in conscious awareness.

We are intrinsically free.


Seriously, free.

Get it? 


Now do it. Don’t delay.


Love, Zen


  1. There are astral storms that move across nations and even the whole globe. If we look back to the 1930's for example it is easy to see how these arose almost everywhere until a super astral storm swept the planet and WWII came about. According to this view the war really originated in the superconscious area of the mind; and then gradually descended into the subconscious creating many storm conditions and finally broke into the waking consciousness. The superconscious controls all life and responded to the need that humanity felt at that time for violent expression. This idea has to do with the fact that people are imprisoned in their desires and negative conditions and can only become free in many cases by action of some sort. Most people simply can not use meditation until their minds have obtained at least some peace and purity through abiding by some ethical way of life. Fortunately some people can work through their fears and anger by catharsis using art and literature. Watching films in which their is a lot of violence may well substitute for actual violent behavior. The spectator sees the violence and repercusions that follow. He or she learns about cause and effect and karma.
    The author of the article above is clearly seeing this phenomenon as a result of drawing back from the urban and corporate consciousness that now envelops the planet. Finally one discovers that true peace and sanity can only be found within, and that money and power and all forms of safety are temporary and fragile.

    One bright spot is that the Russian Federation is starting to play the role once played by the Soviet Union and thereby creating a barrier to NATO and the USA. Perhaps in the long run the US will have to again temper its behavior and smooth out its domestic policies. But for now the storms are simply amplifying and like the vibrations on a questionably built bridge creating vibrations which may bring it down! I can not help but think that Israel is the bridge. Kissinger seems to think that by 2020 Israel will be gone! I do not know what basis he has for so thinking but it does seem likely now with Russia in the Mediterranian; and Iran becoming more and more impregnable.

  2. visualize the TARES being bundled and put into the ovens...of truth

    meditate on perfect justice....

    transduce the energy of the LOVE of truth and justice to blow torch the LIE FACTORY and all the "JEW" worshippers to ashes...

    happy celestial events


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