Monday 3 June 2013


Once again Mark Glenn takes events in the Middle East and breaks them down into a comprehensive overview things from the riots in Turkey to the war in Syria, connecting the dots in unexpected directions all the way. He discusses the welcome successes of Hezbollah in Syria and the arming of the Syrian populace who have seen what NATO offers as opposed to their imperfect government. They have swung back to Assad as the "rebels" take loss after loss. The world having seen some of the atrocities of these criminals such as the eating of a heart on film, has lost any support there is for the NATO ground troops. Americans ask why they are supporting such horrors.

With Russia, Iran, Hezbollah helping Syria, the members of NATO are furious and are pushing Erdogan to further aggressions. Erdogan is now between the proverbial rock and hard place knowing the results of such actions, with the weaponry Syria now possesses, would destroy his own country so he is hesitating and his people are rioting. Are the people rioting because this is a new "Arab Spring"? And you know my opinion of those planned and staged coups. If so, who is behind it? Could it be NATO or perhaps Russia and Iran? Whatever it is, Erdogan is losing all credibility as the Turkish people  A lot of questions are answered here. 

The last 35 minutes, the talk by Sheikh Imram Hossein, is extremely pertinent and deserves your full attention. 

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