Friday 14 August 2009


In all of recorded history, there was only one civilization which the Jews could not destroy. Because of this, they have given it the silent treatment. Few American college graduates with a PhD. degree could tell you what the Byzantine Empire was.

Byzantine Empire in 1265 A.D.

It was the Empire of East Rome, set up by Roman leaders after the Jews had destroyed Rome. This empire functioned in Constantinople for twelve hundred years, the longest duration of any empire in the history of the world.

Throughout the history of Byzantium, as it was known, by imperial edict,

No Jew was allowed to hold
any post in the Empire.

Nor was he allowed
to educate the young.

Jewish Artisan creating in silver.

The Byzantine Empire finally fell to the Turks after twelve centuries of prosperity, and the Jews have attempted to wipe out all traces of its history.

Yet its edicts against the Jews were not cruel; in fact, the Jews lived unmolested and prosperously in the empire throughout its history, but here alone the vicious cycle of host and parasite did not take place.

It was a Christian civilization, and the Jews were not able to exercise any influence. Nor did the Orthodox priests bewilder their congregations with any vicious lies about Christ being a Jew.

No wonder the Jews want
to eradicate the memory
of such a culture!!

It was Ezra Pound who launched upon a study of Byzantine civilization, and who reminded the world of this happily non-Jewish land

From the Byzantines, Pound derived his no-violent formula for controlling the Jews.

"The answer to the Jewish problem is simple.
"Keep them out of banking,
out of education,
out of government."

And this is how simple it is!

There is no need to kill the Jews. In fact, every pogrom in history has played into their hands, and has in many instances been cleverly instigated by them.

SILK-DYEING. A silk-dyeing factory. Judaic merchants learned silk production (sericulture) in China and first established the art in the Near-East. The Romans, the Byzantines, and later the Norman Crusader Roger (when King of Sicily), all employed Judaic sericulturists to introduce the art into their economies. A sophisticated dyeing technology was likewise brought to Europe from the Near-East by Judaic masters of the art.

Get the Jews out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.

Get the Jews out of education and they can not pervert the minds of the young to their subversive doctrines.

Get the Jews out of government
and they cannot betray the nation.

I found this site on the Jews of Byzantium and the ways they contributed to humanity. I was wondering what kind of work they did since parasitism was impossible. From what I read and saw, we would be doing the Jews a favour to bring them to work in different spheres. They made exquisite glass, they developed new ways of working with silk, created wonderful silver and copper items. More details on this surprisingly pleasant aspect of the Jews can be found here. ~ HEBREW HISTORY FOUNDATION


  1. It won't be easy to convince people that it is not anti-semitic though. Perhaps a law should be passed forbidding anyone with dual nationality from holding public office. That would get them out of government anyway. RS

  2. They forgot the media.

  3. Don't forget medicine,remember that Luther accused the jewish doctors of killing the best of the gentiles.


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