Saturday 22 August 2009


Michelle displaying a gentler more feminine (and discreet) version of El Diablo.

HERE is a very short YouTube proving without a doubt, if one says "Yes we can", with no muss or fuss one has, played in reverse, "Thank you Satan". Just one of those things that makes you scratch your head a little. I could say LOTS about Lucifer, Zionism, Satanism, politicians, the good old el cernuto, but, just watch the vid for 41 seconds, look at the pictures. Then see what you come up with all by yourself!

On this page you will be amazed to see who all is part of the "in" group flashing the El Diablo! And you might think twice before flashing it when you are in the mood to rock out!

Scratching my head. Confused. Whatever does it all mean?

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