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"Smooth Criminal" ~ Al Malnik, (seated far right) known as "heir apparent" to Meyer Lansky, at the Palm Beach Movie Festival, 2003. I have seen thousands of photos and films of Michael, but never one registering quite such distaste in his expression.

At the time of Michael Jackson's death, faster than you could say "Mishpucka", Jackson's "friend", Al Malnik told reporters that in either 2003 or 2004, Jackson named him the executor of his will and guardian of his youngest son, Prince Michael Jackson II, better known as “Blanket”.

To do him credit, however, in interviews immediaterly after MJ's death, Malnik only spoke of deep family to family friendships and joy. In the film below, his words are proven true. He also felt Blanket best served with the love of the Jackson family.

Blanket at Michael's public memorial, holding a Michael Jackson doll.

Bob Norman reports Malnick and Jackson had a falling out some years ago, possibly because Jackson believed Malnick was part of a conspiracy (along with music executive Tony Mottola and film director Brett Ratner) to separate him from his stake in the Beatle's catalogue.

Malnik began making large loans (one account states $70 million) to Jackson when his career nosedived. Jackson's debt was said to be close to $200 million as of 2003, and may have been more by the time he died.


Before the (fabricated) child molestation charges, several financial rescue plans had been in the works for Jackson through a consortium of investors led by
Malnik. Malnik said that a bank was about to place a lien on Neverland and other assets when he stepped in.

and Charles Koppelman, a business manager for Mr. Jackson, hoped to extend the loan's due date to December 2005, with the backing of a New York-based hedge fund. As part of the terms of the loans, Malnik was appointed as a trustee over Jackson's spending.

Brett Ratner, Robert Evanas, Michael Jackson, Al Malnik

There was speculation that Jackson raised his $3 million bail due to criminal charges of child molestation with the help of

The sole owner of a Georgia company,
Title Loans of America, Malnik runs a national chain of loan stores that make millions of dollars from the interest charged on quick cash offered to people in desperate need of money.

Attorney General Bob Butterworth [Florida] likens the business to 'legalized loan sharking.' Car title loan companies, often funded by major auto retailers, have blossomed in every neighborhood (and
America's largest was Atlanta-based Title Loans of America).

Federally chartered banks, which can't be regulated by states, have teamed up with rip-off payday loan operators to duck under bans on usury. Due to lack of regulation, Malnik's Title Loans was able to lend money legally at annual percentage rates reaching 264%.

Malnik is also associated with "fraud in the billions" con artist Joel Steinger profiled here and here.

'It was a known fact among the criminal underworld that dealing with
Al Malnik was the same as dealing with Meyer Lansky,' [said] Vincent Teresa, a convicted criminal and frequent government witness currently in the federal Witness Protection Program. When Lansky died in 1983 at age 81, Reader's Digest named Malnik his 'heir apparent.'

Mayer Lansky, head of the Mafia, Jew who ran the Italian Mob

Lansky was the real boss of the Mafia, not the Italians. "We are bigger than U.S. Steel", he once bragged, according to a bio by Hank Messick, whose book also stated on the cover "The Mob Runs America and Lansky runs the Mob."

Lansky was given a cameo in "The Godfather", shown at his birthday party carving up a cake in the shape of Cuba.
In 1970, Lansky fled to Israel where so many of his Jewish underworld associates had retired. His moves from place to place to escape the law earned him the nick of "The Wandering Jew of '72".

Lansky's last years were spent quietly at his home in Miami Beach. He died of lung cancer on January 15, 1983, aged 81, leaving behind a widow and three children.
On paper, Lansky was worth almost nothing. At the time, the FBI believed he left behind over $300 million in hidden bank accounts, but they never found any money

According comment #8 on a recent news story "Malnik is a crook, a thief, a liar, and did end up with Lansky’s cash, even cheating Lansky's wife out of money. Malnik preys on the poor with his check cashing stores, has abused his employees at the Forge restaurant, been sued for refusing to pay minimum wage, hires illegals as housekeepers at his house, and is persona non-grata in Palm Beach ~ he is not a 'Palm -Beacher' but lives in Manalapan and has been refused entry to every private club in Palm Beach."

Comment 11 states: "In long gone days past he was not referred to as Meyer Lansky’s lawyer, but as his frontman for numerous hotels and restaurants on Miami Beach, and yes it is likely that the fortune Lansky was thought to have ended up in Malniks hands as either his or under his control as he continued to be a frontman for Lansky’s other associates."

Comment 15: "That son of a bitch sold pictures to! I just saw them. What a scum he is."

In the early 1970s,
Malnik was also involved with Sam Cohen's sons in land deals in Florida and the Poconos. Their companies ~ COMAL and "Cove Associates" ~ dealt with Caesar's World and the Teamsters Pension Fund, both institutions which have attracted a substantial amount of law enforcement attention

In 1962,
Malnik was listed as a director of the Bank of World Commerce, a Bahamas-based institution that involved 'some of the nations' top gangsters' and was known as a "loot laundry".

Malnik is said to control the Bahamas gambling and Caribbean drug running. Malik was involved with Lansky in the setup of the Bahama's Paradise Island and Resorts International. In 1978, a Bahamian company named
Appolonia Investment Limited paid $3.35 million to buy the property just north of Malnik's Ranch. Malnik refuses to divulge Appolonia's owners.

But records from the
Register General's Office in the Bahamas show the principal shareholder is a Saudi Arabian prince who is a prominent member of the kingdom's royal family and longtime friend of Malnik's.

Malnik and the prince ~ a son of King Abdul Aziz, the founder of
modern Saudi Arabia ~ once lived in neighboring condos in the Cricket Club. According to news stories in the 1980s, the pair also traveled abroad together. Malnik's son would later change his name from Mark to Shareef and marry into the royal Saud family.

It is known that the Saudi King would frequently send
his private 747 to Florida to pick up Malnik and his associate so they could conduct business on the plane away from prying eyes.

It wouldn't surprise me if the present executors of the Jackson will,
John Branca and John McClain, were fronting for Malnik or one of his Mishpucka associates. They are not letting Jackson' s mother Katherine see the agreement Jackson signed with AEG, the concert promoter in charge of what was to be his 2009 world tour.

Katherine's attorney McMillan says this contract could be a huge source of income for the estate. Michael's sister LaToya states that Jackson revised his wills every 5 years or so, and that
the final one is yet to emerge.

LaToya stated in her book
LaToya: Growing Up in the Jackson Family, that the Jacksons often mentioned their disgust with having to deal with "so many Jews" in the entertainment business. Was LaToya set up by Sacha Baron Cohen in the movie Bruno as part of the payback for the family's "anti-semitism"?

During the interview, Bruno chats with LaToya and gets her to sit on "chairs," which are actually Mexican workers, and eat sushi off a naked male. Finally, Bruno steals her phone so he can get Michael's number out of it. Due to Jackson's death, the scene was cut from the completed movie.

Tricking people in "interviews" is this slime Cohen's trademark. Watch this YouTube with RON PAUL, apologizing to his supporters, work and family mates for what Cohen did tin an attempt to discredit him and his honest upright ways.

LaToya herself was for a number of years in the control of Jewish racketeer Jack Gordon, who became her manager. In these interviews on British and Dutch television, LaToya details some of Gordon's violent control over her:
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Gads! It's no wonder Michael Jackson was

Michael as I remember him. Healthy, clear, talented. A talented good man.


  1. Malnik a nice guy? Capone had his soft side too - Jackson was in any case deeply in debt to Malnik and Malnik will no doubt get his money back and then some.

    As the original poster of this piece (on was cobbled together from other material, I cannot agree the charges against Jackson were fabricated.

    Common sense will tell you that having kids sleeping in your bed is pretty odd behavior for a single middle aged man.

    Victor M. Gutierrez wrote a tell-all called Michael Jackson Was My Lover. Gutierrez was run out of town and back to Latin America - then the books were bought up rapidly by someone who didn't want the info out. You can get copies now for about $200 and up if you can find them.

    Jack Gordon, who was LaToya's kidnapper/husband/manager got her to write a book about the Jackson's which included a number of unflattering details. Just why he did this is not exactly certain - it may have initially started as a blackmail threat(for money)that Gordon carried through with. Maybe Gordon knew about "the keys to the kingdom" (controlling an MK Ultra slave) that made LaToya easy to manipulate.

    According to Wikipedia, Gordon claimed that MJ had performed monkey sacrifice rituals, abused Bubbles the Chimpanzee, and forced Lisa Marie Presley to marry him.

    As strange as all that may sound, ex-mind control victims like Brice Taylor claim they were forced to do animal and human sacrifices, or else witness them. This is Brice's memory of having met Michael and the Jackson 5 via her handler Bob Hope:;read=149674

    Now if this really did happen, is it any wonder that MJ was so screwed up?

    A guy I knew in college had been a mercenary in Rhodesia. He executed captured "rebels" by the dozens. You'd never know. Most affable, cheerful, likable guy I'd ever met.

    One day he shot his girlfriend in the cafeteria, went outside and started to "disassociate" - hid in the bushes and behaved as if he were a guerrilla fighter in a war zone. Was Mike mind controlled? In my opinion, possibly. After all, Cathy O'Brien wrote about mind-controlled mercenaries in her book. Split personalities and cover personalities are very common with stories of MK Ultra survivors.

    There was a public side to MJ that it seems showcased his true character - a kind and creative soul. His psyche may have been deeply marred and split by trauma based mind control (IMHO). We just don't know enough to draw any definite conclusions.

  2. Note - the mercenary was also named Michael - otherwise known as Mike - just to clear up any confusion.

  3. Andie, thank you vm for your input. I have done much study of the MK business, it has been a fascination of mine for more years than I care to remember. I am certain someone gave Joe "the keys to the kingdom" when they saw what they had in the Jackson boys esp Michael. Think on that whispy high voice Monroe and Ana Nichole had. And Liz Taylor at times. Something "little child" there, because victims often find the age of their first split is the one they return to given the chance.

    I will investigate this Gutierez, I have never heard the name before. I will be honest, I loved MJ for his tunes, but was not up on his life to be honest. This to me is similar to putting the puzzles of the NWO together. One find at a time, many alterations but eventually it all comes together.

    It took me about 7 years of serious work to put the NWO all together and understand who we really dealt with. And along the way to undo personal conditioning, and be disillusioned of so much I had ever held dear. In fact, it involved changing my views of my entire life. And dealing with my own sense of betrayal.

    But yep, gonna move my MK ultra work in You Tube to my new page tonight and will do more work. I have a few in depth pieces in my blog wayyyy back when I began in 2007. You might be interested in MK ultra in the White House.

    If you have not heard of Arizona Wilder or Svali, I will be putting up their stuff as well. They speak of rituals etc and yes I believe almost anything I hear after studying Brice , Springmeier, Wheeler and O'Brien in depth.

    Please take care. And ty ty.



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