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The good professor looks a bit worried, knowing his freedom is at a stake for speaking of forbidden truths with complete scientific back up. Australia is also following the Noahyde legal system and fully supporting its Zionist masters.


August 13, 2009

By Tim Dornan

HOLOCAUST denier Fredrick Toben has been taken into custody to serve a three-month jail term over publishing offensive material on the internet.

The 64-year-old was taken from the Federal Court in Adelaide by Australian Federal Police today after losing his appeal against his conviction for contempt of court.

The Full Court of the Federal Court also ruled that his jail term, originally imposed in May this year, was in no way excessive.

"In our opinion, the sentence of three months cannot, on any stretch of the imagination, be considered excessive or unwarranted," the three-judge panel said.

How Talmudic does THAT sound? Good lord, overkill folks?

The judges said Toben also had a disregard for the orders of the court and had acted to undermine the authority of the court.

Earlier this year, Toben was found guilty on 24 counts of contempt for ignoring a previous court order preventing him from publishing racist material on the Adelaide Institute website. When he later imposed a three-month sentence, Justice Bruce Lander said Toben had continued to breach those 2002 orders, which prevented him from publishing specific anti-Semitic material.

The 2002 orders stemmed from a racial discrimination case brought against him by Jeremy Jones, a former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

In his final submissions today, counsel for Toben, David Perkins, suggested the material published on the Adelaide Institute website, which questioned whether the holocaust even occurred, was just a "drop in the bucket" compared to the amount of revisionist material available on the internet.

But in their verdict, the judges said the case before them was not about the holocaust, gas chambers or the execution of Jews during World War II. They said it was about whether or not Toben had complied with orders of the court.


"Obedience to the court is not optional," they said.

As the court rose, Toben asked if he could say something to the judges, only to be cut off by Justice Jeffrey Spender who simply said, "No".

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First, please read BELIEVE IN THE HOLOCAUST or ELSE! This way you will understand more comprehensively what is at stake here and why this movement is being forced fed to us at this time.

The Plaques at Auschwitz
After the Ernst Zündel Second Great Holocaust Trial these plaques were removed

It seems there is no allowance for grey when it comes to the Holocaust. If you do not accept the party line story of the Zionists and their propaganda machine 100+% you are a denier. If you question even ONE of the 6 million, you are a denier and in many countries now under the Noahyde regime whether the citizens know it or not, can end up in prison as have Dr. Toben, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, and many notably brilliant men and women who questioned neutral scientific findings. They did not deny. They each had one or two points that did not fit and had points to make.

While incarcerated in ancient Rome, the apostle Paul was informed about Christianity that, "Everywhere it is spoken against." (Acts 28:22) Much of this bad press was the result of Jewish anti-Christianity, the Pharisees from whom the Zionists are said to have descended from. The Book of Acts indicates that wherever many Christian -persecuting Jews lived and traveled, they created a counterfeit, contemptible image of Christ and Christianity.

This is perfectly in line with the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud which not only seriously maligns Jesus and his family and apostles but is still the main holy book of today's Zionism.

As a result, any decent person could not help but despise the followers of Christ. Yet, the history of Christianity shows that systems of thought which are initially rejected because they are misrepresented can astonish the world with their growth and success when the truth becomes known and cannot be disputed.

For political greed, Nero set Rome on fire and blamed the Christians for it. Does that not sound a bit like 911? Pearl Harbor? The Pharisees were also murdering Christians. Most hid under Rome in what are now called the catacombs. No one knows who turned their remains into "art". Although I cannot prove anything, for some reason cabalastic magic comes to mind.

*Holocaust denial" today is held in contempt by most media and mankind. Yet, as with early Christianity, this disdain is the result of public acceptance of a distortion ~ largely attributable to Jewish media. These media owners are descendants of those ancient tale-bearers who attempted to also destroy the infant church.
This misrepresentation begins with Zionist definition of the Holocaust as the systematic extermination of six million Jews ~ a genocide that will admit of numbers no less. To publicly lessen that sacred figure is now a thought crime which, under Zionist-inspired German hate laws, can land you in jail for at least five years.

Dr. Fredrick Toben doubted the six-million figure on his Australian website and is now jailed in Australia.

The Jews have an affinity for the number 6 million. They have tried to foist it upon the public twice before.
I specialize in free speech issues, not the Holocaust. Yet, seeing sincere inquirers like Germar Rudolph, Ernst Zundel, and now Dr. Toben pilloried and even possibly imprisoned for questioning "Holocaust reality," I am goaded to clear the air on their much misrepresented beliefs.

What They Really Say

Actually, Holocaust reductionists agree that a holocaust of 72 million dead worldwide did occur during World War II and Jews were a part of it; but not six million.

Reductionists don't deny that Hitler and Nazis hated Jews. The Nazis had experienced an abortive Jewish Bolshevik German coup in 1918-19 under Rosa Luxemburg; they knew Jewish activists and financiers had been behind world revolutionary attempts to overthrow Russia and western Christian civilization.

They also knew this spirit of revolution emanated from Talmudic Judaism. As anti-Communists, the Nazis violently opposed Jewish left-wing activism. Toward that end, without Christian perspective and restraint, they persecuted and murdered countless Jews.

Yet, Holocaust reductionists contend that most Jewish victims died as a result of war's devastation, not a systematic program of extermination. It is historical fact that in the last months of the war extreme food shortages caused near starvation in ALL of Germany.

  • I remember my dear friend "the Countess" speaking to me 28 years ago of the suffering she and her family went through at that time, and she was from a wealthy family. Silk stockings, lingerie, so many illegal things she had access to "but you cannot eat lingerie" she laughed.

  • Massive typhus epidemics ravaged Axis detention camps. Reductionists say these influences, not just Nazi cruelty, were the largest causes of the horrific spectacle of emaciated prisoners and heaped-up bodies viewed by Allied deliverers.

  • Especially in World Wars I and II, tales of unspeakable atrocities were circulated by governments, media and military on both sides. This was to incite such rage in combatants that they could remorselessly machine gun or bayonet opponents who shared their own Christian, European heritage.

  • Yet, during World War II, the Zionist-dominated media conditioned the Allies to believe Jews were being decimated. It is not surprising then that Europe's liberators, arriving at Dachau, Auschwitz, etc. and viewing such scenes of horror, reflexively blamed a systematic Nazi murder campaign.

  • Reductionists say gas chambers existed in the camps to fumigate the lice-bearing typhus-infested clothing of thousands of prisoners and staff, not to murder living Jews.

  • They also point to an interview by Jewish researcher David Cole with the archives director of Auschwitz. He casually admits that the present "gas chambers" in Auschwitz I, which helped make Holocaust "believers" out of hundreds of millions until the 21st century, were actually built by the post-WWII occupying Russians in 1948.

  • Similarly, reductionists say crematoria were used to dispose mainly of typhus-diseased bodies, not to exterminate Jews. They point out that in the last years of the war Germany carefully guarded every ounce of fuel to energize the war effort; they would not waste it just for the fiendish pleasure of burning millions of Jewish bodies.

  • I have briefly stated the major reductionists' arguments, not necessarily to maintain them, a task which would require much greater documentation. Rather, I want to simply represent their position accurately ~ something Zionist-dominated and Christian media is not honest enough to do.

  • Only Liars Need Straw Men

  • If we have to misrepresent an ideological enemy's point of view and create a vulnerable "straw man" to defeat it, we have already admitted that our opponent's real premises are true and too formidable to engage. If we have the truth, we don't need to distort an opponent's premises. Instead, we vanquish them on the level field of truthful debate.

  • Reductionists, at the very least, raise questions that are not preposterous. If their viewpoint is false, it should be defeated by honest, public, scientific inquiry. If the Holocaust's six-million figure were true beyond all doubt, reductionist arguments would quickly evaporate once confronted. The fact that Holocaust defenders must misrepresent, ridicule and even imprison questioners powerfully suggests that the "fact" of six million Jewish dead rests on a very shaky foundation.

  • More than 60 years have passed since the alleged murder of six million Jews is alleged to have occurred. Enormous research of World War II has transpired. Much is the result of independent, scientific study and historical inquiry by curious researchers and academics. Rather than being further misrepresented and even criminalized, they should be free to engage with establishment counterparts in a trulycientific investigation of what really happened in the German camps during World War II. Only this can finally establish truth.

  • The true facts about the Holocaust may be debated for centuries. But right now we must allow free speech for Dr. Toben and this well-researched movement. It is tragic that though Christians/conservatives increasingly oppose loss of free speech from Christians/conservatives increasingly oppose loss of free speech from "hate laws" created by the Jewish activist Anti-Defamation League
  • All oppressive systems ~ from Roman Catholicism during the Inquisition to Communism and Nazism ~ have suppressed free inquiry and expression of ideas that contradicted the official view. Offenders were punished by the same gestapo tactics now imposed on Dr. Toben and an increasing number of independent reductionist thinkers.

    Those who actually possess truth do not oppose free expression, even of evil ideas; they know those ideas must first be expressed in order for them to be confronted and defeated. If free expression is not allowed, true ideas cannot destroy false ones.

  • Christians/conservatives increasingly oppose loss of free speech from "hate laws" created by the Jewish activist Anti-Defamation League.They hypocritically join these very Jewish supremacists in misrepresenting and denying free speech for those who want to re-evaluate the Holocaust.

  • Anyone who claims that false ideas should be destroyed through misrepresentation, censorship or imprisonment speaks not for God and reason but for dictators and the devil

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