Monday 10 August 2009





Israel seems determined to provoke its enemies hook or by crook in order to get a war going against Iran. If they’re not continually directly accusing Iran of having a nuclear weapons program ~ despite the total lack of any evidence to even suggest Iran has any nuclear weapons program ~ then Israel is accusing Hezbollah of wanting to attack Israelis and Israeli interests outside of Israel warning that, if any Israeli is harmed, Hezbollah will be held responsible.

Just to help the provocation along, Israel is also still sending their military jets into sovereign Lebanese airspace. In their latest piece of warmongering chutzpah, Israel is accusing Hezbollah of stockpiling rockets in order to strike Israel.

The ploy here is to use this as some sort of casus belli to attack Lebanon in the hope of dragging Iran into the fray ~ and then, of course, the US.

The irony is, if Hezbollah should get in first and attack Israel using Israel’s stockpiling of fuel and weapons from the US as a casus belli, the West would jump up and down in outrage, yet, if Israel attacks Hezbollah, all we hear about is how Israel is defending itself.

Israel has twice unsuccessfully attempted to invade and occupy Lebanon in order to secure control of the Litani River headwaters for its own use. It has failed in the past but they are determined.

They hope that, with enough ‘provocation’, the West will this time turn a blind eye to their invasion and occupation of south Lebanon.

And, while they’re at it, they’ll do the same to Hamas in the Gaza Strip using the main event, their attack against Iran, as cover for the complete occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and south Lebanon.

In order for the West to turn a blind eye to such an Israeli onslaught, Israel will have to ensure that any act of ‘terrorism’ against Israel or Israelis is really horrendous enough to make it worth while.

The world should prepare itself for an outrageous ‘false flag’ act of ‘terrorism’ from ‘Hezbollah’ at any moment.


  1. Noor: They want the waters of the Litani River. They will kickstart wars on many fronts for their evil plans for Middle East domination. Iran is just one future war, Lebanon may come sooner!

  2. They've already stolen the Golan Heights springs from Syria and most of the decent wells and aquifers from the West Bank and Gaza and control part of the River Jordan and are stuck in a five year drought with lots of swimming pools to fill, so what to do?

    Israel will do what it does best, STEAL from Lebanon the River Litani thru hook or crook.

    Even going so far as to murder some of their own to give them the excuse they've been looking for to invade Lebanon.


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