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The kindly face of racist and gentile hater Rebbe Schneerson, deceased, believed by some to be the Messiah.

The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)


In 1995, Schneerson became the first religious leader ever to be awarded the United States Congressional Gold Medal.

“U.S. President George W. Bush hosted a delegation of 10 leading rabbis and officials from the Lubavitch Hasidic movement at the White House yesterday. The 90-minute meeting took place in the framework of events organized by the movement to mark the 100th birthday of the late Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Bush added his signature to a document declaring the late Rebbe's birthday 'The day of education and charity.' [Avraham] Rabbi Shem-Tov thanked the president for his support of Israel and presented him with a Passover Haggadah.”
Noahide laws are said to be seven verbal laws given by Noah to his sons ~ all non Jews are bound to obey them and of course their rambling conclusions.

We will have a chance to look at this more closely later, but first let's learn something of the religion the Lubavitchers have dreamed up for thee and me.


Let's start our journey at a website run by "Jews and Hasidic Gentiles ~ United to Save America" ("JHG-USA"). The purpose of the website is to popularize Schneerson's plans for Gentiles. Schneerson's plan calls for non-Jews to be converted into "Hasidic Gentiles," a lower life form in the cosmology of America's future. The Reeb's photo is at the top left side of the homepage.

In the Lubavitch cosmology, rabbis are naturally the top dogs.
Then come the rest of the Jews.

Next come former Christians or other non-Jews who have been converted to "Hasidic Gentiles;" those folk can have a share in the good life provided they forget Christ (or Buddha, etc.) and obey the laws assigned to them by the rabbis.

At the bottom of the heap are those who refuse to conform to the system; those people may be lashed, punished, and executed. Read on. I will support everything I have just said. 

As you read the Jews and Hasidic Gentiles ~ United to Save America (JHG-USA) website, be aware of the sliding definitions. The Hebrew word "Moshiach," (sometimes spelled "Mashiach"), is the word for "Messiah."

Sometimes "Moshiach" connotes a person, but often it connotes the Jewish people as a whole and the Utopia they will bring to the world through their transcendence over lesser beings.

Here is the flier the Lubavitchers are circulating. 

The ad reads: "Campaign to Abolish X-mas celebration by gentiles . . . according to the known Jewish ruling that Christians are idol worshipers. (Likkutei Sichos 37:198)"

What is the "Likkutei Sichos"? Look at this page:

We see that the "Likkutei Sichos" is a printed and bound anthology of talks given by Schneerson.

O.K. So now we have established what the Reeb thought of Christians and Christianity. What should be done about people who follow Jesus Christ?


Go back to the anti-"X-mas" flier:

"A gentile . . . is liable for the death penalty . . . if he has invented a religious holiday for himself . . . The general principle is we do not allow them to make new religious rituals and to make 'mitzvahs' ["commandment;" sometimes "good deed or blessing"] for themselves by their own devices . . . if he does make some new 'mitzvah,' we lash him, punish him, and inform him that he is obligated [sic] with the death penalty for this." (Rambam Mishne Torah ~ Hilchose Melachim 10:9)
So Christians or non-Christian Gentiles, according to the "Rambam Mishne Torah" should be lashed, punished, and put to death if they insist on following their own religious practices, including celebration of non-Jewish religious holidays, such as Christmas.

Maimonides, "All Gentiles must be put to death"

What is the Rambam Mischne Torah? The Rambam is none other than Maimonides, the well-known Sephardic Jewish writer who lived in Spain between 1135 and 1204 AD, one of the great fathers of Judaic thought; the Mishne Torah is one of his best known works. See the "Sephardic Sages" webpage,

"Maimonides [Rambam] was the author of the Mishneh Torah, one of the greatest codes of Jewish law, compiling every conceivable topic of Jewish law in subject matter order and providing a simple statement of the prevailing view in plain language. In his own time, he was widely condemned because he claimed that the Mishneh Torah was a substitute for studying the Talmud," Sephardic Sages tells us.

Maimonides is regarded as a great teacher throughout Judaism. He said, "A gentile is liable for the death penalty if he has invented a religious holiday for himself."

So to be fair to the Reeb, the idea that Christmas celebrants be put to death did not originate with him. Indeed, we need to go back further to understand the roots of the "Gentiles must be put to death" phenomena.


The central book in Judaism is the Talmud, which contains the teachings of the Pharisees ~ those people on whom the New Testament spends so many words. 
Jesus called their teachings "the ways of men," 
an abomination, and he condemned them; 
for doing so, He was crucified.

At the time Jesus lived, and up until several hundred years after His death, we are told, the teachings of the Pharisees were not written down, but were memorized, added to, and passed around by word of mouth. This is called the "oral law."
"The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single piece of literature . . . and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism." ~ Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, 1948, Vol. 8, pg. 474. 
Talmudic sage R. Simon ben Yohai is quoted in the Babylonian Talmud (Megillah 12a, Yoma 76a), but his most famous quote does not appear there. 
The famous quote is: "Tob shebe goyim harog."

Translation:"Even the best among the Gentiles 
deserves to be killed."

According to the 1903 Jewish Encyclopedia, ben Yohai was an anti-Gentile "fanatic whose life experiences may furnish an explanation for his animosity." After making this excuse for the rabbi, the encyclopedia states "hence in the various versions the 'the best among the Gentiles' has generally been altered to read 'the best among the Egyptians.'" 
The intention of substituting "Egyptians" for "Gentiles" in "Even the best among the Gentiles deserves to be killed" was obviously to reduce the number of Gentiles who might take offense at the statement.

The lesson, however, is that the "Gentiles must be put to death" concept originated before the Reeb, and even before the Rambam. The "kill all Gentiles" concept was formulated by a Talmudic sage.

(See the 1903 Jewish Encyclopedia, published by Funk and Wagnalls and compiled by Isidore Singer, under the entry, "Gentile," Vol. 5, p. 617. The cite given for "Tob shebe goyim harog" is: Yerushalmi (Jerusalem Talmud) Kiddushim 66c; Masseket Soferim xv.10; Mekilta, Beshallah 27a: Tanhuma, Wayea, ed. Buber, 20).


See: "The Law Is Only a Minimum," and you will learn that observance of other Christian religious holidays constitute idolatry and will be banned. Christian holidays to be banned include:
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Ash Wednesday
  • All Saints Day,
  • And "probably even the 'new year.'"


Later, we will learn that the "idol-worshipers" who refuse to give up their religious observances will be put to death by beheading. But for now, be aware that Jews and Hasidic Gentiles ~ United to Save America (JHG-USA) are offering a special discount on those anti-"X-mas" fliers. Normally they sell for 25 cents apiece ~ now they are selling for 15 cents apiece. Hurry to order!

Bush II claims to be a Christian. Want to know what Bush's Lubavitcher friends think about Jesus? Read the "Who Was Jesus" page:
mirrored at:

You will see that Jesus is called a "dangerous" false prophet who "repeatedly broke the Law by committing terrible sins, while openly challenging the God given authority of the rabbis of the Sanhedrin." The "Who Was Jesus" page also cites the Talmud ~ the references in parentheses are the specific books. The quote begins here: Pilot with Jesus after the Sanhedrin are done with Him.

The Sanhedrin hand Jesus over to Pilate.

The Talmud (Babylonian edition) records other sins of 'Jesus the Nazarene':

1) He and his disciples practiced sorcery and black magic, led Jews astray into idolatry, and were sponsored by foreign, gentile powers for the purpose of subverting Jewish worship (Sanhedrin 43a).

2) He was sexually immoral, worshiped statues of stone (a brick is mentioned), and was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness, and refused to repent (Sanhedrin 107b; Sotah 47a).

3) He learned witchcraft in Egypt and, to perform miracles, used procedures that involved cutting his flesh ~ which is also explicitly banned in the Bible. (Shabbos 104b). 

Such is the blasphemy against Jesus coming from the friends of Bush II. If Jesus Christ stepped into the America Bush is helping to create, Jesus would be put to death again ~ by Jewish law.


Not only did Bush issue a proclamation, he actually held a White House reception for the Lubavitchers to celebrate the Reeb's 100th birthday.

Bush Meets Lubavitch Rabbis to Mark Rebbe's 100th Birthday.
U.S. President George W. Bush hosted a delegation of 10 leading rabbis and officials from the Lubavitch Hasidic movement at the White House yesterday. The 90-minute meeting took place in the framework of events organized by the movement to mark the 100th birthday of the late Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

  Close up of the rabbi to the right of Bush. 
No comment regarding his warm demeanor.

Bush added his signature to a document declaring the late Rebbe's birthday 'The day of education and charity.' [Avraham] Rabbi Shem-Tov thanked the president for his support of Israel and presented him with a Passover Haggadah.

Reported in Ha'aretz, Jerusalem, March 26, 2002, as quoted by The Jewish Tribal Review

Now let's step back for a moment and imagine we are one of these Lubavitchers at Bush's 90-minute reception on March 25. Recall that the fundamental book of the Chabad Lubavitch movement is the Tanya or Hatanya. The late Hebrew University professor Israel Shahak says this about the Hatanya:

According to this book,
all non-Jews are totally satanic creatures
'in whom there is absolutely nothing good.'
Even a non-Jewish embryo is
qualitatively different from a Jewish one.
The very existence of a non-Jew is 'inessential,'
whereas all of creation was created
solely for the sake of the Jews.

(Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion , Pluto Press, London, 1994, pg. 27.)

Several years later, Shahak cooperated with Norton Mezvinsky to write the "Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel." The authors said this of Schneerson:

The late, highly revered Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the 'Lubavitcher Rebbe' who headed the Chabad movement and wielded great influence in Israel as well as in the U.S., explained that,

'The difference between a Jewish
and a non-Jewish person
stems from the common expression:
‘Let us differentiate.’
Thus, we do not have a case of
profound change in which
a person is merely on a superior level.
Rather, we have a case of
‘let us differentiate’
between totally different species.

This is what needs to be said about the body:
the body of a Jewish person
is of a totally different quality
from the body of members of all Gentiles.
A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity.

It is written, ‘And the strangers
shall guard and feed your flocks’ (Isaiah 61:5).
The entire creation the Gentile
exists only for the sake of the Jews.'

("Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel," by Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky. London. Pluto Press, 1999; as quoted by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, March 2000.)

So here is my question: Why are these pure and Godly Lubavitcher rabbis willing to hang out with a satanic, pork-gobbling idol-worshiper from . . .Texas? Or was the stink of Bush's Christianity covered up by the perfume of Raw Power?
Mrs. Laura Bush poses Dec. 15, 2008, in the White House kitchen with the rabbis who supervised the kitchen's koshering for the annual Chanukah party. From left are Rabbi Mendel Minkowitz, Rabbi Binyomin Steinmetz and Rabbi Levi Shemtov.

I wonder if the rabbis explained to Bush their plans for him and his kind? Perhaps they did not need to do that. Perhaps George W. Bush is not really a Christian but is secretly a Hasidic Gentile. He sure acts that way.


So we have now learned Jesus was not the Son of God, but a false prophet. Who is the Son of God, then? In the book of Exodus, God openly proclaims His son to the world:

"Thus says the Lord: My firstborn son is Israel. 'Israel' is the Jewish people ~ all of them.

The Jews were chosen by God
to be His special 'son,'
to be, in the words of the Bible,
'a kingdom of priests and a holy nation'
for the whole world.

Read "Who is the Son of God?"

So the Jewish people 
~ individually and collectively ~ "
a kingdom of priests and an holy nation" 
whose jurisdiction is the whole, wide world . . .

But once more, out of fairness, 
I must point out that this view 
that the Jewish people are the Son of God 
is not specifically Lubavitcher.
Let's return to the Talmud once more:

If a heathen smites a Jew, he is worthy of death. He who smites an Israelite on the jaw, is as though he had thus assaulted the Divine Presence; for it is written, 'One who smiteth an Israelite attacketh the Holy One.' (Sanhedrin, 58b.)
A Jew ~ any Jew
~ is the Divine Presence,
the Holy One.

Get it, dummy?

REBBI, from the New York Times Magazine story "The Oracle of Crown" 1992. Rabbi Schneerson is the spiritual leader of the Lubavitch movement

According to these divine Jews, the Rebbe is a direct descendant of King David and has received a true prophecy from God that we who are alive in this generation shall be the first in history to see the coming of the true messiah. Many Jews are eagerly anticipating the Rebbe's resurrection from the grave, ready to re-establish the Sanhedrin and anoint the king.

The Sanhedrin, the 71 member ecclesiastical court of the Jews . There is much cabala symbolism incorporated into these chambers. This indicates the occult element of the Jewish legal system.

Do you think we need courts run by rabbis to give us trials like they gave Jesus (Matt. 26:57-67)? 

Do you think we need a King to rule over us? 

No thank-yew. 


We do not recognize an established state religion, and we are a republic, not a kingdom. 



In our generation, the spiritual leader of the Jewish people ~ and therefore of the whole world ~ is Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (known as the "Lubavitcher Rebbe"), in New York . Did you catch that ~ the Reeb is the leader of the Jewish people AND THEREFORE THE WHOLE WORLD. So now we see how the Pyramid of Power is shaking out. From "Who is the Son of God?"


Now let's go back in time to the reign of Bush I, when Congress passed, and Bush signed, Joint House Resolution 104, Public Law 102-14. In House Joint Resolution 104, the birthday of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, March 26, 1991, was designated as "Education Day, USA." You may have noticed that in 2002, the Rebbe's birthday was on March 25, not March 26. More of that later. Here is JHR 104, Public Law 102-14:
Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded . .
Ah! You think they're going to mention, perhaps, the great Christian precept "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," or even the Ten Commandments?

Or perhaps the principles of liberty espoused by Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, or George Mason? Or quote the words of Thomas Jefferson in a letter to his friend Charles Thompson, dated January 9, 1816, when he said:

I am a real Christian . . . a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus . . .

To see Jefferson's comments in context, go to:

Certainly Congress had wonderful material at their fingertips to reaffirm the "ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded . . . "
But let's see what Congress did. 
Here is the second clause of HJR 104:
Whereas these ethical values and principles
have been the bedrock of society
from the dawn of civilization,
when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws . . .

Noahide Laws? No, that's not Noahide, that's Noahide. Never heard of them! What are they?


Explanation No. 1: "Noahide" is the adjectival form of "Noah." So perhaps God passed down laws to Noah that somehow we overlooked? No, I just scrutinized Genesis in my King James version, and on two Bible Internet search engines. God did not pass down seven laws to Noah, and Noah did not pass down seven laws to anyone else. 

Explanation No. 2: Let's go to a Lubavitcher website ~ surely they know from where these laws came.

All of these laws are derived from specific passages in the Torah, which God gave to the Jewish people at Mt. Sinai.

Let's try to be logical. Noah lived and died in Genesis. Mt. Sinai is not mentioned in Genesis. Moses lived in Exodus and beyond. God handed over the Ten Commandments to Moses at Mt. Sinai, in Exodus. Therefore God could not have given Noah these laws at Mt. Sinai, for Noah had already died, back in Genesis.

It seems that Bush's friends, the Lubavitchers, the people who call Jesus a false prophet and idol worshiper, can't even keep the Bible time-line straight. I wonder what Bush's pastor would think of Bush lavishing praise on the Lubavitchers?

Explanation No. 3: According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Talmud claims the Noahide laws were given to Adam. ". . . also called Noachian Laws, a Jewish Talmudic designation for seven biblical laws given to Adam and to Noah before the revelation to Moses on Mt. Sinai and consequently binding on all mankind."

Let's be realistic. These seven laws which God (allegedly) gave to Adam were never ever written down in the Bible. However, the descendants of Adam passed the laws down verbally to their descendants ("oral law"), and so on and so on . . . until several hundred years after the death of Jesus, the Pharisees started writing them down in the Talmud.

If your Grandma told you a story she claimed had been passed down through the family ~ orally ~ from the time of Adam, would you believe her? No, of course not. The story is preposterous.

Explanation No. 4: So now let's turn to the Talmud for an explanation of the Noahide laws. In a footnote to Yebamoth 62a, the Talmud gives the Scriptural source of these seven Noahide laws: Genesis 9:7. In Genesis 9:7, God says to Noah:

And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein. 

But as you can see, there is not one mention of seven laws in that verse, despite what the Talmudic sages tell us.

Explanation No. 5: Wait, I've overlooked something. Let's return to the Jews and Hasidic Gentiles (JHG USA) website:

All of these laws are derived from specific passages in the Torah, which God gave to the Jewish people at Mt. Sinai.

Ah! The operational word is "derived." The Pharisee scholars derived, or reasoned, the laws into existence. So . . . just as Athena sprang from the head of Zeus, so the Noahide laws sprang from the heads of the Pharisees.
Noahide is man-made,
vinyl coated-fabric;
it is artificial leather.

These Noahide laws are man made,
artificial laws.

As Noahide is to leather,
so the Noahide Laws are to the Bible.

Explanation 6: This is proof of the pudding: 

Sanhedrin 56a and 56b says:

Our Rabbis taught: seven precepts were the sons of Noah commanded: social laws;
(5) to refrain from blasphemy, idolatry; adultery; bloodshed; robbery; and eating flesh cut from a living animal (1) . . .

Footnote 5, for the above passage, says: 
"I.e., to establish courts of justice, or, perhaps, to observe social justice (Nahmanides on Gen. XXXIV, 13): Hast. Dict. (s.v. Noachian precepts) translates 'obedience to authority.'"

Listen up here, fellow Gentile!
"Obedience to authority" is your moral duty.
Guess who the "authority" is?

Footnote 1, for the above passage, says:

These commandments may be regarded as the foundations of all human and moral progress.

Judaism has both a national and a universal outlook in life. In the former sense it is particularization, SETTING UP A PEOPLE DISTINCT AND SEPARATE FROM OTHERS (emphasis added) by its peculiar religious law. But in the latter, it recognizes that moral progress and its concomitant Divine love and approval are the privilege and obligation of all mankind.

And hence the Talmud lays down the seven Noachian precepts, by the observance of which all mankind may attain spiritual perfection, and without which moral death must inevitably ensue. That perhaps is the idea underlying the assertion (passim) that a heathen is liable to death for the neglect of any of these . . .

Let's pause here for a moment and notice the phrase I put in emphasis: " . . . setting up a people distinct and separate from others . . . "

Now we can put at least some of it together. The rabbis derived the Noahide laws from Genesis 9:7, by which they grant to themselves the power to establish courts and demand obedience to their authority from all other races and nations

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