Wednesday 23 November 2011


Another fake human rights activist in a high profile position? Definitely.

The next time you read reports by Amnesty International, do not count on it being unbiased. In fact, don’t count on it doing much more than supporting the wishes of Israel because, now it is more or less official, Amnesty International is yet another branch used to support Israeli propaganda. MZ. Nossel is obviously Zionist when you read her previous work record, such as it is, built on lies and deception.

November 23, 2011

Suzanne Nossel, former assistant to Richard Holbrooke in his capacity as UN Ambassador and currently Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Assistant for International Organization Affairs, has been selected as the new Executive Director of Amnesty International USA.
In the discharge of her duties at the State Department, she diligently exploited human rights to benefit imperial ambitions.
Ms. Nossel had previously worked for Human Rights Watch, as well as for Bertelsmann Media Worldwide and the Wall Street Journal as Vice President of Strategy and Operations.
The AI-USA Board of Directors deemed that Suzanne Nossel’s commitment to the Clinton and Obama administrations was sufficient proof of her competence and decided not to hold a grudge against her for the crimes committed in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.

Ms. Nossel has launched several campaigns against Iran, Libya and Syria.
In recent months she made a name for herself by misinforming the Human Rights Council in Geneva with a view to getting the resolution authorizing the war on Libya adopted by the Security Council.
Ms. Nossel’s allegations have since been debunked

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  1. There is only one place that can and NEVER will be touched by the Zionists -- because it is over their heads:

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