Friday 25 November 2011


By Trey Ratcliff
Please enlarge this gorgeous shot to capture the full delicacy of the leaves.

This exact location was a little path not too far from the city center. I was unable to pinpoint exactly with the GPS, but if you show this photo to any local, they can point you in the right way with a nice Japanese-gesture.

The little train that carried me into Hakone started winding through misty mountains. The trees were thick and a fog was rolling in. I had a feeling that it would stay wet, moody, and fairly perfect.

It had that heaviness that made you feel like it would remain like that for a few days, and it did.

Before I get on train rides, I have a wonderful but dangerous habit of loading up with pastries.

Train stations seem to have nice little selections of all sorts of foreign twists on the usual subjects.

And, since I consider myself an explorer, I thought it would be good to get a TON of pastries and try them all. It's very nice... sitting there... looking out the train window at a new land... rain falling... eating pastries... (And I'm only a little ashamed to say that, upon arrival, my pastry bag was empty.)

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