Tuesday 22 November 2011


Bus Stop by Max Ginsberg
Oil on canvas 50" x 60" 2010
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I had decided to use my studio's natural sky light directly on the models again, as I did in my "Torture Abu-Ghraib painting". This gave a more solid three-dimensional look to the forms in contrast to the flatter look of candid photography, although the candid shots have other redeeming qualities. I based this composition on my observation of people waiting for New York City buses. Of course each model brings his or her own personality into the mix. The location for my background was 96th Street near Broadway in Manhattan. 

Max Ginsberg also painted the powerful "War Pieta" which was posted here October 22, 2011.

ED: I am waiting for the right time to post "Torture Abu-Ghraib" painting, an extremely shocking but realistic combination of torture, the messianic, the satanic, and everything in between.

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