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2011: It is time to bring this post forward again just as a seasonal reminder of the glorious rabbis with which we do battle for our very souls.

2009: When I first posted the following series, Merry Christmas, Off With Your Head, in 2009, my knowledge of the Chabad Lubavitch was rather minimal. As a result, much of the information in here is fairly rudimentary. Over the past year, as I have learned more and more about the Rabbis of this fanatic form of Judaism, the intrinsic evil of Zionism has become even more apparent in its scope and hatred of the rest of the human race.

These men have become bolder in their pronouncements over the past year. Publication of books and speeches have bared their hatred of all non Jews to the world. Books advocating the murder of all gentiles have been published; rabbis have publically announced to the world the superiority of Jews and the fact that goyim are beasts created by God to serve Jews; that it is a sin against God to rent to a non-Jew; the continued urging of the Settlers to kill Palestinians as they please. The list goes on.And on. And on.

Most of my readers will be familiar with almost everything written below; for the rest this is a basic introduction to these odious creatures whom we see smirking and urging our sold-out leaders to light menorahs, to bow to the New World Order they espouse as the proper order of things, then we goyim are beneath their well shod feet, where they believe we belong.

Might I add, we goyim are not deemed worthy of the Ten Commandments? That is why they keep these for true Jews and we are handed the Noahide Laws which are almost all punishable by death, they say, by decapitation.

It is true that when Satan realized he could not be everywhere at once, he arranged to have his spokesmen, the rabbis, placed about the world.
"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. 
It will attain world domination 
by the dissolution of other races...
and by the establishment of a world republic 
in which everywhere the Jews
will exercise the privilege of citizenship. 
In this New World Order 
the Children of Israel...
will furnish all the leaders 
without encountering opposition." 
(Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, 
quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)


By Carol A. Valentine,Curator
Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum

Copyright, May, 2002
August 2, 2009
~ Why have I only now found out about this?

We can argue about who is most to blame,
but the facts remain the same:
Congress and the White House have been helping
to establish a theocracy in America.

That's right, in America ~
the nation that used to be a land of religious freedom.

1.   a system of government in which God or a deity is held to be the civil ruler; thearchy.
2. a system of government by priests; hagiarchy.
3. a state under such a form of rule.
The would-be leaders of an American theocracy:
Want to abolish Christmas,

Call Christians "idol worshipers,"

Demand Christians give up their religion or be put to death,

Preach Jesus practiced sorcery, worshiped stone idols,was sexually immoral,

Want to establish a caste system in the US based on heredity and religion,
Want to force US citizens to embrace a synthesized religion made of the servant class
And now, since the advent of the 9-11 war, the would-be leaders of this theocracy are stronger than ever. Little stands between them and the realization of their plans.

This may sound incredible, but it is as real as the ground beneath your feet, and as serious as a heart attack. I can document everything I have said. 

Let me fill you in on the details.

The would-be theocratic leaders that Congress and our presidents have been promoting are members of a sect called Chabad Lubavitch, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

Chabad, (sometimes spelled "Habad"), is an acronym for three Hebrew words: 
Chochma, Binah and Daas, which mean "wisdom, understanding and knowledge." 

Chabad and Lubavitch are functionally synonymous.

Chabad describes the movement; Lubavitch is the name of the town (sometimes said to be in Lithuania, sometimes in Russia) where the movement was headquartered during the nineteenth century.

 Founder of the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics, Rabbi Shneur Zalman

Lubavitchers are a subset of the Hasidic (sometimes spelled "Chasidic") Jews. Doctrinally, Hasidic Jews rely on the Talmud, on the Zohar (the basic book of kabbalah or "calabah"), and on the Tanya (or "Hatanya") written by the founder of the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics, Rabbi Shneur Zalman. [See Footnote 1 .]

The Chabad Lubavitchers also rely on the works of renowned Jewish teachers such as Maimonides. Of course they rely on the Torah; but note that the word "Torah," in Jewish religious discourse, is somewhat elastic.
It can denote:
(1) the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament),
(2) the Old Testament in its entirety,
(3) the Old Testament in its entirety, and the Talmud, and
(4) the entire body of Jewish religious literature.
Reviewing the above, we can see that, doctrinally, Lubavitchers are not an aberration within Judaism. They are as much part of Judaism as the Dominicans are part of the Roman Catholic Church. It would be misleading to call the Lubavitch movement a "cult" as some have done, without so naming mainstream Orthodox Judaism.
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Rebbe or Reeb
For contemporary Lubavitchers, the most admired is late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the "Lubavitcher Rebbe," or simply "the Rebbe." (Jewish people call a rabbi with whom they have a close and personal relationship their "Rebbe." Since I feel as though I have a close and personal relationship with him ~ having read much about him ~ and since I am not Jewish, I will use the Americanized form of the word and call Rabbi Schneerson "the Reeb." )

Some Lubavitchers consider the Reeb their Messiah and await for him to return from the dead; other say that the Messiah is really the Jewish people themselves. If all that is beginning to sound weird and fringy, realize that the Lubavitchers do not confine themselves to Brooklyn, New York.
They have immediate and constant access to the President of the United States: George Bush's Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, a Reform Jew, works the Lubavitcher mission.
The most prominent backer of the Lubavitchers on Capitol Hill is Senator Joseph Lieberman (D.Conn.), an Orthodox Jew, and the former candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the United States. Jewish members of Congress regularly attend seminars conducted by a Washington DC Lubavitcher rabbi.
Past Assistant Secretary of Defense, Paul D. Wolfowitz, the Comptroller of the US Department of Defense, Dov Zakheim (an ordained Orthodox rabbi), and Stuart Eizenstat, former Deputy Treasury Secretary, are all Lubavitcher groupies.
According to the Jerusalem Post of October 19, 2001, "Chabad is a potent force: 2,600 institutions around the world, large numbers of English-speaking rabbis, control of most of Judaism in Italy as well as the chief rabbinate of Russia (its Russia budget alone is $20 million a year).
It is an organization with immense world-wide financial resources. In fact, Chabad is a movement of monumental importance. Observant Jews are profoundly dependent on its emissaries all over the world. Its rabbis dominate or are poised to dominate Jewish communities in a startling number of countries."
mirrored at:
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The Jewish Virtual Library tells a similar story: "More than 3,700 emissary couples work in more than 100 countries worldwide. Since 1995, more than 400 shlichim (emissaries) were assigned to new posts and more than 500 new Chabad institution [sic] have been established, bringing the total to nearly 2,600 institutions (seminaries, day camps, schools, etc) worldwide. According to headquarters, almost one million children participated [sic] in Chabad activities worldwide in 1999."

Baruch Goldstein, the American-Israeli who shot 29 Muslims to death as they prayed during Ramadan at the al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron in 1994, was a Lubavitcher. Lubavitch rabbinates are hereditary, passed from father to son, sometimes from father to son-in-law:

Mass murderer Goldstein is honoured as a hero in Israel. 
Goldstein's family ancestry, through his mother, went back eight generations to the Baal Hatanya founder of the Lubavitch dynasty.
One Year Later ~ Purim Hebron 1994 Remembered, by Dr. Manfred R. Lehmann 
Now back to Lubavitcher Ari Fleischer, the Bush press secretary who is one of the most active Lubavitchers in Washington, DC. This from the (Baltimore) Jewish Times of October 26, 2001:
"Like that of most high-ranking White House officials, press secretary Ari Fleischer's life has been an exhausting blur since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But he took a few hours off last week to pick up an award from American Friends of Lubavitch, and to help boost the group's extensive Jewish outreach efforts on Capitol Hill ~ efforts that Mr. Fleischer, a former congressional staffer, has supported from the beginning."
 Bush's White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, flashing the Satanic horned Hand.
He was given the group's Young Leadership award and Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) was the night's honoree at a dinner that drew hundreds of Washington political bigwigs, Capitol Hill staffers and Washington money people.
Mr. Fleischer was an early leader and co-president of Chabad's Capitol Jewish Forum, which brings together lawmakers and congressional and administration staffers for Jewish events study. In a show of bi-partisanship, both Mr. Fleischer and Mr. Lieberman lavished praise on the active Chabad effort that emphasizes the army of young staffers in government and political jobs.
("Ari Fleischer: Reform Lubavitch," by James Besser, Baltimore Jewish Times, 10/26/2001, V.262, N.8, p. 30. as quoted by The Jewish Tribal Review.
mirrored at:
(Original article not to hand.)
So we see the Lubavitchers are focused people, whether they're committing mass murder or controlling American Congress and the White House.
 Pharisees at the time of Jesus. What's different? 
Way cooler clothes! Everything else is exactly the same.
The Lubavitchers are proselytizers, but of a different sort. They want to make all Jews ~ Reform, Conservative or Orthodox ~ hyper "Jewish." Thus we see Orthodox Jews like Lieberman and Reform Jews like Fleischer standing side-by-side working the Lubavitcher program.
Lubavitchers don't want to convert non-Jews
to Judaism ~ they want Jews to understand
they are a class apart from/above everyone else.
Spiritual Cremation, perhaps?
In a letter he wrote in 1964,
Schneerson deplored intermarriage of Jews
with non-Jews, calling it "spiritual cremation."
Schneerson called the concepts of freedom,
equality, and integration "misconceived ideals."
This is particularly amusing, inasmuch as in the Jews led the movement to forcibly integrate the South which resulted in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism tells us that "During the Mississippi Summer of 1964, Jews made up half of the young people who volunteered in the effort to end segregation."
"The world became black and white.
Not gray.
Whoever is not with us is against us."

Integration and mixed marriages
are for the Gentiles,
not the Jews.


  1. Thank you for posting this. Godspeed :)


  2. Anyone ever wonders why "The Holocaust Lie"was created.

    It's because whenever someone tries to disclose what the Jews are really all about.


    The individual that's receiving goes into"Ahhh are you a Skin-Head""Wait a minute,that's some NAZI propoganda"

    The Holocaust the"Madusa"of brainwashing.

    Whenever you try to tell people about what the Chabad Lubavitch,Talmud or any other thing about the Jews.


    The receiver always thinks back to the LIE called"The Holocaust",and it paralyzes their mind.


    Turns their thinking to stone,just like Madusa!!!


    Exposing the Holocaust as the lie as it is,is a must!!!


    It's got the people under the biggest spell i've ever known.

  3. Also Anonymous, when it is made ILLEGAL to question these assertions, you wonder who is hiding what? Being as I am a Canadian, I run a risk even posing these articles. I used to live down the street from Mr. Zundel when I was still "holocaust sensitive" and saw what he went through regularly with the weekly bnai brith riots outside his door. I moved away a few months before the ADL bombed his house and his being sent to Germany for a lengthy prison term.


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