Saturday 26 November 2011


A RIVER LANDSCAPE by Peder Mork Monsted

Please enlarge this wonderful painting and remember sounds of the secret lives of insects and birds, and wild warm breezes redolent with the thick earthy aroma of the fecund forest, the warmth carrying the perfume of flowers and greenery and the closeness to what really matters. These places are where our strength lies.

Oil on canvas


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  1. Noor is that woman in the picture, on the side of your site, you? The one with the fancy head dress. If you don't mind me asking. Is that a painting, or a picture? She sure is pretty, whoever she is!

  2. Here is your answer Frank. I am your basic French Irish white woman aged 63 and not a beauty like Eva there.

  3. Thanks for answering my question Noor. That made me curious. I'm going to do a search for this movie and actress. I'm not familiar with either. Maybe I'll check on You Tube.I've wondered about that picture since I first seen it. Some pictures stand out, and that is one of them. I remember one a of a young woman in Afghanistan a few years back. It had the same quality. I guess you could call it haunting.

    Whatever you look like Noor, your a nice person. I've visited your site long enough to tell that.


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