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By Les Visible
May 2, 2009

Let’s face it (with averted, horrified eyes) Abe Foxman is
a major player in the infernal kingdom. I toyed with some other illustrations; dead skunk in the middle of the road. The idea had promise. Abe smells at least that bad and he is dead. He’s dead to all human qualities, which makes him sort of like the undead that you see in those zombie films except, he would have to be a dung golem wouldn’t he? Then I considered he might be one of the devil’s butt hairs but I can’t see the devil wasting the kind of nasty talent he has invested in Abe on something as pedestrian as a butt hair.

No… when I thought about hemorrhoids, something just clicked. My understanding of hemorrhoids, I don’t have any but… my understanding is that they itch and burn and are really annoying and no one really wants one in their private places. All that dovetailed perfectly with how I understand Abe Foxman. As I read on, I realized that this is what Abe is but… not just any hemorrhoid; One of the devil’s hemorrhoids.

Two very famous hemorrhoids, Foxman and Sharon
Now the Zionist Occupied Government of America has dropped their case against the AIPAC spies. Larry Franklin went to prison for this but you can’t put AIPAC members in jail. You can’t even take them to court. If you try, Abe Foxman is going to go nova and The Devil is going to start squirming on his throne and getting really annoyed and pull some strings in the places where he has the most sway on the planet.

Those places would be most governments, most legal systems and certainly all of the ones in America and especially the legislative and administrative branches too. Once the Devil takes care of this, Abe will
move on to something else which will lead to something like this or maybe something like this and the Devil can cut back on those Preparation H applications.

In America and Great Britain where people like Abe hold the greatest sway, the world is becoming a replica of George Orwell’s, 1984. They’ve got the German government sewed up pretty tight too and the same is true about the rest of Europe. Very few of the people in any of these countries support what Flaming Abe is up to but the will and opinion of the people isn’t worth anything at all in those places any more.

Let’s not leave out Canada and Australia where the psychopathic Zionistas are making life difficult for anyone who isn’t bending over for them. This is
the sort of thing that is going on all over the place now and this article barely scratches the surface.

Let’s go back to the first link where we see that Professor William Robinson from the University of Santa Barbara has compared the Israelis to Nazis and apparently he’s going to be prosecuted for this. I thought the First Amendment was a protection against this sort of thing but, most likely there are no more Constitutional protections. The strange thing is that what the professor says is absolutely true.

In fact, the Israelis and The Zionists (wherever they may be) are worse than the Nazis. It’s no wonder the devil is in such a bad mood all the time, given how many hemorrhoids he has.

AIPAC holds their conventions there; Congress holds its sessions there. The Devil’s Rectum is like the world’s biggest soccer stadium. It’s no wonder that everything we hear from the governments and the press …as well as the Zionist Israelis who control them…

It’s no wonder that everything they say and do stinks of something we learned the smell of as children because they form their words and actions out of the substance found in the Devil’s rear end.

Please enlarge and read. Apparently Jewish visitors to Rotten.Com felt that the Pillsbury Doughboy was creating concentration camps in American kitchens.

Flaming Abe says that the professor’s curriculum intimidated a couple of Jewish students who complained about the professors take. Of course, hypocrisy is one of Flaming Abe’s main characteristics but you do have to wonder whether the Palestinians feel intimidated by the Nazi tactics of the Israelis. You have to wonder if Charles Freeman or Walt and Mearsheimer have felt intimidated.

The offending image. The site did nothing, nothing more happened.

You have to wonder if all the people being intimidated by Flaming Abe and his legion of dung golems feel intimidated. I know what Abe would say. He would say that feeling intimidated by ADL-Zionist-Israeli pressure amounts to antisemitism. I believe he would say that Palestinians crying out in their death agonies is antisemitism. I am sure he would say that every time a Palestinian draws a breath that it is an anti-Semitic act.

I’d wanted to make Flaming Abe the Hemorrhoid one of my first entries in my new blog, Profiles in Evil but I’m not ready with that yet and Abe really needs to hear this now. He needs to hear from all of us. Abe… the Israelis and their Zionist supporters are worse than the Nazis.

I’m never going to recant or change my tune on this. I wouldn’t let the threat of jail or anything else keep me from letting you know that I know that you are an inflamed hemorrhoid in the devil’s rear end.

Even if I did have to go to jail for telling the truth, I would have written a thousand essays to be published while I was away. I wouldn’t stop. I would go right back to saying what I am saying ~ no matter what. That’s how I am Abe, just like you are what you are, a vicious Nazi who crucifies the truth every day and who has no morals, no scruples, no honor and no soul.

I know you can ‘waddle in’ to Blogger and have them shut me down but I have blog locations all over. It takes five extra minutes to set up a new location and less than that to let everyone know where it is.

Maybe you can’t help yourself, Abe. I realize that living where you do might give you a distorted view on life. I realize that the only substance you come across in your day is something most people are repelled by. Of course, in your case, you’ve got that coprophagia thing happening so you think its pate. Even so, given the position you see the world from, it can’t be an asset to a wider perspective AND, given the sort of people you are likely to meet, well, you have my understanding. I’ve got compassion for a mad dog, Abe, but there’s no treatment for it.

Let me sum it up for you, Abe. Zionism and it’s weapon of ‘Antisemitism’ were created to give the impression that the people who took Palestine by force and evicted what inhabitants they didn’t kill, and who imprisoned the rest in Warsaw-like ghettos, are Biblical inheritors of that land. Actually, the real Semitic inhabitants were already there.

This presented a public relations problem, so you and your reptile, hemorrhoid associates needed to pretend that you were the people you replaced. This is why you changed the names of all of the towns so as to blot out the former presence of those you disenfranchised and murdered. It’s as simple as that and there is nothing more to it than that.

Now you’re using this hate crime legislation, which you and your proxies are behind, to stifle any and all opposition to your relentless assault on the freedom of human thought, speech and action. It’s right there to be seen. It’s right there. We can all see you the same way the Devil can feel you.

And,speaking of the Devil, he’s not happy, not even a little bit, with what you’ve been putting him through and he’s going to be settling your account at some point along with the overdue accounts of the rest of your odious, psychopathic crew.

I’ve been taught to have compassion Abe. I know that I must acquire compassion for everyone to achieve my goal in this life. You don’t need compassion, of course, but we are headed in different directions. In any case, you provide me with quite a conundrum. Is one required to feel compassion for a hemorrhoid? I’ve never had to think about that Abe. Should one have compassion for the Ebola virus as it is attacked by antibodies? It’s a difficult call.

Given what I see these days it really looks like the hemorrhoids have taken over the world. That could have the tendency to depress a person. Still, I’ve got the feeling that something is going to happen some way, somehow and that there’s going to be the kind of shrinking that happened to the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.

Maybe then we won’t be hearing any more from the shrieking violets that trigger all of the witch hunts we have seen in recent times. I don’t know what’s going to put an end to your mischief but I can tell you this ~ it’s going to happen and you aren’t going to shut me up any more than you will shut up the rest of us.

My advice to you is to go into a kind of remission and just enjoy the amenities of your natural home. For a man like yourself there is probably no sweeter place to be. Why not kick back and enjoy it?


  1. Thank you for reposting my work. I should tell you that I'm a guy; as far as I know.

  2. Visited your fine site to see what you were up to, since some nasty comments by some of the Chosenites were left about you at my blog.

    Keep up the good work, one of these days sanity will prevail.


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