Friday 15 May 2009


The history they want you to believe is only half of the real story. Find out in this quick video some researchable facts that will cast today's world in a whole new light.

This video is not meant as hate speech ~ only for the American people to truly understand the forces driving our foreign policies and politics.

Everything you have been taught from birth is circumspect. It has gone on for so many centuries, and the truths covered so often, the lies built upon in a thick weaving of false tales, that it is almost impossible to believe it is all fabrication. But it is, and once you understand and "see", your ability to cut through to the truth of the past will serve you well.

Knowledge is power.
Most knowledge has been stolen.
Regain knowledge and you regain power.

Please enjoy, is such a word is applicable here, and learn.

Wake Up to the Real Deal. from Phillip Marlowe on Vimeo.

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