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I picked up this article earlier today because crimes against children and animals, both being innocent trusting creatures, are among the most unforgivable of all acts. However by the time I finished it, I realized this author seems to not know a great many facts that I can supply. So I think I will do just that.

At the end of this I will post links to various articles and videos that will expand this horrendous topic so that it can be seen just how deeply this runs. He is very much on target with his quotes from the Talmud because it is the Zionist dream that the world be brought around to their Noahyde Laws.

These laws have already been accepted in the US and Britain, most likely Canada as well as many other countries. The people just don't get told these things. Slowly our justice systems and laws are being altered to make these laws legal and binding in the courts. Most of these laws make Shar'ia Law look like a cakewalk. For example, the movement of the past decade to criminalize Christianity, remove it from daily life, is a product of the Noahyde laws.

By the way, I find it interesting that in the world of journalism, it is fine to denounce Muhammad for his wives, including his youngest one, but NO WHERE in the media is a word about Rabbis and small children!

May 30th, 2009

by Subverted Nation

Children are going missing at extremely alarming rates in America alone, but this pedophilia ring is global. Stop the jews or your child could be next.

Children are going missing at extremely alarming rates in America alone, but this pedophilia ring is global. Exile the Jews or your child could be next.

Do you ever stop and wonder who are all these nasty, disgusting little bastards behind kiddie porn? I mean, who in their right mind would enjoy photos of young children in a sexual manner? As a heterosexual, non-pedophilic person, I find child pornography as horrendous as sex between two males. The very idea is so fucking foul, it pains me to even think about it, let alone sit down and pen an article on the subject.

I’m quite positive this same stomach churning feeling comes over most other humansdecent folk feeling dirty inside, for even having visited such thoughts. when faced with this topic. In fact, just having to contemplate the ramifications of such behavior is so vile, that it leaves

That said, it turns out a massive, global child pornography ring was recently uncovered. Although, it’s rather difficult to figure out exactly who uncovered it, or where it was first uncovered. My first look at this whole story started with this article at ABC’s website.

The story is about 12 Americans arrested as suspects in a global child pornography ring that had a massive global distribution of over 400,000 images, as well as video, of child molestation and sexual abuse.

Supposedly, the “authorities” infiltrated this group all the way back in 2006, but they’re just now getting around to busting anyone. According to this article, it was Australian “authorities” that actually infiltrated the group.

The FBI has arrested 12 Americans for their alleged participation in a sophisticated international child pornography ring that distributed more than 400,000 images and videos of child sexual abuse.

Authorities said they began infiltrating the group ~ whose members allegedly used encryption to communicate with each other and pass images back and forth undetected ~ in August 2006.

The 34-count indictment, unsealed Friday in Pensacola, Fla., describes conversations among the men accused of trading the pornography, which involved some victims as young as 5 years old. At least one defendant described the children in some of the images as being “heavily drugged.”

One of the defendants went so far as to thank the other members of the group, according to the indictment.

“My thanks to you and all the others that, together, make this the greatest group of pedos to gather in one place,” James Freeman, who authorities say went by the screen name “Mystikal,” wrote, according to the indictment. “I’m honored just to be a part of it."

This nasty jew was a proud member of a sophisticated global porn ring, and co-founder of So Hopeful.

This nasty Jew was a proud member of a sophisticated global child porn ring, as well as Executive Director, and co-founder of the pedophilic "So Hopeful" organization.

There are some very interesting clues to what’s going on with this group in the above quote. First, we see that some of these victims, as young as 5 years old, seem to be heavily drugged in the content these disgusting animals were sharing.

Next, we see that at least one of the men caught up in this is a Jew, named James Freeman, and without fail, we are faced with a pathetically depraved statement by this Jew, who went by the name “Mystikal”.

No doubt this Jew was proud of his group of pedophiles, because this devil thought he was impervious to the light. Satan’s chosen ones have operated with near impunity for so long in our countries, they feel they can do anything; but something went wrong here.

An FBI official told ABC News that the group maintained strict secrecy, using sophisticated technology.

The group used several layers of encryption, background checks and other security measures, according to the Associated Press. FBI executive assistant director J. Stephen Tidwell told the AP in an interview that the ring was run like a business, with the lewd images used as currency, instead of cash.

“This is beyond a quantum exponential leap for us to see folks that have gone to this much trouble to produce this kind of volume of horrific exploitation of children,” Tidwell said.

It’s obvious this wasn’t just your garden variety group of sickos trading a few pics on the net. They had several layers of sophisticated encryption systems, tight secrecy, and other security details including background checks so that they may traffic in the lust for babies without hindrance.

What’s troubling is how did this group get to be so sophisticated? Who was funding all the background checks, and all the other systems they had in place? The whole operation stinks of Jews, but how far does it go? How many more people are behind this thing?

It was run like a business, and it’s a typical Jew business model for sure. Not to mention it’s an area where Jews are the majority, because their doctrine is the only one on earth, that not only condones, but encourages sex with children.

When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (3 years and 1 day old) it is as if one puts the finger into the eye….(i.e. the tears come again and again, so does the virginity come back to the girl under three years)

A male aged nine years and a day who cohabits with his deceased brother’s wife [the former having left no issue] acquires her [as wife]. (src. here)

You can look around yourself for more quotes from the Jew Talmud referring to the same thing, but moving along, there is this article from the 15th that brings the number of indicted up to 27, including people from Australia, Canada, America, and Britain.

Imagine just for a moment though, that this number should be in the hundreds, or even thousands, because this child pornography ring stretches across the entire globe, and it’s sophistication is no coincidence. There are no coincidences, but you are free to convince yourself otherwise, for as long as you like.

Not that what we’ve seen isn’t bad enough already, but this second article takes it a step further by saying seven victims were identified, and one of those as young as 18 months old! Alberto Gonzalez, U.S. General Attorney at the time said many images represent the “worst imaginable forms of child pornography.” Coming from that shyster, I don’t doubt that a bit.

Does it include things like snuff films with children? Wouldn’t surprise me, because it’s like I keep saying, the depravity of the Jew knows no bounds. Don’t doubt for a moment that non-Jews can not, or will not get infected by this virus of filth, because they do. However, it’s the overwhelming majority of Jews involved in these crimes that highlights where the root of it all really resides.

One glaring example is the North American Man Boy Love Association or NAMBLA which is nothing more than a Jew organization that pushes pedophilia. This definitely goes further, because even House Speaker (wench) Nancy Pelosi, marched in a gay parade along side of NAMBLA, and Jews like Allen Ginsberg (Head of NAMBLA) fervently support this disgusting manifestation of Jewish beliefs. From Wikipedia:

In the early 1980s, NAMBLA was reported to have had over 300 members, and was supported by such noted figures as Allen Ginsberg. Since then, the organization has kept membership data private, but an undercover FBI investigation in 1995 discovered that there were 1,100 people on the rolls. It is the largest organization in the umbrella group Ipce (formerly “International Pedophile and Child Emancipation”).

Can you imagine? There is actually an organization that seeks to advocate sex between men and boys. If this in and of itself is not enough to convince anyone that this world is being run more like a hell than a paradise, I don’t know what will.

People have got to get their head out of the clouds, and maybe take a peek behind the facade once in a while. The carnival looks fancy, flashy, and full of joy when you’re walking down the aisles, but behind the scenes, it’s just a bunch of grubby old roadies, with habits to feed, who haven’t showered or changed clothes for a week.

This is where it gets confusing, and rightfully so. Something must have slipped somewhere to bring another tentacle of these pedophile groups to light, and if you have an interest in covering up even portions of it, it’s gotta get confusing.

The second article states: “Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents infiltrated the ring during the last year and began making arrests last week, the sources told NBC.” I could have sworn the first article, from ABC eleven days ago, said Australian “authorities” had infiltrated the group in 2006?

So, here we go again with the funny stories, but there’s a good reason. That reason being this stuff goes extremely deep. In fact, when first looking at this I knew it was big, but I wasn’t sure exactly how big.

Well, it turns out that the BBC is reporting, at nearly the same time (April 16th), “Police in Germany have said they have broken up a child pornography network suspected of involving around 9,000 people in more than 90 countries.” This quote tells more of the story:

Officers in the Baden-Wuerttemberg said obscene images were being sent over the internet to countries in Europe, as well as the US, Canada and New Zealand.

The footage included “images of the most serious sexual abuse”, they added.

In raids across Germany, 500 computers and 43,000 storage devices were seized, and a number of people were arrested.

Come on kid, help me find my lost puppy, and I'll give you a "lolli-pop" to suck on.

"Come on kid, help me find my lost puppy, and I'll give you a lollipop to suck on." Don't kid yourself or your children. It IS as bad as it sounds.

So, this was an absolutely HUMONGOUS global organization. Remember when I said there are no coincidences? Well, how likely is it that these groups are all being uncovered at the same time, and all seemingly tied together?

500 computers? 43,000 storage devices? Nearly 9,000 people from 90 different countries around the globe. Just let that sink in for a moment. This is not child’s play…pardon the pun. These are adults kidnapping, defiling, and murdering our youth at an immense rate.

According to this article the animal I mentioned earlier, James Freeman, is the co-founder of another sick organization called “So Hopeful”, which seeks to “affect a change in laws regarding sex offender registration, due to the belief by those same offenders that they are being treated unfairly as a result of the current laws in place.

SOhopeful was formerly known as the SOhopeful Legal Defense Fund, which was an organization designed to raise funds in an effort to bring about a change in sex offender laws in the State of Oregon specifically.” (src. here states he was just arrested) When I said this thing had tentacles, I wasn’t kidding.

Quoting that article, take a look at this:

We know they’re out there looking for it. They come here everyday looking for some of the most bizarre things like

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There is a gaping hole somewhere that hundreds of thousands of children get sucked into yearly, and the FBI cannot find it!

No shit they’re looking for it. They’re abducting children daily and engaging in these lewd acts frequently. Just take a look at this article which states “For example, the federal government counted 840,279 missing persons cases in 2001.

All but about 50,000 were juveniles, classified as anyone younger than 18. That’s a fucking HUGE gaping hole that children are just falling into every year. That article alone reports 2,300 people PER DAY go missing in America, and those figures are from 2001.

You mean to tell me the Felonious Bunch of Incompetents (FBI) can’t figure out where all these bodies are going? There weren’t even any bodies at Treblinka, but official sources tell us they discovered 750,000 were killed there! Get real.

Of course, the real figures are probably startlingly much larger than the “official” numbers, which makes it scary for parents who have young children. They are not safe with Jews walking our streets, so consider yourself warned. There is no such thing as over protective if it keeps your child from being raped and murdered by some monstrous Jew.

Figures like this damn sure lend credibility to the accusations of blood libel, ritual murder, and of course pedophilia amongst the Jews. To think there is no connection between the two would be absurd. Look at this one example and make up your own mind, because there are many more like it, if you care to look for yourself. Here’s another disgusting quote from this group of monsters:

“This one may offend here, so a word of caution, these girls are heavily drugged,” Roy, known as “Nimo,” wrote on July 10, 2007, according to the court documents. “Not much action to speak of, the girls are (sic) to (expletive deleted) up to move, or resist. Three girls, the first one being the youngest, around 8 or 9 yo.”

There’s still even more to this. On April 23rd, this article states that Mexico also broke up a major child porn ring! According to that article, Mexican officials caught seven members of a child porn ring with connections to Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Chile, Spain, the United States and Venezuela.

Well, I’ll be damned! Another global child pornography ring busted at the same time, with ties to all the same places; but you can rest at ease, because this one is tied to the catholic church, which we all know seems to catch the heat for pedophilia ten times over before world Jewry does.

The ringleaders of the dismantled network included a Catholic priest and a foreign ministry IT employee, the police announced after the arrests Wednesday. The group distributed some 100,000 on-line pictures and videos of children ranging in age from infants to 10 years.

“It was an excellent blow, perhaps one of the most important so far in Latin America. But this is just the tip of the iceberg,” Teresa Ulloa, director of the Mexico City-based Regional Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin America and the Caribbean (CATWLAC), told IPS.

The child pornography network was discovered by the Mexico City police cybercrime unit, which on Mar. 4 found an email with sexual content that originated in the foreign ministry. The police tracked down the computer that the email was sent from, and its user turned out to be Luis Vergara, one of the directors of the ministry’s IT department.

In a search of Vergara’s home, police found evidence of a network run by seven people from different Mexican cities. The suspects were arrested and their computers, which contained child porn, were seized.

Ulloa said she hopes the police cooperate with authorities abroad to track down the users and members of the ring in other countries, in order to arrest more criminals, which “without a doubt there are,” she added.

“This case should have international repercussions; this is an extremely serious crime,” said the activist, whose regional coalition brings together 250 NGOs from 25 countries.

Note to Jews: These are not sex toys.

Yes, this is extremely serious, and I hope like hell that millions of people awaken to the depravity of these monsters. I didn’t spend the time looking for a Jewish connection to this case in Mexico, but it’s likely just another tentacle of the same beast. In conclusion, I’ll leave you with a link to this article which further defines what an epidemic this really is.

The truth is, these are some really vile creatures, with not one iota of decency amongst the whole bunch. You can scream Nazi all you want, but there was a good reason Germany enacted laws to confine these critters, and just look at how infested they are with this disease today.

I say this time we get rid of these demonic souls once and for all. No more jews living among non-jew populations, not even on the same land mass EVER again, for as long as mankind shall last. In fact, if we continue to let these blood sucking leeches live amongst our peoples for much longer, mankind will not last, so let’s do something about it already.

Don’t forget, one of the FBI’s top 10 Most Wanted was another pedophile jew named Richard Steve Goldberg. You can find more information and a look at this monstrosity here. It would take a whole new article to dig deeper into this story, but judging by this, the FBI should have a good grip on jews in pedophilia. So why are all these children still going missing?

Pornography - A Deadly Poison by Richard Vuzzutti
The Kidnapping of Johnny Gosch ~ Proof of Pedophilia in High Places
TED GUNDERSON:8-4 Illuminati Five Sense Conspiracy:CIA-pedophilia/human sacrifice/satanism


Ted Gunderson, the 27-year FBI veteran, former Los Angeles Senior Special Agent in Charge, shares compelling evidence and keen insight into the notorious McMartin preschool alleged child-molestation case. He shows the link between Satanic ritual-abuse, drug trafficking and the international trafficking in children by the CIA.

Ted shares the stage with Linda Wiegand, a mother who has suffered the grief of having lost her two boys to her ex-husband. A man accused by the children of sexually molesting them under intimidation and threats to their life, and later given custody of them by the court.

This video is a must for anyone who is truly interested in the truth about what is going on behind closed doors in this nation and the world!

The CIA and Satanism -
International Trafficking in Children

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  1. It matters not when the Talmud was written, the mores it espouses are evil. Gay? Perversion? Those two words still fit quite nicely into the same sentence. Don't point fingers, the rabbis take the cake but fortunately some brave souls are facing the wrath of their communities and speaking out against these arrogant self-worshiping rabbis. The Franklin Scandal I covered among my first exposes in this blog about 7 years ago as part of my research into child molestation, satanism, mk ultra, and other such sordid goings-on.

    But I do have to smile at "Jews are the least group to break existing laws". I'm not sure what planet you live on but it ain't the same one as the rest of us.


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