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By Texe Marrs, author,
Codex Magica

One group and one group alone is responsible for virtually all wars and bloodshed on the face of this planet. This evil cabal is few in numbers but, like a deadly octopus, its tentacles reach out to grip and strangle untold multitudes of innocent victims.

The initiates of every secret society and internationalist organization, from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Jesuits to the Bilderbergs and the Order of Skull & Bones, obey the dictates of this sinister group and tremble when standing before its leaders.

The cabalist group I refer to is the Synagogue of Satan and ancient, yet modern elite so politically powerful and so fabulously wealthy that even past history has been twisted, reshaped, and revised to meet its preferred version of humanity’s gloomy, totalitarian future.

Religious and racial in nature, the Synagogue of Satan is, at its essence, a grotesque, satanic cult. Its high council is composed of High Priests of Lucifer; these are men who literally worship death while practicing sexual magic and occult rituals of the blackest nature.

Regrettably, this Luciferian cabal of high priests is supported by over eighteen million people around the globe who call themselves “Jews” Some of these people, a great many, are fanatical in their support of the Synagogue of Satan. They go by the name, “Zionists.” Others provide the Cabal with only token, often nominal, support.

These eighteen million Jews are joined in their often zealous embrace by a great number of Gentiles who are also boastful of being Zionists. While these Gentile supporters are, on the whole, woefully ignorant of the horrific, ultimate goal of the Synagogue of Satan’s never-ending successful campaigns of revolution, war, famine, financial calamity, and bloodshed.

Given the proven fact that the elitist High Priests of Lucifer who comprise the Synagogue of Satan and their servants possess ownership of almost every major book publishing firm in the world, rarely is a book or volume every printed that has the courage and audacity requisite to expose the ongoing conspiracy of this monstrous group.

I am, therefore, extremely pleased to recommend to thinking men and women this excellent volume, The Synagogue of Satan, by Britain’s Andrew Hitchcock. You will find it to be a useful, revealing, and accurate historical guide to the sinister crimes and dark events that have propelled the Synagogue of Satan to the precipice of world power.

The term Synagogue of Satan is biblical in origin. As Mr. Hitchcock notes, the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible minces no words. God warns us of the horrendous and diabolical power to be wielded in the last days by the entity identified as the “Synagogue of Satan.”

What is most fascinating, however, is that the scriptures clearly tell us that the evil leaders of this entity are not Jews! Yes, they say they are Jews, and the world recognizes them as Jews, even as “Israel,” but they lie! Listen to what God’s Word reveals:

“I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan. “ (Revelation 2:9)

Mind-boggling, isn’t it? These wicked, world power-brokers want us to believe they are Jews; they boastfully pay claim to Israel as their heritage. But, in reality, they are blasphemous liars. What is going on here?

Given the fact that the masters of the Synagogue of Satan today possess such incredible and extraordinary influence over the media, it stands to reason that the average world citizen easily falls for the Lie. People everywhere trust these great and beneficent leaders who say, “We are Jews” to be exactly that” Jews. No wonder the Apostle Paul warned that Satan’s disciples come disguised as “ministers of righteousness” and as “angels of light”

In the case of the minions of the Synagogue of Satan, they come to us disguised as “God’s Chosen,” as “Israel,” as the One Race selected by God to produce in the future a Messiah (not Jesus!) for eternity. We are Jews, they proudly boat while, at the same time, they suggest that others ~ that is, the defective lower and inferior races ~ are obligated by God to bless them, to follow the “Jews” lead, to bow down and serve them as “God’s Chosen.”

“Yes,” they arrogantly explain, “we are Jews, and you are goyim (cattle), and we have been chosen by divine edict to rule over you and over the entire planet.”

Shocking as it is, these claims by the Jewish pretenders of racial superiority, even Super Race consciousness, have for the most part been accepted by Christian evangelicals as legitimate, authoritative, and coming direct from God.

Christian evangelicals say it is the lot of the Gentiles to bow down and accord virtual god-like status to the “Jews” and to their newly formed political entity, Israel, lest God be angered and curse and punish those who resist the Jews and their artificially created nation, “Israel.”

Sadly, nowhere in the established Christian Church can be found a pastor or evangelist today who has the spiritual wisdom, or even the common sense, to ask the cardinal question, “Who is this Synagogue of Satan that God warns about in the book of Revelation?” And nary a soul seems to ask the correlating question, “Just who are these wicked impostors of whom God warns will say they are “Jews” and are no, but do lie?

Skull and Crossed Bones on Jewish tombstone in UK

One thing is for sure ~ the Bible regards these false, lying Jewish impostors as dangerous, murderous vessels in the hands of their infernal lord, Satan. Revelation 2:10 says the Synagogue of Satan will cast some Christians into prison and kill many others. Their evil plot to conquer the world by stealth and deceit will finally bring about a precarious Hour of Temptation for all mankind (Revelation 3:10). SO, why aren’t pastors and evangelists today warning us to watch out for and beware of these impostor Jews of the Synagogues of Satan?

The riddle of those who say the are Jews but are not, and do lie may be explained by the fact that the men at the top tier of power in the Synagogue of Satan organization have been proven by many respected researchers to be “Khazar Jews” also called “Ashkenazi Jews” The Khazars were a Turk-Mongol people who lived centuries ago in the Kingdom of Khazaria, eventually to be integrated into the Russian Empire by the Czars.

The King of the Khazars forced his citizens, upon penalty of death, to convert to Judaism. Later, after their takeover by hostile enemies, demographers and historians say that the Khazars migrated into Eastern Europe, especially to Poland, France, Romania, Hungary, and to Germany.

There, in Europe, the Khazars ~ who said they were Jews and practiced a mystical and pagan form of Judaism ~ gathered in their own communities, keeping separate from those around them whom they classified as “Gentiles.” The Khazar “Jews” considered the gentiles to be racial inferiors. In fact, the racial inferiority of Gentiles was taught to them in their Talmud.

Europe soon became populated by peoples who said they were Jews, who acculturated as Jews, who adopted and practiced the Babylonian Judaic Pharisaic Religion, but who were not real Jews. Most of these people have not a drop of Jewish blood in their bodies, yet they pretend to be “Jews.”

Many no doubt have bought into their own historical lie. Others know the truth, but attempt to conceal their true, non-Jew.

To this day, the Ashkenazi Jews, the heirs of the Khazar genealogical lineage, shun DNA tests. They want no evidence produced that will prove they are not Jews. They continue to lie and say they are Jews.

In fact, an increasing number of DNA studies and analysis have been published over the past decade. In every case, it was scientifically established that a vast majority of people alive today who say they are Jews have little or no DNA relationship to the ancient bloodline of the Israelites. One researcher has even reported that Arabs and Palestinians probably have a greater percentage of ancient Israelite blood flowing through their veins than today’s modern-day “Jew.”

It is as if the modern-day descendants of Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, or Japan’s World War 2 Emperor Hirohito were to falsely declare, with absolutely no proof or evidence to back up their contention, that they are “Jews” and the whole world were to foolishly accept their preposterous, juvenile and unscientific bloodline claims.

Why do these Jewish impostors insist, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that they are “Jews?” Why do they falsely lay claim to being in the direct lineage of Israel’s patriarchs, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and others?

The reason is clear: FOR ADVANTAGE. When modern day Israel was formed in 1948, the Khazar/Ashkenazi Jews took all the leadership roles in that fledgling nation. Men who lied and said they were Jews, but were not, soon were receiving billions of dollars in free foreign aid money from U.S.A.taxpayers and hundreds of millions more in reparations from a defeated German nation.

These Jewish impostors, moreover, gathered the sympathy and support of billions of deceived dupes around the world who feel guilty or who want to help Jewish holocaust victims ~ through few of the Khazars really ever were victims.

In effect, what we have here is a massive Personality and Race Cult, made up of false “Jews” who enthusiastically pretend they are God’s Chosen People, the “apple” of His eye, but in reality are blasphemers of God, liars extraordinaire, and global scam artists! These, then , are the denizens so well in his hellish Synagogue of Satan, who are exposed so well in this book by Andrew Hitchcock.

Wherever those who say they are Jews have chosen to reside in the world today, they prosper and thrive.

In America this is doubly true. In his insightful book, The Power of Israel in the United States, Professor James Petras documents the overwhelming control exercised over U.S. foreign and domestic policy by the Jewish Lobby and by Israel. Jews represent only about 2.2% of America’s voter-age demographics. The basis for their power, says Petras, is Jewish wealth. In other words ~ Money.

“The basis of the (Jewish) Lobby’s PAC power is rooted in the high proportion of Jewish Families among the wealthiest families in the United States. According to Forbes, 25 to 30 percent of U.S. multimillionaires and billionaires are Jewish.”

Due to their willingness to exercise this Money Power to advance their own race and its prospects, Petras writes, the Jews have established a “tyranny over the U.S.” ~ a tyranny that, Petras warns, “has grave consequences for world peace and war, the stability and instability of the world economy, and for the future of democracy in the U.S.”

Petras, in his book, convincingly demonstrates the vile nature of the unseemly Jewish influence over the U.S. political establishment. The United States, because of unrelenting Jewish demands, has become the military and economic proxy of Israel in the Middle East and the globe, committing violence, torture, assassination, terrorism, robbery of resources, and thuggery on a grand scale.

When the Jewish Power tell us to do it, we jump to go and do it. Even the horror of genocide is perpetrated if it is to the advantage of the Jews.

In effect, the United States has become a colony of Greater Israel. We, the people of America, act as the Jews’ global body guard, fixer, and hit man. We, led by the Gentile puppets who slavishly do the bidding of the Jewish Money Masters, are global capos.

On behalf of Jewish interests we are busy converting the entire world into one, giant concentration camp. We are the camp’s guards and its executioners; the “Jews” are its commandants, and the people of planet earth are its inmates. At the mere whim of the Synagogue of Satan, the inmates are starved, worked to death, and discarded.

The best and brightest of the Gentiles are rewarded with grotesque entertainments and lustful transient pleasures. Until their usefulness is exhausted and then, they too,are thrown off the deep end of the pier, dying of alcoholism clogged arteries, Alzheimer’s and other diseases brought on by the debilitating pharmaceuticals sold by Jewish-owned corporate drug giants.

What of the real Jews? Here, we refer to the Sephardic Jews, some of whom are actually able to trace their heritage back to ancient Israel.

Please keep in mind that God is no respecter of persons, and that racial advantage has no part in God’s heavenly Jerusalem. Indeed, contrary to the doctrines of devils spread by lying evangelicals, God does not distinguish between races in choosing a people for His name. Galatians 3:28-29 is marvelous in dispelling satanic notion of racial superiority.

God does not favour those who are “Jew” or those of any race or ethnic heritage. Instead, the Bible invites men and women of every nation and race on earth to come and drink of Jesus’ living water: “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.”

Paul perfectly explains the spiritual applications of this life-giving principle when he states that according to the Word of God, “They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.” (Romans 9:8)

What a wonderful thing! Regardless of a person’s race or bloodline, and in spite of lowly physical or geographical origins, any man or woman can be elevated to the high and eternal status of God’s Chosen. How is this amazing feat accomplished? Through faith in Jesus Christ alone, for is the gift of God, a gift awarded not based on a man’s racial heritage, but on the spiritual treasure that resides in his heart.

Tragically, today I find that many, indeed, almost the whole majority of Jews, have bought into the lies of the Synagogue of Satan. Their xenophobic racial and national pride has overcome far too many Jews. Secular Jews and religious “Jews” alike, Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, have fallen in the trap.

Believing the rabbis’ lying doctrines, as elaborated in the poisonous, racially infused holy books of Judaism, the Talmud and the texts of the Kaballah, those who identify themselves as Jews often love to presume they are smarter, better, more spiritual, more divine than their fellows who are Gentiles.

These “Jews” may be privy to or may not even remotely understand the heinous plan and designs of the Sabbatian, satanic “Jews” of the Synagogue of Satan. Nevertheless, by flattery they have been deceived. So, they sit back and luxuriate and bask in the glow of their supposed racial blood superiority.

They also acquiesce in the imperial designs of the butchers who run the fascist government of today’s physical of Israel.

They believe it when their rabbis tell them that as God’s Chosen, their destiny is to rule the world and acquire all its wealth.

They give monies to politicians and to Jewish causes that lead to violence and bloodshed for the beleaguered Palestinians and Arabs. After all, Arabs are though to be inferior people.

Just your average Satanist, the boy next door.

Many rabbis eagerly classify Arabs and other Gentiles as like insects, Goyim (cattle) at best, destined for the dung heap of history. Long live the Jewish Super race!

It is true that not every Jew expresses such deviant views. Yet, many “Jews” are silent. Inwardly, they crave the rabbinical and Talmudic flattery heaped on them. They also realize that they gain advantage because they are “Jews,” so they say and do nothing to prevent the Synagogue of Satan from advancing its gaols.

In truth, the silent are themselves complicit. Omission and commission are one and the same. And “not to decide” to do what is right is to decide to do what is wrong.

It has been the case that the cowardly inaction of the “Silent Majority” lend power and credentials to the active Minority who rule. In the ongoing American war against the hapless, suffering of Iraq, the U.S. Armed Forces have, according to a John Hopkins Medical University Study published in the respected Lancet medical journal, now massacred over 655,000 Iraqis. This gruesome statistic is of non-combatant, innocent men, women and children.

But watch out! ~ It is not only the military brass and the leaders in the Bush Administration who are culpable in this genocidal crime. Every American citizen, by his inaction and failure to protest, is guilty of this mayhem and murder.

Likewise, every person who says, “I am a Jew” and who, being racially prejudiced and bigoted, tends to prefer his or her racial tribe (Jew) to all others and proceeds to discriminate and mistreat the so-called inferior Gentiles (Goyim) is guilty of satanic crimes.

This is especially the case for all those who are Zionists; all such people are guilty of membership in, and support for, the Synagogue of Satan. This includes Jewish bankers, corporate CEOs, educators, teachers, broadcasters-the whole kit and caboodle of people who say they are “Jews”

Virtually all Jews, by extension, are of the Synagogue of Satan. A Jew may say, “No, that cannot be. I did not vote for these evil men. I do not approve of their monstrous deeds. I just live my daily life in the pursuit of happiness and prosperity.”

Do not be deceived. You are wrong. You are guilty. You may be silent, yet your inaction makes you as a willing accomplice in the crimes and designs of the Synagogue of Satan. You are a co-conspirator, and you will someday pay the full price for your heinous crimes, whether of omission or commission.

Is this a “collective guilt?” Yes, indeed it is and while man may frown on it, God has ordained it. Truly, all of mankind is under a collective curse due to the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden. That is why man needs a redeemer, to redeem and deliver him from this curse. As for the Jews, Jesus Himself solemnly declared this prophecy.

“Fill ye up then measure of your fathers.

Ye serpents, ye generation (race) of vipers,
How can ye escape the damnation of hell?...

That upon you may come all the righteous blood
Shed upon the earth…

Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.”
~ Matthew 23:32-38

Whether man likes it or not, Jesus Christ has placed a terrible, collective curse on the Jews. If a man, by his own tongue, identifies himself as a Jew, even if he lies in doing so, he unwisely places himself under this horrendous curse. He becomes, then a cog in the terrible inhuman machine called the Synagogue of Satan.

Yet, let it be known by all that every man and woman, Jew and Gentile, is offered liberty and means of escape from the curse through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. A curse may be collective or individual, but the blessings of salvation and deliverance are always tendered to individuals.

So as not to be misconstrued, I level this same warning and accusation against Gentiles. You Gentiles who suspect or know of the evil ways of the elite leaders of the Synagogue of Satan and do nothing to stop them ~ are equally guilty of their crimes.

Thus, the Synagogue of Satan is made up not only of lying, blasphemous men and women who say they are Jews and are not, but also who collaborate with them. All are complicit and are serving Lucifer.

What is the ultimate goal of Synagogue of Satan? Its goal is to corrupt men's souls, destroy every independent government and enslave the world in a Luciferian dictatorship led by their own Despot King. The method they employ as they proceed in this endeavour is to cause chaos, followed by their own well-designed establishment of order: Order Ab Chao.

Cyclically, perpetually played out on the world scene, they cause wars and revolutions and foster economic chaos and social instability. Chaos is their engine of progress until, eventually, all of mankind is so exhausted people everywhere are expected to desperately cry out for a World Authority to finally bring in order and global peace. But for evil-doers who say they are Jews there truly is no peace to be had.

Only a police state with absolute slavery for all mankind will satisfy them.

Why are these evil-doers so determined to wreak havoc, to work bloodshed and to demolish the earth to bring about their log-sought, vain-glorious “Jewish Utopia?”

I do not blink to state to you clearly and in no uncertain terms that the worst of these wicked perverts are Luciferians. The people at the very top of the Synagogue of Satan are possessed by devils. Their plot is of biblical proportions. It is also of intergenerational character.

The same demons who yesterday infested Mayer Rothschild, Napoleon, Marx, and Lenin today work inside the human shells of 21st century disciples. Since the day of Luciferian deception in the Garden of Eden and the murder of righteous Abel by Satan’s Cain, these partisans of hell have labored.

Their more recent incarnations have produced the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the horrors of World Wars I and II, and the so-called Cold War and its many conflicts. Now, through their aggression and wars in the Middle East, they threaten to annihilate and engulf the world in the nuclear nightmare of World War III. The death and misery will never stop until Christ returns again.

The Synagogue of Satan will steadily deceive, slander, kill and plot until the end comes. They have no other choice. The devil and his fallen angels eons ago rolled the dice, figuratively speaking, and lost. They foolishly rebelled and now must pay the full penalty. So, too, will all those who ally themselves with today’s devil-led Synagogue of Satan.

Someday, all who ally themselves with the Synagogue of Satan, including those who attempt to remain aloof and choose to remain silent, will be forced to grovel at the very feet of those whom the Synagogue of Satan have so viciously and cruelly robbed, persecuted, and killed.

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I loved thee.” (Revelation 3:9)

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