Tuesday 26 May 2009


I sent the following as a response a discussion on antisemitism on a friend's blog. He seemed to like it enough to ask me if he could publish it. So, it reads pretty well to me. It is honest, straight from the heart, and the words spilled out as fast as I could type. I hope that I am speaking for more than myself here. And, smile, after responding to many blog articles, I have always felt something was lacking compared to some of the much more in depth and educated responses given. It was good to know that someone acknowledged that I actually "get it"!

This wonderful comment was left this morning on my blog under the essay I wrote entitled "Antisemitism, The Provocative Accusation." Barbara L gets it, she really gets it.

If one must be "antisemitic" in order to be honest, then there's really nothing wrong with antisemitism, Jews and Jewry be damned. It's really that simple and something I've tried for more than four years to get across to the public.

Then along comes Barbara L on May 26, 2009, and in a few minutes jots down a comment that explains it better than I have been able to in all these years. Thanks Barbara L.

If Telling the Truth Makes Me an Anti-Semite;
Then Call Me an Anti-Semite.

By Barbara L.

"The Missiles ,the bombs the helicopter gunships etc.etc.all carried Jewish symbols and yet we can't refer to them as being Jewish without it being antisemitic."

Do you remember when the word "nice" that used to MEAN something? Or "gay" was a happy light feeling rather than a sexual deviance?

It is my belief that if a word is misused enough that its TRUE intention is lost, or if it is abused enough especially at the cost of truth and ethics, then USE IT.

In today's world I am proud to call myself antisemitic if it means I can say, "YES, these bombs are from Israel courtesy of the States, and YES they were kissed by pretty little Jewish girls from Israel."

If being antisemitic means I can say what was done in Gaza by the Talmudic Zionist-driven satanic rabbinical leaders and the IDF and IOF, then I will choose antisemitism.

If being antisemitic means I can say I side with the victims instead of the oppressors, victims being driven into extinction for political greed and religious hatred, then I am proud to be antisemitic.

If I curse a caterpillar tank adorned with the star of David tearing down a Palestinian farm and centuries old olive groves being ripped up and sold elsewhere, throwing entire families into poverty, then call me antisemitic.

If being antisemitic means calling a spade a spade and saying, You are starving the people of Gaza and sending back 250 tons of food and boats of medical necessities; they are dieing because of your brutality", then I am antisemitic.

If I boycott and advocate the boycott of Israeli goods, I am proudly antisemitic.

If I weep for handsome young Bessem Ibrahim Abu Rahmeh, slaughtered at Bilin for calling out "Listen we have children and Israelis with us", or decry the murder of Rachel Corie, the attack on Tristan Anderson, then I am antisemitic.

If I point a finger at those behind all this, say the Mossad is largely behind 911, or that the Jews attacked the USS Liberty and Israelis are the greatest terrorists of all, behind the Bolshevik Red Terror that killed 100 000 000 Christians and Catholics, now living in a nation built on theft and nourished on blood, I am antisemitic.

And if I point to the terrorism that is rife in America, created by B'nai Brith that is an arm of the Freemasons of Scottish Right Illuminati, NOT JEWISH in final goals, and controls AIPAC as well as the ADL and JDL, and works to change our western society and subjugate us all to NWO conditioning, then I am again proudly antisemitic.

If I point out that most of the Jews in Israel are NOT of Semitic blood, but are Ashkenazim from Europe, Russia, North America, Africa, etc etc, then I am antisemitic. Now THAT one really confuses the hell out of me!

This word "antisemitic" is overused to the nth degree whenever one becomes dangerous to the status quo's wishes.

I have done my homework for 40 years and no longer buy the lies. By the way, I also am a humanist enough to thoroughly appreciate anyone who has a good soul and heart no matter where they come from or what their race so do not call me a hater of the Jews or Americans or anyone else.

There are great movers and shakers for the peace movement from all parts of the globe. It is the Zionist owned media that keeps everyone from knowing of their existence.

I reserve my antisemitism for the criminals amongst us who use that word "antisemitism" like a sword to cut with and a shield to hide behind as they kill and ruin the young men of our country by sending them out to destroy others while they sit back and profit and wait for the arrival of Lucifer and their evil New World Order.

Until people begin to THINK about things this way and stop CARING about such labels, these creatures will continue to suck our life source and kill with impunity the innocent of the planet. And get away with it.

I also believe, if we are still around, 10 ~ 15 years from now, those of us who have NOT stood up and spoken out and said, YES, I am antisemitic, I stand for decency and human values, we will feel, deep in our souls, shamed.

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