“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”~ Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155 in “You Gentiles”

The science writer noticed the commotion down by the Dias as he sat in the auditorium waiting for the scheduled talk to begin. It seemed that some staff person was arguing with a videographer, evidently telling him he could not tape the upcoming event; so the video guy angrily tilted the tripod-mounted video camera lens up towards the ceiling and walked away. Seeing this interaction, writer knew something was coming up and quickly reached for his notepad and pen.

The man due to give a talk was a bearded, (repulsive) long-haired old Jew who looks like a member of Chabad Lubavitch and certainly hates non Jews as much as they do behind closed doors, named Dr. Eric Pianka, named the “Texas Distinguished scientist for 2006″ and the speech was before the 109th meeting of the Texas Academy of Science at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. The man in the audience was Forrest M. Mim III, a popular science writer and editor of the bi-weekly journal, The Citizen Scientist.

What the writer soon heard scared the living daylights out of him.


The totally evil Jewish Scientist Pianka. The sick bastard thinks it would be great to see you excess Goyim die horrific deaths, bleeding out of every hole in your body as you writhe around in gran mal seizures ~ probably while he and his Jew chums hunker down in some secret Jew hideaway.

What is terrifying is the scientific world honours this man and his many students adore his work and commonly discuss the human race as vermin or disease.

The bearded Jew began his talk by slamming “anthropocentrism” or the idea that man occupied a privileged position in nature. Exclaiming to the audience “man is no better than bacteria,” he argued that mankind is destroying the planet, with his overpopulation and industry. He warned that earth would not survive unless 90% of humans were killed off.

Pianka's thousands of blinkered wild-eyed graduates are now perpetrating this blather amongst the rest of the intellectual world, and it will eventually trickle down to the rest of humanity in order to make depopulation and regulation thereof "socially acceptable" as decreed on the Guidestones. This belief system aligns itself well with the atheistic philosophies being driven into the world at the cost of Christianity the past few years.

Atheism is heavily and aggressively promoted by Richard Dawkins a graduate of the Franklin School, now continuing the work of tearing American religion apart. This theory of mass disease, and man being no more than a plague will be more easily accepted especially if there is no belief in a supreme being, and children are from day one indoctrinated by the state.

The old Jew scumbag then openly wondered: “Now when you get to these viruses ~ Ebola Zaire has potential. It kills nine out of ten humans. It’s never gotten out of Africa cause its so virulent it kills everybody before they can move. I mean it kills you within a day or two.”

A caucasion Ebola victim.
A dying Causasian Ebola Victim

Mim was shocked. Didn’t Pianka know just how terrible the deaths were from African Ebola?

The description at the above link in in great detail, it is indeed a horror. Remember the dark god of these people delights in long highly painful sacrifices! The ravages of this savage disease are described in excruciating detail. Not for the squeamish. However, so long as it is only goyim suffering, it does not matter so much.

You would take several days dying, bleeding from every orifice of your body ~ nostrils, anus and you might even cry tears of blood. Further along, you would shake uncontrollably from gran mal seizures, a grotesque evolutionary method for the hot virus to spread itself through sprays of blood onto new hosts close by. You would stay alive right on up till the time your organs putrefied to bloody mush inside you.

It’s all exactly like something from the most horrible of alien sci-fi movies.

Woe is humanity if Ebola ever evolved or was created in a laboratory to be an airborne pathogen. How anyone could wish such a thing on people was beyond Mim’s comprehension. Or did the Jew even care? Read more about Dr. Pianka’s speech

Now we’ve seen a new and potentially horrible pandemic has started in Mexico and is spreading out into the world. It might be called ”Swine Flu,” but it’s not a mere pig bug, it doesn’t even bother them. Here’s the difference: this particular flu virus contains not only elements from pigs and humans, but an almost impossible to believe third component: The Avian flu. That’s right ~ H5N1, the deadly flu bug that many scientists have been concernedly watching for in Southeast Asia.

Make clear note of that: This virus somehow not only incorporated influenza DNA from pigs and humans, but also viral strands of a deadly pathogen from across the pacific!

Now a lot of people have been yukking it up about “conspiracy theorists,” those who may call this a purposeful man-made threat, but the reality is that it could easily have been done, by all kinds of people and not just governments, too. The techniques behind DNA splicing has been around for a long time, the technology readily obtainable; the laboratory equipment can be bought from mail order catalogs and literally fedexed to you overnight.

Interesting slogan they have, isn't it?

Back in the 90’s, two Australian researchers spliced together the deadly (virtually 100% mortality) Interleukin 4 Mousepox (all mammals have a pox, like Horsepox and Smallpox for humans), by splicing mouse genes that mimicked the proteins of White blood cells, effectively camouflaging the pox from the mouse body’s self-defense forces. They then stupidly published the exact process and equipment to do all this on the Internet, allowing nternet, about anyone to download. This scared the pants off the scientific community.

Another thing, someone’s already created a combined human flu (non-viable) and H5N1 avian flu. That’s right, you didn’t hear a word breathed about the story in the mainstream news, but the Austrian branch of Baxter labs shipped out this very thing to 18 countries just last year. As usual, they blamed it all on a lab mistake, but ask yourself this: how could they possibly do such a thing? Read more here

After the Anthrax terror event of 9/11, this harpie Jewess named Dr. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, pointed the finger at the Gentile, Dr. Steven J. Hatfield, calling him the Anthrax perp. Hatfield, his career now destroyed, bravely fought off the Jewess’ allegations and scurrilous press, eventually being awarded a large settlement of your tax dollars for the sorry affair.

Dr. Bruce Ivins, fall guy for the Anthrax case?

Dr. Bruce Ivins, the fall guy for the Anthrax Case

The FBI ended up blaming it another White Gentile named Bruce Ivins, who was then promptly and conveniently suicided. The US media completely ignored the part where the guy was found out to be a total Zionist. Ivins was obviously set-up to be the fall guy for a Mossad plot, a false-flag ops in conjunction with the 9/11 attack, so as to boost the level of paranoia in the US populace (and don’t forget the failed false-flag attempt in Mexico City, where two Mossad agents were actually nabbed in the act).

But there was always direct evidence that linked an extremist Jew who appears to have stolen the exact same strain of militarized Anthrax spores used in the letters. Dr. Philip Zack had been caught on security camera sneaking into the area were it was stored during off hours and had only later run into trouble when he sabotaged and harassed a fellow Arab scientist.

Look at this Jew c--ksucker.
Zionist Jack the Anthrax Hack

But all that was totally ignored by the FBI as well as the Zionist media, those who had the least problem dragging Hatfield through the mud. It’s seems quite evident that Zionist Zack was a “Sayan,” or citizen spy for the Mossad, stealing a deadly bioweapon for Zionist perfidy down the road.

As we see, this new Swine flu coming out of Mexico could be man-made, very easily. Although we’ve never seen this particular combination of man, pig and bird virus before, a similar deadly outbreak occurred but minus the improbable H5N1 avian sequence. This was the deadly pandemic known as the Great Spanish Influenza of 1918.

A historian of the influenza, Alfred W. Crosby, said it killed more people than any other disease in human history by far, including the Black Death of the Middle Ages. This pandemic killed 20 to 100 million people (the total can never be fully ascertained). 500,000 Americans died from it, equivalent to around 20 million today.

One thing to bear in mind is that this influenza came in two waves, the first petered out in the spring and everyone forgot all about it. In the fall, it came roaring back to life, much more virulent and deadly. We may be seeing the same behavior once again. Also, the new one out of Mexico appears to target the young and healthy, just like the 1918 bug.

In the late 90’s, viable pathogens were dug-up from graves of long-dead Eskimos, frozen in Alaska since 1918, and the genes were later mapped by US Army bioweapon experts from Fort Detrick, headed by Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger in 1997-2003. Who knows where the fruits of this research finally ended up?

Once you have the DNA sequencing of a pathogen, you can take bits from one and combine it with bits from another. Some are indeed saying that this bug has the traits of a man-made, engineered virus or what is called “recombinant.”

The investigative Journalist,

Wayne Madsen,

says some scientists think

Swine Flu might be human engineered.

Did the Global Zionists create a superbug to kill off the pesky Goyim masses plaguing what they consider to be their God-given world? Perhaps they think they have enough technology and creature comforts to make a fresh start in the world; now they’ll push a giant restart button, wiping the slate clean.

THE TALMUD: Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10. This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog (”Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed”).

These Zionists do have unlimited numbers of human guinea pigs at their disposal: Israel has thousands of Palestinians locked away in prisons ~ little different from concentration camps ~ where they’re treated like dogs and even tortured. How many of them would it take to check the lethality of a particular strain of engineered virus?

Who would know? The Japs did bioweapon research in WWII with a special unit in Manchuria that used not only Chinese prisoners but White European POWs. The discoveries were classified by the US government and used to further US and, most probably, Israel’s bio-weaponry.

One national security document surfaced in 1990, NSM200, written the Genocidal globalist Henry Kissinger, outlined a plan for secret population control (by limiting birth) in third world countries. He conspired to use the United Nations and other multinational organizations (IMF and World Bank) to disguise who was really behind the efforts, just like what he did over the decades to gain control the finances of sovereign nations all across the globe for the NWO. Folks, all this kind of thing is exactly what a conspiracy is!


Georgia Guidestones: In 1979 a mysterious stranger named R. C. Christian paid cash upfront to have a stonemason company install these monuments on some property in rural Georgia. No one seems to even know who officially owns the land. Carved on the face of each block is a message in several languages (including Hebrew) that has the admonition that the earth’s population is to never be more than 500 million, requiring 6 billion people to now die. Some say it’s Masonic and others point to a shadowy Globalist group called the Committee of 300, behind something called the Global 2000 Agenda that calls for a massive human die-off to protect themselves.

Are they capable of something like this? Hell yeah, they are. These kind of people have no compunctions whatsoever when it comes to other human beings. Never have.

Look at that scientist above, Dr. Pianka, once again. He wouldn’t bat an eye seeing your bloated corpse piled up by the roadside along with millions of others. Hell, this kind of Jew might even crack a satisfied grin beneath that beard over the sight.

Jews have been the most genocidal race this planet has ever seen. That’s right: Commie Jews under Stalin purposefully starved to death at least 10 million in the Ukraine during the winter of 1932-33. They also executed the Goyim with mass shootings and other enforced starvations since the Red revolution in 1917 ~ long before Hitler was a blip on the screen. Crypto-Jews called the “Young Turks” instigated the genocides of the Armenians in Turkey by driving them into the desert to die.

In the US, the Jew Henry Morganthau, under the Crypto-Jew Franklin Roosevelt, ordered Eisenhower to let die 1.1 to 1.7 million German POWs in open-air prison camps and to starve another 5.7 million German civilians in the years after WWII. That’s not even mentioning what Stalin’s Commie Jews did to the Germans.

The evil Zionist Jews and Neocons were behind the 9/11 False Flag operation that killed 3,031 people and the Anthrax mailings that killed 5 and crippled a score for life. Killing off billions of humans would only be a matter of scale to these people. And besides, the Talmud promises the entire World for them when their Mosiach (Messiah) appears: Will they one day call this superbug the Jewish Messiah?


The danger to the US has never been Christianity or a Caliphate of Muslim fanatics (what a sorry joke that one is), but the one bunch nobody is supposed to breath a word about or get called a Nazi bastard! Sen. Richard Gephardt sponsored the Seven Noahide declaration in 1991 and almost all Americans never heard a thing. America’s New Government Church

Most Americans have little idea that the people behind all this Jewish Messiah business, their associates in the media and the massively-financed Jewish political machines, have far too much power over our land.

The Chabadist-Lubavitcher, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson (above, bottom right), was once considered the Jewish Messiah, until he died and stayed dead. The US government made his birthday, March 26, officially “US Education Day” and even declared in 1991 that the United States was founded on his group’s “Seven Noahide laws!”



These laws have been gradually changing the fundamentals of our legal system ever since (go to the link above for even more). And you thought we had separation of Church and State? That’s for Christians, you chumps!

The Jewish soothsayers tell them that we are in the final generation before all their hopes and dreams for world domination come true. They believe the time is now, that the 70 nations of the Goyim are fully infiltrated by their agents. Here, read this from one of the many Chabadist-Lubavitcher’s websites, make note that “Israel” is considered as all Jews everywhere ~ not just the geographic country.

“The Biblical boundaries of the Land of Israel are outlined in the Book of Numbers 34:2-12. (in the Artscroll Stone Edition p.923 you can find a map).

However, while Abraham was promised ten lands (Genesis 15:19-21), his descendants only received seven of them. The other three ~ Ammon, Edom and Moab ~ were temporarily given to the descendants of Lot and Esau [us], but will return to the Jews with the coming of the Messiah (see Deuteronomy 19:8).

The Midrash tells us that Israel will miraculously expand and will be the size of the entire globe!” Chabad Lubavitcher site

I respond to that idiocy with a fat raspberry and a resounding, until your Midrash is MY Midrash too, HIGHLY unlikely, and promises the rest of us the same privileges as you, that is simply stupid talk.

Folks, they have the means, motive and morals to do precisely this kind of thing. Calling it far-fetched is just being plain naïve when it comes to Big Jewry and the crazed Talmudic Zionists. And no, regular Jews are not in on the whole thing and should be equally fearful of having millions of themselves dying as well.

Jewry has willingly sacrificed their own many times in the furtherance of Zionism and their overall race. One example: The Israeli terrorist group Irgun, back in 1947, deliberately sunk the SS Patria, drowning hundreds of Jew refugees from Europe, all to embarrass the British in control of Palestine. Big Jewry, like the Central banking and One Worlder Warburg family, even supported Hitler secretly so as to scare all the little Jews into moving to Palestine.

“If I am asked, could you give from the UJA (United Jewish Appeal) monies to rescue Jews, I say, no and I say again no!” He would go onto state, “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland!” ~ Zionist Izaak Greenbaum, head of the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee, in a speech to the Zionist Executive Council Feb 18, 1943

This is the same Big Jewry that considers all the rest of us to be "Niggers" anyways. White, Black, Brown and Yellow. They could care less about you living and breathing, let alone anything else.

The few hundred Globalist Jew elite families behind all of this, could quickly relocate to protected enclaves, while the rest of us died horrible deaths; never knowing what these people were up to. Do we even know now? These people would end up comfortably ensconced somewhere, maybe in West Virginia’s Greenbrier hotel, NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain or on a previously situated Bahama Bahama island, well-stocked with Matza balls and caviar, too sweet Manishevitz wine and celebratory Kristol champagne.

They may even have created a vaccine in advance to inoculate themselves and are only hiding out from the carnage brought about by our civilization’s death throes.

The poorer Jews would be in the same boat as us, or maybe the Globalist Jews would set-up a last minute rat-line for them and only alerted when common knowledge could not effect the privileged inner core. They might be told at the synagogue and at the Jewish Masonic lodges (oh yeah, they exist all over), or even contacted directly by specialized Sayan crews, those who already know how to keep a lid on things. Who do you think were sacrificed in the various world wars, the rank and file Jews.

They would be told to pack a few bags and be ready first thing in the morning to join a convoy to collection points, which would act as intitial quarantines, along with Jew verification and briefing sessions. Before being allowed on the buses and leaving the collection points for the final Jew Flu hideouts, they would be checked for signs of contamination, with a simple temperature scan, like at airport screening.

The most fanatic of Jews would already be positioned in our military and Homeland security as sacrificial soldiers ~ willing to die for the Chosen race ~ on the look-out to sabotage any potential Goyim retribution during the mass panics in the final days of our civilization. They would bank on secrecy, as usual, just before they stabbed us in the back one last time.

Sure, none of this is for certain ~ we can only speculate here on the plans behind it. But we do know that Whites in the Western countries have been kept in the dark on so many levels that anything is possible, especially from a race that has committed so many Genocides in the past without most Whites having the least clue ~ so far.

We know that the Global Zionists are more than willing to see us die for them in foreign wars of aggression, like in Iraq and Afghanistan. But what else is possible, if their personal power is ever threatened and they know the jig is up? We also know that the Talmud promises Jewry that when their Messiah makes his appearance, the borders of Israel will magically expand to encompass the whole world with the hated Goyim smote for good.

So, are we really so sure that they won’t use

modern biotechnology

to hurry along the process? ~ Phillip Marlowe

Wasn't that the H1N1 hoax with all those nasty vaccinations no one wanted?

For several years now, scientists have been mysteriously turning up dead all over the world: Dead scientist listing. You be the judge.

Thanks to Curt Maynard’s Blog for heads-up story on Pianka.