Monday 11 May 2009


Eustace Mullins, protege of Ezra Pound, great thinker and truth teller, detested by Zionists for his simple way of seeing to the core of an issue ~ therefore branded antisemitic for speaking out.

The Neo-Zionist Order: WHO RULES YOUR RULERS ?

Most Americans would agree that there is something desperately wrong with the political and judicial system in the United States, but as many unsuspecting Americans point fingers at each other (Republicans and Democrats) what they don't realize is that this suits the Zionist purpose.

This interview is with the man who exposed the rulers who dictate policies. They hand down these policies to our so called leaders to advance the Neo- Zionist plot for total control over world affairs.

Only a clear picture of what's going on behind the faτade of this so called 'war on terror' can one truly understand that this is a 'war of terror' designed for killing people and destroying property to stir up conflict to advance their agenda.

Incredibly, the DC Zionist agents sent a huge American armada across the great seas to unleash a devastating military force against a people that never fired a shot at her, not even across her bow as they approached with their invading Christian army. As this invasion spreads throughout the Middle East and Asia, it will continue to be sold as a war on terror when in actuality it is a calculated plot.

As a few unsuspecting Jews, a lot of Christians and Muslims are led to the slaughter, the Neo-Zionist and their agents will continue to enslave and rob us of our national treasures and many will cheer their own demise.

Eustace Mullins was once labeled 'the most dangerous man in America' by war criminal Henry Kissinger. Mullins may be one of the most plagiarized authors in the world and has authored many books that are now hard to find. Although tens of thousand of copies have been printed, mysteriously many of them seem to disappear overnight.

Eustace Mullins is one of America's foremost historian/researchers exposing facts over the last 50+ years that everyone in the world should know. However, these facts have been furiously suppressed by Zionists and their Neo-Con agents and the results have been (and will continue to be) devastating for the world.

Mullins has been vilified by the Zionist powers that be for his supposed antisemitism, but as you contemplate the hard facts he has compiled, you see something much more important and frightening than some allegation about verbal insults.

You see in Mullins' voluminous scholarship a clear and terrifying picture of the forces that control the world, and don't care a whit about real people.

In the complete interview Eustace Mullins talks about the conspiracy of the Federal Reserve, The World Order, George Bush, Zionists, Israel, Mossad, Neo-Cons, CIA, FBI, 9/11, and the Zionists design for a Christian Muslim war.

Books and Writings by Eustace Mullins: Books and Papers; The $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax; The Rockefeller Syndicate; The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb; Phony Wars for Phony Peace; and the Ministry of Fear; The Curse Of Canaan: A Demonology Of History Murder By Injection; Rape Of Justice America's Tribunals; Exposed Secrets Of The Federal Reserve; The World Order; Our Secret Ruler; Education for Slavery; The Rape of Justice.

This interview is easy to follow and his words are embarrassingly easy to absorb and comprehend immediately. I was surprised and disappointed that it ended so quickly. I could listen to this man for ages. This is a great video to play as you perform simple tasks that leave your mind free. Eustace makes a LOT of sense as he clarifies many issues, answers pertinent questions. There is NO WAY he is antisemitic but I can see why the Zionists don't care for him at all.

"You will never see me on television.
You know when you see someone on television,
that person is totally safe and
totally owned by the establishment."

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