Sunday 23 January 2011


By Eustace Mullins

The second item on Dr. Robert Mendelsohn's list of the Four
Holy Waters of the modern Church of Medicine is the fluoridation
of the nation's drinking water. Although Dr. Mendelsohn dismisses
it too, as of "questionable value," few dare to question it. We are
told that it confers untold benefits to the rising generation,
guaranteeing them perpetual freedom from tooth decay and no need
for any dental work. Surprisingly enough, the national fluoridation
campaign is enthusiastically supported by the nation's dental
profession, even though it might be expected that it would put them
out of business. Here again, those in the know are well aware that
the fluoridation program, far from threatening to put the dentists out
of business, actually will offer them plenty of work in the future.

The principal source of the fluoridation is a poisonous
chemical, sodium fluoride, which has long been the principal
ingredient of rat poison. Whether the adding of this compound to
our drinking water is also part of a rat control program has never
been publicly discussed. The EPA released its latest estimate, that
38 million Americans are now drinking unsafe water, which
contains unsafe levels of chlorine, lead and other toxic substances.
Fluoride is not listed as one of the toxic substances. EPA, like other
government agencies, has carefully refrained from either testing
public drinking water for the effects of fluoridation, or from
poaching on the preserves of the Rockefeller Monopoly, which
launched the national fluoridation campaign.

The by-product of the manufacture of aluminum, sodium
fluoride, had long posed a problem. Except for its limited use as a
rat poison, other popular uses were limited by its extremely
poisonous nature. It also was very expensive for the aluminum
companies to dispose of, because of its persistence (it does not
degrade ~ it is also cumulative in the body, so that each day you add
a little more to your sodium fluoride reserves each time you drink a
glass of water). It is puzzling, then, to find that the historical record
shows that the principal sponsor and promoter of the fluoridation of
the nation's drinking water was the U.S. Public Health Service. And
thereby hangs a tale.

We may recall the heady days of the 1950s, when public health
officials were routinely sent out from Washington to appear at
meetings where communities were anxiously debating the pros and
cons of water fluoridation. Without exception, these public servants
not only reassured the anxious citizens, they positively demanded
that the communities fluoridate then-drinking water. Although they
unequivocally endorsed the fluoridation of water supplies, not one
of these public health officials had ever conducted any studies of
fluoridated water, or made any experiments as to its possible
benefits or dangers. Yet at meeting after meeting throughout the
United States, they rose to solemnly guarantee that there were no
dangers, no side effects, only positive benefits on children under the
age of twelve. Fluoridation, even according to its most enthusiastic
supporters, confers no benefits on anyone older than twelve.

No sensible reason has ever been advanced as to why all water supplies
should be fluoridated, in order to benefit a minority of the
population. Did these public servants know what they were doing?
Of course not. They were following a tradition of the bureaucracy,
which takes its orders from the Medical Monopoly. How did they
get these orders? That too, is an interesting story.*

The head of the U.S. Public Health Service during the entire
fluoridation campaign was one Oscar Ewing. A graduate of Harvard
Law School, Ewing was an airplane contractor during the First
World War. He then joined the influential law firm of Sherman,
Hughes and Dwight, a prestigious Wall Street Company. The
"Hughes" was none other than Charles Evans Hughes, the recent
candidate for the Presidency of the United States. Hughes lost his
campaign against Woodrow Wilson because Wilson campaigned on
his record, that "He kept us out of the war." As soon as he was
safely re-elected, Wilson declared war. Hughes later became Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court. The firm was then Ewing and Hughes.

At the end of World War II, Ewing had himself appointed a
Special Prosecutor for the Department of Justice; the appointment
was made solely to conduct two prosecutions for the Rockefeller
Monopoly, the government's cases against two radio broadcasters,
William Dudley Pelley and Robert Best. Both of these writers,
Long time activists in America First, had campaigned to keep the
United States out of what had turned out to be a very profitable war.
They now had to be punished for their threat to the monopolists.

Ewing had them both convicted and sent to prison. For this service,
he was then appointed chairman of the Democratic National
Committee. The following year, in 1946, President Truman
appointed him head of the Federal Security Agency. In this capacity,
he was in nominal charge of another radio broadcaster, Ezra Pound,
who was being held as a political prisoner at St. Elizabeths Hospital,
a federal mental institution which was also part of the Federal
Security Agency's network. Pound was held for more than thirteen
years without trial. Long after Ewing had gone, the government
dropped all charges against Pound, and he was freed.

* The U.S. Public Health Service continues to propagandize (at taxpayers' expense) for
expansion of fluoridation. The Washington Post noted on April 20, 1988 that "The Public
Health Service estimates that each year $2 billion is saved through water fluoridation." Our Public Health Service demurs on any statistical substantiation for this claim. Do the PublicHealth Service officials imply that the aluminum manufacturers save $2 billion a yearthrough fluoridation of water?

However, Ewing had not been appointed Administrator of the
Federal Security Agency merely to prosecute Ezra Pound. There
were more serious goals in view. Congressman Miller charged that
Ewing had been paid a $750,000 fee to leave his profitable Wall
Street practice and head the Federal Security Agency. This fee had
been paid by the Rockefeller interests. The purpose was to pursue a
national fluoridation campaign. Ewing was made head of the
Federal Security Agency because this position made him the most
powerful bureaucrat in Washington. This agency encompassed the
U.S. Public Health Service, the Social Security Administration, and
the Office of Education. As head of the FSA, he was in charge of
the vast government postwar spending programs, the federal health,
education and welfare programs. From this post, Ewing campaigned
for greater government control over the citizens of the United States.
He was particularly anxious to increase control of medical
education, a prime goal of the Rockefeller interests since 1898.

On February 17, 1948, Ewing publicly called for government grants for
medical scholarships, and demanded that medical schools be
operated under government subsidies, with the inevitable
accompanying control. On March 30, 1948, Ewing chaired a
Children's Conference, which was intended to coordinate all federal
agencies which had any dealing with the nation's youth. He also
became the national leader of a campaign against cancer, a result of
his long association with the Drug Trust ~ he had been secretary of
the giant Merck Drug Company from his offices at One Wall Street.
One of Ewing's first moves as head of the Public Health
Service was to throw out the longtime Surgeon General,

Thomas Parran, replacing him with an Ewing crony, Dr. Leonard Scheele
from the National Cancer Institute. In 1948, Ewing joined with the
American Cancer Society in a National Campaign Against Cancer, a
flagrant attempt to force Congress to spend more on various cancer
boondoggles than the then modest expenditure of fourteen and a half
million dollars a year. On May 1, 1948, Ewing convened a National
Health Convention in Washington, with some 800 delegates in
attendance. The convention overwhelmingly approved Ewing's plea
to enroll the United States in the United Nations' World Health
Organization. Ewing also campaigned vigorously for national health
insurance, or socialized medicine, but despite his great power in
Washington, he was unable to overcome the continued opposition of
Morris Fishbein and the American Medical Association.

He then issued an official report from the Federal Security Agency, "The
Nation's Health," a 186 page report which called for a crash ten year
program to achieve his goal of socialized medicine in the United
States. The climax of his political power came when he
Master minded Harry Truman's successful campaign for election to
the Presidency in 1948 (Truman had previously succeeded as heir
apparent after the strange death of Franklin D. Roosevelt (see Dr.
Emanuel Josephson's book with that title). Ewing had already
singlehandedly obtained the naming of Truman as the vice
presidential campaign in the 1944 Chicago Convention ~ he could
be said to have put Truman in the White House as certainly as Bobst
was later to put in Richard Nixon. The 1948 election of Truman
guaranteed Ewing that he could have anything he wanted in
Washington. What he wanted, and what he had been paid to bring
about, was the national fluoridation of our drinking water. 
When Oscar Ewing forced fluoride into the Washington DC 
water system, most government employees switched to bottled water.

Oscar Ewing is a name totally unknown to Americans today.
He left no monuments, because he was the twentieth century
epitome of the ruthless, dedicated Soviet style of bureaucrat,
answerable only to his masters, and contemptuous of the faceless
masses over whom he exercised dictatorial powers. He wielded
absolute control over the most important components of the new
socialist bureaucracy which Roosevelt had built up in Washington,
and he prepared these offices for Cabinet status. Of his many
bureaucratic mandates, perhaps none has had a more direct effect on
all Americans than the fluoridation of our water supply.

Congressman Miller stated that "The chief supporter of the
fluoridation of water is the U.S. Public Health Service. This is part
of Mr. Ewing's Federal Security Agency. Mr. Ewing is one of the
highly paid lawyers for the Aluminum Company of America.'' It
was hardly accidental that Washington, D.C., where Oscar Ewing
was king, was one of the first large American cities to fluoridate its
water supply. At the same time, Congressmen and other politicians
in Washington were privately alerted by Ewing's minions that they
should be careful about ingesting the fluoridated water. Supplies of
bottled water from mountain springs then appeared in every office
on Capitol Hill; these have been maintained continuously ever since,
at the taxpayers' expense. One Senator, who went so far as to carry a
small flask of spring water with him when he dined at Washington's
most fashionable restaurants, assuring his dinner companions that
"Not one drop of fluoridated water will ever pass my lips." Such are
the guardians of our nation.

Even without such government additives as chlorine and
fluorine, water itself may pose a serious threat to health. American
pioneers often came down with an illness which they called "milk
sickness," which seems to have come from their water. Dr. N. M.
Walker warns that in the average seventy year life span, the system
ingests about 4,500 gallons of water containing some 300 pounds of
lime. This intake of lime gradually ossifies the skeletal structure. In
1845, an English physician warned of the peril of ossification from
drinking natural or spring water.

When Congressman Miller reported on the floor of Congress
that Oscar Ewing was promoting fluoridation because he had been
the lawyer for the Aluminum Company of America, ALCOA, and
that he had accepted a $750,000 "fee" to persuade him to undertake
this program of "government service," one would have thought that
this public exposure of Ewing's motives would have shamed him,
and perhaps influence him to step aside and let someone else take
over the U.S. Public Health Service campaign to force fluoridation
on the American people. This would underestimate the arrogance
and the self-assurance of the twentieth century bureaucrat. He
ignored Congressman's Miller's remarks, and redoubled the pressure
of the U.S. Public Health Service to put over fluoridation. He had
the willing support of his underlings, because the U.S. Public Health
Service has never been in the service of the public. On the contrary,
its officials have always been at the beck and call of the Drug Trust,
pushing the latest fads from the Medical Monopoly, and maintaining
those ideals of public service which have purchased so many fine
estates in the fashionable Leesburg suburban area for those who
have been in the right place at the right time. Political power is
translated into money; money for those who use political goals for

After overseeing the installation of sodium fluoride equipment
in most of the nation's large cities, an interest in which Chase
Manhattan Bank showed a crucial concern, Oscar Ewing retired to
Chapel Hill, N.C. in 1953. Here he busied himself with building a
7,800 acre complex of office buildings under the name of the
Research Triangle Corporation (triangle being a key Masonic
symbol). These offices were promptly leased to a melange of federal
and state agencies, many of which, not surprisingly, he had
previously done business with when he was their boss in
Washington. A former head of the Democratic National Committee
usually has no difficulty in renting space to government agencies.
Ewing's former law partner, Charles Evans Hughes, Jr., became
Solicitor General of the United States, while his father was still
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He later became a director of
New York Life Insurance Co., a J. P. Morgan controlled firm,
whose office was at One Wall Street. This had also been Oscar
Ewing's former business address.

Fluorides have long been a source of contamination in the
United States. Large quantities of this chemical are also produced by
the giant chemical firms, American Agricultural Products
Corporation, and Hooker Chemical. Hooker Chemical became part
of the Rockefeller network when Blanchette Hooker married into
the Rockefeller family by marrying John D. Rockefeller III. The
Florida plant of American Agricultural produces enormous waste
quantities of fluorides in preparing fertilizer from phosphate rock.
Some of the fluoride wastes had been used in pesticides, until the
Department of Agriculture banned their use as being too dangerous
to the public. The wastes were then dumped into the ocean, despite
specific Department of Agriculture rulings prohibiting it. Hooker
Chemical is known to most Americans for the life-threatening
chemical wastes found at Love Canal.

Studies by the National Academy of Science show that United
States industries such as Hooker Chemical pump 100,000 tons of
fluorides into the atmosphere each year; they pipe another 500,000
tons of fluorides into the nations water supply each year (this is in
addition to the amount of fluorides used in "treating" our drinking
water). This scientific report further analyzes the effects of these
fluorides on the human system. Its most dangerous effect is that it
slows down the vitally important DNA repair enzyme activity of the
immune system. Fluorides have this effect even in concentrations as
low as one part per million, the standard dosage which the U.S.
Public Health Service set for our drinking water. 

Hyperthyroidism and Skeletal Fluorosis from overexposure to fluoride.

At this concentration, fluorides are shown to cause serious
chromosomal damage. The one part per million recommended by our
conscientious public servants has also been shown in laboratory
experiments to transform normal cells into cancer cells. American
Academy of Science studies in 1963 showed that these "low" levels
of fluorides resulted in a marked increase in melanotic tumors, from
12% to 100% in experimental laboratory animals. It also caused
interference with the body's production of important
neurotransmitters, and lowered their level in the brain. These
neurotransmitters have the vital function of protecting against
seizures, thus opening the possibility of major increases in strokes
and brain damage because of the fluorides in water. Lesser effects of
fluorides which have been noted in laboratory tests are sudden mood
changes, severe headaches, nausea, hallucinations, irregular
breathing, night twitching, damage to fetuses, and various forms of

Government objections to these laboratory findings were raised
by the quintessential bureaucrat, Dr. Frank J. Rauscher, the director
of the National Cancer Institute, when he claimed that "Scientists
within and without the National Cancer Program have found again
that the fluoridation of drinking water does not contribute to a
cancer burden for people." This claim, for which he offered no
scientific verification, was sharply contested by a longtime scholar
of the fluoridation controversy, Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, Dean Burk
and other scientists. In his authoritative work, "Fluoride: The Aging
Factor," which has never been refuted by any scientific study, Dr.
Yiamouyiannis finds that from thirty thousand to fifty thousand
deaths a year are directly traceable to fluoridation, from ten to
twenty thousand of these deaths being from fluoride induced

Although some communities have since revoked their
agreements to allow fluoridation of their public drinking water
supplies, the national campaign continues unabated. No government
official has ever admitted that there might be dangers associated
with the Ewing bribe which resulted in the fluoridation of the
nation's drinking water.

West Germany banned fluoridation November 18, 1971, which was
surprising because this is a militarily occupied nation, which is run
by the top secret German Marshall Fund and the John J. McCloy
Foundation. Apparently they could no longer silence the German scientists
who have proved that fluoridation is a deadly threat to the population.

Sweden followed West Germany in banning fluoridation, and the Netherlands
officially banned it on June 22, 1973, by order of their highest court.

It is of some interest to contemplate the process by which the
government bureaucrats arrived at the recommended dosage for
fluoridating public drinking water, that is, one part per million.

Extensive studies must have been made, deliberations gone over by
distinguished scientists over a period of years, before it was finally
determined that this was the correct dosage. In fact, no such studies
were ever made. Apparently the figure of one part per million was
selected arbitrarily. It was known that ten parts per million was
much too strong; after several years of using the one part per million
dosage, government bureaucrats realized that they had made a
terrible mistake. The dosage was at least twice as strong as it should
have been.

The death rates among elderly people from kidney and
heart disease began to rise steadily in the first cities to begin
fluoridating their water. One critic believes this was a deliberate
decision, the "final solution" to the problem of Social Security

When scientists found that one part per million dosage of
fluoridation transforms normal cells into cancerous cells, the
fluoridation program should have been halted immediately. The
government agencies realized that if they did so, they would open
the door for thousands of lawsuits against the government.

Therefore, the stealthy poisoning of our older generation continues.
Oscar Ewing himself, when he was given several dosages to choose
from, from a high of ten parts per million to a low of .5 parts per
million, thought he was being safe in selecting a dosage in the lower
range. It turned out that he was wrong. The Medical Monopoly,
perhaps because it is profiting from the steady increase in deaths
among the elderly from drinking fluoridated water, refuses to yield
on this question. 

Fluoridation remains one of the Four Holy Waters of the
Church of Modem Medicine. 

Ewing and his minions were also aware of Soviet studies
showing that fluorides were extremely important in introducing a
docile, sheep-like obedience in the general population. It was well
known that for years, breeders of purebred bulls had used doses of
fluorides to calm their more intractable bulls, making them much
safer to handle. The Soviet Union maintained its concentration
camps since 1940 by administering increasing dosages of fluorides
to the prison population in its vast empire, the Gulag Archipelago,
the largest network of concentration camps in the world, and the
envy of every bureaucrat in Washington.

American totalitarian, alike in every way to their Soviet counterparts,
also want all dissension stifled, all resistance ended, and a slave population
which pays ever increasing amounts of taxes while having no voice in their
own government.

The fluoridation campaign has been an important step towards this goal.

It may yet prove to have been the crucial step in the complete
Sovietization of America. We know that during recent years,
the American people have been afflicted with a strange
passivity, ignoring each new outrage inflicted upon them by the
ravenous federal agents who descend upon their private property in
hordes, brandishing automatic weapons which they have no need of
using, herding the frightened victims into pens, and degrading them
in a manner which no American ever thought to see.

This passivity and unwillingness to challenge any authority is merely
the first achievement of the fluoridation campaign. This is its initial effect
upon the central nervous system.

Unfortunately, the further deadly effects upon the kidneys, the cumulative
effect on the heart and other organs, as well as the widespread
development of new and fast spreading cancer, is yet to come.
To hasten this cherished objective, not only are American children
being given fluoridated water; they also are told to brush their teeth
at least three times a day with heavily fluoridated toothpaste,
which contains seven per cent of sodium fluoride.

Studies show that children habitually ingest about ten per cent
of this solution during each brushing, giving them a
daily dose of 30% of the seven per cent solution in the toothpaste.
No doubt this will hasten the Soviet objective. To combat this
outrage, one entrepreneur plans to soon market a non-fluoridated
toothpaste, which will be called Morgan's Guaranty Toothpaste ~  
"You Can Trust Our Guaranty That This Toothpaste Contains No
Harmful Fluorides."

The source of much of this substance is the Aluminum
Company of America, a five billion dollar a year enterprise. Its
present chairman is Charles W. Parry, a director of the supposedly
"right wing" think tank, American Enterprise Institute, of which
Jeane Kirkpatrick is the most highly touted member, and principal
ornament. The former chairman and still director, of ALCOA,
William H. Krome George, is an active director of the well publicized
United States USSR Trade and Economic Council, which
is intended to rescue the Soviet Union from economic oblivion.

George is also a director of a number of leading defense companies
such as TRW, Todd Shipyards, International Paper, and the Norfolk
and Southern Railway. ALCOA's president is William B. Renner,
who is a director of the Shell Oil Company, a firm now controlled
by the Rothschild interests. Other directors of ALCOA are William
S. Cook, chairman of the Union Pacific Railroad, the base of the
Harriman fortune; Alan Greenspan, now chairman of the Federal
Reserve Board of Governors, whose action in raising the interest
rate a few days after he took office precipitated Black Monday, the
worst stock market crash in American history.

Greenspan's name is not familiar to most Americans, although it should be;
he was the chairman of a Special Commission on Social Security, which
finagled a horrendous increase in the amount of withholding tax on
every working American. Greenspan was able to do this because he
was a highly paid Wall Street "consultant," meaning that he could
juggle figures to come up with whatever result the Rockefeller
Monopoly desired. He conducted a specious campaign to persuade
the American people that the Social Security program was bankrupt,
when in fact it had reserve funds of $22 billion, plus $25 billion
which Congress had borrowed directly from the system, and which
was a collectible asset. Greenspan also based his demand for a huge
increase in the withholding tax, which was nothing but a tax, on a
projected 9.6% increase in the inflation rate, when in fact it was
only a 3.5% increase.

The alarmed public, frightened by President Reagan's absurd claims
that the principal beneficiaries of the Social Security System were
the idle rich, was hoodwinked into dropping its objections to the
increase in tax. However, actual figures on hand at that time
showed that only 3% of the elderly had incomes above
$50,000 a year, which in itself was hardly a princely sum in these
days of inflation, an inflation which itself was largely created by the
government's fiscal policies. Greenspan was the star of the great
Social Security "crisis" of 1983, shrewdly capitalizing on the
propaganda barrage that the Social Security System was rapidly
going broke.

His first finding was that Social Security funds would be in the red
from $150 to $200 billion by 1990; at the same time, he was telling
his high-paying corporate clients it would be only one-third of that sum.
The final increase was what he had told his clients.

He also "forecast" that the consumer price index would rise
to 9.2% by 1985; at the same time, he was informing his corporate
clients it would be only one-third of that figure. The actual increase
was 3.6%. This performance earned Greenspan a prestigious
position as partner of J. P. Morgan Company. He is now chairman
of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The New Republic
defined the function of this body on January 25, 1988 stating
plainly, "The Federal Reserve Board protects the interests of the

No one has yet challenged that statement. Greenspan is also a
director of the giant media conglomerate, Capital Cities ABC
Network, as well as being a trustee of the reputedly right wing think
tank, Hoover Institution, which furnished the powerhouse behind
the "Reagan Revolution," and which is dominated by the Trotskyite
League for Industrial Democracy, a Rockefeller funded agitprop
group. The vice chairman of ALCOA is Forrest Shumway, who is
also a director of Transamerica, Ampex Corporation, Garrett
Corporation, Mack Trucks, The Wickes Companies, Gold West
Broadcasters, United California Bank, and Natomas, Inc.; a heady
mix of banking interests, heavy industry, and media holdings, which
is typical of the monopolists today; they have found the best modus
operandi is to control the media, banking and defense industries in a
giant combine.

Other directors of ALCOA are Paul H. O'Neill, who
is a member of the influential Board of Visitors at Harvard
University, president of International Paper, and director of the
National Westminister Bank, one of England's "Big Five." O'Neill
was Chief of Human Resources for the U.S. Government from
1971-77; Paul H. Miller, senior adviser to the prestigious First
Boston Investment Group, director of Celanese Corporation,
Cummins Engine, Congoleum Corporation, Seamans Bank for
Savings, New York, and Ogilvy & Mather, Inc., one of the nation's
leading advertising firms.

Franklin H. Thomas, the token black who was U.S. Attorney
for New York, and then was named head of the Ford Foundation;
he is also a director of Citicorp, Citibank, Allied
Stores and Cummins Engine; Sir Arvi Parbo, an Australian tycoon
who is chairman of the Western Mining Company; he is also
director of Zurich Insurance, the second largest firm in Switzerland,
Munich Reinsurance, and Chase Manhattan Bank; Nathan Pearson,
who for many years has been the financial guardian of the Mellon
family, handling their major investments; John P. Diesel, president
of the giant conglomerate Tenneco; he is also a director of US ~  
USSR Trade & Economic Council with Armand Hammer, and
director of First City Bancorp, one of the three Rothschild banks in
the United States; John D. Harper, director of Paribas New York,
Metropolitan Life and chairman of Coke Enterprises and other fuel
companies; John A. Mayer, director of H. J. Heinz Company, the
Mellon Bank and Norfolk and Western Railway—his son, John, Jr.,
is general manager of the Morgan Stanley bankers in England, and
vice president of Morgan Guaranty International.

Thus we see that the origin of the sodium fluoride controversy
stems from close allies of the Chase Manhattan Banks and other
Rockefeller interests. 

The operation of the aluminum trust has given rise to a new
epidemic in the United States. Two and one half million Americans
are currently afflicted with a strange, incurable disease called
Alzheimer's disease. Its victims now require more than $50 billion
worth of medical care each year, and the prognosis always grows
darker, due to the progressive nature of this illness. It strikes the
neurotransmitters of the brain, which, as has already been noted, are
adversely affected by fluoride; however, the principal agent seems
to be the accumulation of aluminum deposits on the principal nerves
of the brain.

About 70% of the costs of this illness is borne by the families
of the afflicted, because most Medicare and private health
insurance programs refuse to pay it. The Medical Monopoly has
been frantically trying to find some other agent in this disease,
spending millions to study such factors as genetic predisposition,
slow virus, environmental toxins, and immunologic changes, despite
the fact that its origins have been traced to the large amounts of
aluminum which most Americans began ingesting with their food
since the 1920s. Alzheimers is now causing more than 100,000
deaths annually, and is the fourth leading cause of adult death in the
United States, yet, significantly, there has been no national
foundation such as the American Cancer Society or the Arthritis
Foundation to investigate its causes, because the Medical Monopoly
already knows the answer.

Alzheimer's growing incidence was at first dismissed as
"growing old"; later it was diagnosed as "premature senility" (it
often strikes in the mid fifties). These were the men and women who
had grown up in America during the 1920s, a period when the
traditional cast iron and earthenware cooking vessels were almost
universally replaced by the more modern, and seemingly more
convenient, aluminum cookware. The present writer's parents both
grew up on farms in rural areas of Virginia. Their food, almost
entirely home grown, was prepared in iron pots over wood-fuelled
cookstoves. Those Americans born after 1920 had their food
prepared in aluminum pots, which were usually heated over gas
flames, later electric. This writer's mother often remarked that food
cooked over gas flame never tasted like food cooked over wood
fires. The reason is that the combustion of poisonous fuel inevitably
releases some toxins into the air, and into the food. Electric heat is
also said to materially affect food, because of the electric vibrations
given off by the heat.

By the 1930s, American housewives had learned that it was
potentially dangerous to leave many foods in aluminum pots for
more than a few minutes. Greens, tomatoes, and other vegetables,
were known to discolor and became poisonous in a short time.
Tomatoes could actually pit and corrode the interior of the
aluminum pots in a short time; many foods turned the pots black.
Strangely enough, no one took these obvious warning signs as an
indication that cooking food in aluminum pots even for a few
minutes might produce unfortunate results. It is now known that
cooking any food in an aluminum pot, particularly with fluoridated
water, quickly forms a highly poisonous compound. Dr. McGuigan's
testimony in a famous court hearing on aluminum effects, the Royal
Baking Powder case, revealed that extensive research had shown
that boiling water in aluminum pots produced hydro-oxide poisons;
boiling vegetables in aluminum also produced a hydro-oxide poison;
boiling an egg in aluminum produced a phosphate poison; boiling
meat in an aluminum pot produced a chloride poison. Any food
cooked in aluminum containers would neutralize the digestive
juices, produce acidosis, and ulcers. Perhaps the use of aluminum
pots produced the widespread indigestion in America, which then
necessitated the ingesting of large amounts of antacids containing
even more aluminum!

After consuming food cooked in aluminum pots over a period
from twenty to forty years, many Americans began to experience
serious memory loss; their mental capacities then deteriorated
rapidly, until they were totally unable to fend for themselves or to
recognize their spouses of many years. It was then found that
concentrations of aluminum in certain areas of the brain had caused
permanent deterioration of brain cells and nerve connections; the
damage was not only incurable; it was also progressive and not
responsive to any known treatment. This epidemic was soon known
as Alzheimer's disease. Seven per cent of all Americans over 65
have now been diagnosed as having this disease. Many others have
not been diagnosed; they are simply dismissed as senile, incompetent
or mentally ill.

Dr. Michael Weiner and other physicians have found that the
epidemic has been caused, not only by the aluminum cookware, but
by the daily increasing ingestion of aluminum from many products
in common household usage. The insatiable marketers of aluminum
have annually expanded its use in many products, whose consumers
have no idea that they are ingesting any type of aluminum. Women's
douches now contain solutions of aluminum, which introduces it
directly into the system. The most widely used painkillers such as
buffered aspirin contain impressive quantities of aluminum;
Ascriptin A/D (Rorer) has 44 mg. of aluminum per tablet; Cama
(Dorsey) has 44 mg. of aluminum per tablet.

However, the largest single source of aluminum occurs with
the daily ingestion of widely prescribed and nonprescription
antacid products for stomach upsets.

Amphojel (Wyeth) has 174 mg per dose of aluminum hydroxide;
Alternagel (Stuart) has 174 mg of aluminum hydroxide per dose;
Delcid (Merrel National) 174 mg aluminum per dose; Estomil-M
(Riker) 265 mg of aluminum per dose; Mylanta II (Stuart) 116 mg
aluminum per dose. A study of current victims of Alzheimer's
would probably find that most of them, on their physicians' advice,
had been ingesting large amounts of these antacids daily for years.
Nonprescription anti-diarrheal drugs also contain significant
amounts of aluminum; Essilad (Central) has 370 mg of aluminum
salts per ml; Kaopectate Concentrate (Upjohn) has 290 mg
aluminum per ml.

Aluminum ammonium sulfate is widely used as a buffer and
neutralizing agent by manufacturers of cereals and baking powder.
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate, known as aluminum flour or
aluminum meal, is widely used in baking powder and clarifying

The annual use of sodium aluminum phosphate has now
reached the amount of 19 million kilograms per year; it is used in
large amounts in cake mixes, frozen dough, self-rising flour, and
processed foods, in an average amount per product of from three to
three and one-half per cent. Some 300,000 kg. of sodium aluminum
sulfates are used in household baking powders each year, averaging
from twenty-one to twenty-six per cent of the bulk of these

Aluminum wrap is now everywhere; toothpaste is packaged in
tubes lined with aluminum; there are aluminum seals on many food
and drink products; and soft drinks everywhere are now packaged in
aluminum cans. While the amount of aluminum ingested on any
given day from all of these sources may be infinitesimal, the parade
of products coated with or mixed with aluminum available on a
daily basis is frightening. Its effects are the equivalent to that of a
slow virus, as the metal accumulates at vital points in the system,
particularly in the human brain. Thus the number of Alzheimer's
victims is probably outnumbered by the number of potential victims,
who will later be afflicted with its terrible symptoms.

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