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Elizabeth II on the Coronation Throne. 
Is she sitting on the real Stone of Destiny or a very clever fake?

The word British is Hebrew and it means
"Covenant Man" or the "People of The Covenant", 
as it does also in the Welsh language.

by Debra Siddons 

Truth-seekers often know Fritz Springmeier's classic, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, and most people on Earth know Elizabeth Mountbatten (also known by criminal aliases Windsor and QE2).  Unfortunately not many know about Elizabeth's ancient bloodline and why, out of all the Illuminazis, hers is perhaps the most timely to consider at present.

To start, Elizabeth Mountbatten, the woman claiming to be the queen of Britain, is, without doubt, descended from the ancient King David whose story many will know from the Bible.

It's too much to include here, but the true and verifiable genealogy of the British royals has been published in many books for over a hundred of years and is also widely available for viewing online. For reference:
King David to "queen" Elizabeth.

The "royal" family knows their own history full well, including that they and the British people are part of the "Lost" tribes of Israel (Ephraim.)  However, they certainly don't go out of their way to educate the "commoners" about these facts (quite the opposite really.)  But, despite all the disinformation over the years, this ancient heritage of the British royal family is true and bullet-proof.
History portrays Victoria as a benign ruler. 
This photo however, tells a very different tale.

Elizabeth's grandmother, the legitimate queen Victoria, was so proud of her lineage that she had a large poster put up in Windsor castle, showing the family bloodline back to David.  It is far too expansive a subject to discuss here, but knowing what became of all the "Lost" tribes of Israel helps to understand this overall subject and plenty of others.  That information can be easily looked at here: Twelve Tribes of Israel.

The fabricated Stone of Destiny,  

The original Stone 
As a disclaimer, it should be stated and understood that the royal line of David has almost never produced good stewards to the people of Earth.  This is stated clearly in the Bible and has been proven by history.  Even David's infamous son, king Solomon, is recorded as having turned to witchcraft and occultism by the end of his life, and many practitioners of the occult know of Solomon's contributions to their "religion".  History is rife with other examples showing this ancient Israelite bloodline's consistently despicable actions, including their working with other "black nobility", such as the Rothschilds, to bring about the satanic New World Order.

In the brilliant book by John Coleman called, The Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, he states that, basically, Elizabeth (or whoever holds the British monarch) is at the top of the NWO-pyramid with only a small handful of evil peers.  So, those that may have fallen for the disinfo that Elizabeth is just a figurehead should think again.  She and her family are far from just figureheads.

The reason that Elizabeth and her family are of timely importance is because her power is probably the easiest to take away out of all the top Illuminati families, and taking her down would shake the NWO super-structure to its core.

Then there is the "Stone of Destiny", which very few people outside of Britain have ever heard of.  The absolute shortest version of events is that it was the rock Jacob, the Biblical patriarch of Israel, used as a pillow when he slept in a cave outside Bethel and dreamed of angels ascending and descending to Heaven.  Upon awakening from his sleep, Jacob anointed the Stone with oil and turned it into the seat, or Throne, of the Israelite people (not the modern-day Khazarian "Israelis").  History has now shown and proven that absolutely every single legitimate king or queen of Israel has been crowned sitting or standing upon this Stone/Throne.

Every single one of them ~ except Elizabeth.

In World War 2, when the Nazis were bombing London, it was not the crown jewels that were taken to safety; it was this Stone of Destiny.  .

To the great dismay of king George (and his daughter Elizabeth ~ now "QE2"), the Stone was taken from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day of 1950 by a group of four Scottish nationalists, lead by a brave man named Ian Hamilton.  Mr. Hamilton authored a book recounting the endeavor called, Taking of the Stone of Destiny.  In it he wrote: "Privately we learned that he (George VI) had a superstitious fear that the loss portended the end of his dynasty."

After the four Scots took the real Stone of Destiny back to their homeland and hid it safely, they took a fake sandstone block that had been used to practice and train with, and then wrapped it in a Scottish national flag before leaving it at the symbolic Arbroath Abbey in Scotland, where the English authorities found and retrieved it.

The real Stone has not been seen publicly since 1950, but a valid picture of it prior to its removal from Westminster Abbey, along with a film on the subject and a far more detailed account of the Stone's true history, can be seen here: The Lia Fail - Stone of Destiny.  Unfortunately the only pictures available are black and white, but many first-hand historical accounts all recorded the same thing, that the real Stone was a reddish/purplish type of porphyry rock.

The similarly sized block of sandstone that was only acquired to practice on, not even made to look like a qualified replica and substitute for the real thing, is the "stone of destiny" now wrongly on display at Edinburgh castle, and this is a picture of it:
fake stone in Edinburgh.

So, anyone that had seen the real Stone would have immediately known this sandstone block was a fake, including both king George and his daughter Elizabeth.

The linked pictures, alongside the aforementioned quote from George (of which there are others), all help prove the royals knew the returned stone was a fake.  But it was Elizabeth's actions surrounding her 1953 Coronation that really drove the point home.

When her father George died, Elizabeth did everything she could to stop her Coronation from being televised, because she was terrified that people would see that the stone being used for her coronation was a fake.  It was perfectly obvious to her, so she feared it would be obvious to everyone else too.  Public demands forced her to relent, but a strict rule was passed that absolutely no close-ups could be shot.

More recently, and because this information was pieced together by prolific researcher John Hill (who is now in prison because of his discoveries,) the fake sandstone that Elizabeth was "crowned" on has been sent to Scotland because Elizabeth wants to get rid of the evidence of her fraud.  If she still had the real Stone of Destiny it would be under 24-hour armed guard, and would never be given to anyone else, but she doesn't have it.

For those interested in prophecy, the book of Ezekiel talks about these events, saying:

21:25 And thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when inequity shall have an end,

21:26 Thus saith the Lord God; Remove the diadem (sovereignty), and take off the crown: this shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high.

21:27 I will overturn (1st), overturn (2nd), overturn (3rd), it: and it shall be no more, overturned (4th) UNTIL he come whose Right it is; and I will give it him ~ Shiloh (Gen. 49:10).

Upon what stone shall William be coronated when the time comes?

To understand all the details of the Stone's full history, the reference link above will need to be looked at, but three of the overturns have already come and gone, and the fourth overturn began in 1950 when the Stone was taken from Elizabeth, but has not been completed yet.

Overturn 1: From Jerusalem to Ireland (Hill of Tara) in 6th century BC.

Overturn 2: From Ireland to Scotland (first Argyll, then Dunstaffnage) around 5th century AD.

Overturn 3: From Scotland to England (London - Westminster Abbey) in 1296 AD.

4th and Final Overturn: Began when the Stone was taken from Westiminster Abbey in 1950 AD.

If you look again at Elizabeth's royal genealogy, you will see that the valid and legitimate royal bloodline of David follows the path of the Stone perfectly, because ALL of the people/royals in that bloodline knew of the origins, prophecies, and great importance of the Stone of Destiny.

If more people know about this, and start demanding answers with one voice, it could turn into a nightmarish scenario for Elizabeth, because it has the potential to drag her down and put her in prison for fraud, theft, and treason.  "Off with her head!" 

People have spent a huge amount of time demanding Obama's birth certificate, but Obama is just an interchangeable pawn, whereas Elizabeth is a major, life-long Illuminati figure, heading one of Earth's most evil but influential families.  

Without access to Hawaii state records, we don't really have bullet-proof evidence of Obama's ineligibility.  

Fortunately for us, 
the proof of Elizabeth's fraud 
is the fake stone 
sitting in Edinburgh castle 
right now for anyone to go see.

Because of the highly covered-up nature of this story, finding factual information on this subject is very difficult, which is why this is a must read for those with further interest: Stone of Destiny.  

So, please share this with everyone. :-)

Debra Siddons works as a freelance reporter and Truth activist,
covering topics of religious, political, and historical importance.
She can be contacted at 

I know this picture has nothing to do with the Destiny Stone, but it has long been my favourite photo of her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and I thought you might get as many smiles out of it as I have over the years.  Such a lady!

Where does she clean her finger, I wonder?! 
On the sleeve of a fawning underling?

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