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No-go: Demonstrators stop a police water cannon truck
from moving in on the mass protest in Cairo
My friend Perry whom I have known since before I began blogging sent me this piece a day or two ago.  He is a very astute and insightful man whose words are almost always bang on.  The video at the end is a MUST SEE because of the valuable insight and information given. It is if this Sha had a book of the future in his lap and was reading from it.... way back in 2003.  I promise you, he tosses together a few concepts of our current Middle East conditions that will surprise you and provide more than one "AHA!" moment.


By Perry L
January 28, 2011

If you’ve read the balance of the posts here you will know that I am a skeptic of established history in general and “Revolution” in particular. I base this not on “conspiracy theory” but rather on my own personal hypothesis that the real way to judge historical events is to examine the real results of the event in a pragmatic way.

For instance in looking at the results of the “American” revolution of 1776 now in 2011 and taking a realistic (objective, non-attached, pragmatic) look back at the real history of the United States it is quite apparent that whatever you believe the American Revolution was about, it wasn’t…it sure hasn’t resulted in more freedom for the common person and less top down elitist control.

Under attack: Police vehicles became targets for protesters

Same thing for the supposed “Islamic” revolution in Iran which has led to a more westernized (and gullible/sheepleized) Iran then it was before it went “Islamic”. Any true “Islamic” revolution would not be playing games with the western powers nor would its people be addicted to Dish Network bull crap western media nor would there be a meth problem in the upper middle class nor would girls lining up for nose jobs like their ultra-vain western Jewish sisters (all of which is part of the real Iran of 2011…hardly “Islamic”).

Indeed with careful study of virtually ALL events over the last 500 years that have been billed by historians as “people’s revolutions” a strong case can be made that all of them have been manipulated events which served a purpose other then what we’ve been told and what many still believe. The American Revolution ultimately resulted in the creation of the worst Beast of Imperialism and Jewish banking/merchantilism in world history (so far) NOT “a beacon of Freedom and Democracy” (face it…it’s true).

With all that in mind let me say I am VERY skeptical of this latest “Islamic Revolution” breaking out in North Africa. It might be a good idea before we all get carried away with the idea of “we the little people” revolting against the beast to consider some alternate possibilities here.

Is there any way the collapse of the “Arab” governments neighboring Israel and the emergence of mobs of “Islamist terrorists”? (yes, normal mostly harmless Muslims to you and me but “terrorists” in Israel…all Arabs are) could help the “poor little Jews” make a case for going completely nuts? 
A military man who has listened to his conscience and joined the people.
How will Israel’s lackey western “governments” react to “their” Arab puppets collapsing like dominoes? Will NATO and/or the UN rush in to “restore order”?

What if all this spreads to the western countries (USA?) where the authorities have obviously been gearing up for a big crackdown for decades (and intensely the last 10 years plus)?

Could a violent global “peoples revolution” (as many in the “truth” movement are now cheering for) play yet again and possibly once and for all into the hands of the hidden evil cabal that has run things for centuries?

Turns out I’m not the only one with these questions and concerns. I discovered this clip from yet another Imran Hosein lecture…this one from 2003…in which he warns of AlJazeera TV being used to engender rage in the “Muslim” and Arab middle east in order to create a well timed “Muslim uprising” so they (and their lackeys) can wipe out the Arabs/Muslims in “self-defense”.

I would also add that a real or imagined imminent threat to Israel itself could lead to a mass in-pouring of western Jews in “defense” of the “Homeland” (as alluded to by the old Jews in the film “Defamation”).

I was unaware of this clip or Imran Hosein’s theory until today. Am I and Imran “crazy” for thinking such things? DO listen to Brother Imran and remember this is from 2003…
Protesters roll an overturned police box into the middle of a bridge
over the Nile river to make a barricade during the clashes

Creating a barrier It’s certainly something to STOP AND THINK about!!! Am I advocating cowardice or backing down to our evil masters? NO NO NO and NO!!! I AM advocating thinking a little more strategically (not taking everything at face value…like 9-11 for instance?) and keeping in mind that the ULTIMATE “goal” of th evil bastards is permanent Population Reduction and a permanent tyrannical One World Government! So what will happen to the people who are dependent on their government for food and water and well, everything if all the governments collapse?

In the greatest age of deception in the history of the human race it is beyond prudent to examine ALL things from all angles and perspectives.

Peace and God Bless,

Opening Line: "But Israel has a PhD.d in deception...."

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