Sunday 30 January 2011


By Marti Oakle 
Pakalert Press
January 30, 2011

“Most people have the idea that food in our grocery stores just magically appears; maybe it just pops up out of the floors or drops down from secret store rooms in the ceilings.”

Buy local? Ok! I will do that!  Wait…..this says product of China, product of Brazil, product of Mexico, product of Egypt, Guatemala, Argentina ………where is the stuff produced in the US?  How am I supposed to buy local to support my local economy when there is nothing here that was produced locally or even in the United States?  And this stuff over here?  It just says “distributed by” a company in the US” and I have no idea where the heck it came from.

In what I see as a sick joke mouthed by sick individuals in our government, the call has gone out to “buy local!  Know your farmer!”  I know the farmers in this area but they are being regulated and pressured out of business with the passage of the fake food safety bill in the senate.  Maybe I should say by one senator…..”Dirty Harry” Reid.  It was his one, unanimous vote in an empty senate chamber that broke the back of independent agriculture in the US.

Food riots coming to a town near you! Or maybe even yours.

By now we have all heard of the massive riots in Egypt.  Previously, Tunisia’s government was overthrown and the riots in Greece and Italy and India against rising taxes, food prices, and corrupt governments comprised of self-entitled elitists, is growing.

The so-called global economy promoted as some perverted form of capitalism and riddled with jingoistic terms like “free trade”, is destroying one economy after another.  Face it: A global economy as it is practiced is not only economically disastrous, but also is the tool used to destroy nations.  In that sense, it is working.

At the core of most of the revolts is food, or more accurately, food prices.  There is not, in my opinion, a food shortage.  There is however a shortage of food that is not controlled by some government agency somewhere, and in many cases based around the world are USDA and FDA offices that work in tandem with the US central offices to manipulate and control food prices.  

It appears that tremendous efforts have been put forward to ensure food shortages in several third world locations where population levels are higher than the controllers of the world would like to see them.  The problem with this is; now they are setting their sights on us, right here at home.

Most people have the idea that food in our grocery stores just magically appears; maybe it just pops up out of the floors or drops down from secret store rooms in the ceilings.  Even with the 60% rise in food costs over the last six months, most shoppers have done little other than grumble as they went through the check out. 

Most of these people are totally unaware that everything in that store would last twelve to twenty-four hours at most in the event of an emergency and these same people have done nothing to prepare themselves for the planned shortage of food here in the US.

This shortage will not be because the crops didn’t grow, or the livestock didn’t procreate or were sick, or one area got flooded while the other had draught; it will be because everything our family and independent farmers and ranchers produce will be forced into the export market and shipped out of the country to some other country willing to pay a few dollars more. 

Our independent farmers and ranchers will have to participate in exporting if they are to remain viable.  Those that refuse the export market and choose to remain as local suppliers will simply be regulated and harassed out of business by the FDA and or USDA or by extension through their state agricultural agencies which will be contracting with USDA/FDA against the public and in favor of corporations who can keep them flooded with funds at least until the takeover of agriculture is complete.

While the planned withholding of food is escalated around the world, the US is being set up for staged shortages the like of which most of us can’t imagine.  The attacks on our food production and supply coming from our own government have set the plan in motion. 

Corporations have tampered with the very essence of life in order to claim they now “own” the seeds and the ensuing crops, and stand poised to take by force our right to produce our own food free from their genetically altered frankenfoods and our government is prepared to back them.

What I see being planned for US consumers is a sudden disappearance of food on the shelves of stores.  For us in the US, this would be a shock to the senses.  The value of shock cannot be underestimated.  It is shock that will cause us to accept whatever terms the government offers in order to survive.  You are not going to like those terms.

In the meantime you can either prepare yourself and your family or you can sit mindlessly surfing TV or checking your cell phones and texting nonsense messages to people you no longer speak actual words to. As for me, I intend to put back as much in dry supplies, canned goods and dried foods as possible.  Hygiene products, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste etc.; take stock of what you use regularly and make sure you have supplies for at least a few months, longer if you can afford it.

All indicators and market predictions point to April as the time when food prices rise so high here in the US few of us will be able to afford much of anything.  With more than 22 million Americans out of work and only 1 job for every 5 applicants, home foreclosures still at an all time high and while the homeless population grows across the country we are also faced with a government that is absolutely dedicated to deconstructing every last vestige of our Republic; we are facing a volatile situation.

Don’t even go off on the pointless tangent of claiming it is the “damn liberals or the self righteous conservatives”.  It is them against us and we need to be prepared.  

Google Harry Reid and you will find a man much hated by his constituents

The people orchestrating this crisis have no conscience and are comprised of both liberals and conservatives, all profiting from selling the rest of us out.  The liberals will be dining with their good friends from across the isle, the conservatives, on steak and lobster while you eat dirt and they won’t miss a bite!

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