Wednesday 19 January 2011


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I’ve used the phrase ‘empty suit’ on occasion but I wouldn’t want the reader to think that I meant the suit was actually empty. In fact, the suit is filled with something other than what it presents itself as.

Obama and Biden are empty suits, filled with the presence and intention of evil. Maybe they believe they are working for the common good (doubtful) but if so, they are so deluded that they should not be holding office. On the other hand, they are conscious ministers of the enemy of humanity. Most of these types are.

If Mother Teresa was what they said she was, she wouldn’t have been going around doing photo-ops with most of the dictators on the planet. She wouldn’t have been punishing those she was supposedly helping. She wouldn’t have forced them to exist under Draconian regime and we would know where all that money went, but we don’t. People like this should not be made into saints.

Billy Graham presents himself as a ‘man of God’. I can’t see where a man of God would brag about what a good friend he was of The Bush Family and speak of them in flattering terms as if they were agents of good. This smacks of ‘serving two masters’, which is a direct antithesis of what one would expect from a genuine article, public figure- committed to serving humanity. Such people should not be accorded the respect conferred on them by the world (the world?).

9/11 is a litmus test and anyone who diminishes or denies that it was a staged event, not done by Arabs, is either too deluded to pay attention to or working for the forces that made it happen. Julian Assange does this and that makes him an empty suit and also another litmus test.

Anyone defending Julian Assange should also be suspect. Here’s an article sent to me by a truth outing site. You’ll note that nearly everyone quoted in the article is a ‘member of The Tribe’. You get the feeling that The Tribe makes up a population factor equal to the Chinese or the citizens of India. They don’t. World wide, their entirety makes up a little more than the population of the state of Illinois. This truth outing site sends me a lot of unsolicited news links that add up to a party line. The same applies to most alternative sites. They are intentional servants of the enemy of humanity.

Maybe some of you want to play nice because that means you’ll be hassled less or get a better job working for the very people who don’t play nice. I could care less if The Tribe ran everything that they run, if the world were a better place for it. The world is not a better place for it. Take a look around you and watch the news they manufacture. I could care less about manufactured banking empires, disguised as countries, if that country were not genociding the original inhabitants AND trying to enslave the rest of the world.

If someone presenting themselves as a defender of the rights of oppressed people is defending Julian Assange, then something is wrong with their picture. Something is so or it’s not. There are no shades of gray about it. A lot of people opt out for a certain level of deception, as if it were some kind of comfort zone, whose maintenance was guaranteed by embracing a certain amount of darkness and confusion in order to not make waves. 

You can’t make deals with deception. It won’t stay where you put it and it won’t remain at a controllable level. It will turn on you and drop your ass into a deeper well of deception. Of course, history may remember you as a great defender of the people (or it might have in the past) but you won’t have been. You will have been an empty suit, just like all those people who promote victim’s needs at disaster sites, where the money goes into escrow accounts for bankers, who use charities as a part of their investment portfolios.

It’s like a lot of these new age gurus and convention speakers who produce all these books and DVDs and create seminars and whole philosophies out of the cobbled together teachings of the genuine article from times past. This is what they’ve been doing for awhile. They cull all these teachings and perspectives and turn them into a kind of junk bond spirituality and they figure all they need is a white outfit and a cosmetic makeover and they become the genuine article. Presto! Just add water and you’re an instant messiah.

The fact is that presenting yourself as something is not the same as actually being it. In order to be this thing you pretend to be, you have to walk a certain road that involves a great deal of sacrifice and hard work; not to mention a few lifetimes of it. You can be a spiritual empty suit but it won’t be what you think it is that fills you. You won’t have the authority to speak and actually change lives in a dramatic way. All you will accomplish is to make people think they’ve been changed, like those healers that can raise someone out of a wheelchair for a few minutes (who often never had a problem walking) for effect. Later they get wheeled out the way they came in.

People tell me I shouldn’t be so hard on people working at jobs they do to support their families, yadda yadda. I’m not that hard on them and I’ve never singled them out. I will say this, your job is to protect your family and if you are living a lie while you are doing it, then you are also opening the gates for them to be exposed to all sorts of dangers that you cannot protect them from because you aren’t doing it. Doing it would require your being truthful with them and you can’t do that if you sell your ass to maintain a status and state in which you sell off the most important part of yourself.

I imagine that some people think that because I don’t have a ‘real job’ and whatever else it is that people unfamiliar with my life think, that somehow I have no perspective on what it takes to get through this world. I’ve had and done most of the things people have done to maintain and until a few years ago I was never more than a paycheck from the street and had very little of anything. I don’t have much now. Somehow I manage to do things for free because I don’t want much and that is the key. Many people arguing about having to support their families have the idea that they are doing it to give their family the good life.

They want their children to attend these false information mills called colleges so that they can get a job working for the forces that manipulate them from cradle to grave just so all of you can get together on the holidays and celebrate something you don’t have and then degenerate into a drunken screaming match. Now, mind, I know some people do possess the real thing. The point is, don’t tell me you can’t live outside all of this and survive because I’ve done it and so have a lot of other people. You want your integrity or you want some illusion in its place? You want your family to realize their potential or do you just want them to fit in and function at some level as cogs in a matrix?

A lot of people are concerned about the ‘guaranteed’ coming political and social upheavals, not to mention soaring food and fuel prices, as well as crashing currencies. These are things to be mindful of but I would be more mindful of Mother Nature if I were you. That’s where the most intense drama is going to come from. Why is this going to happen? Because people have gotten further and further away from their essential core and further and further away from the balance and harmony needed to maintain a collective existence here.

The situation has gone beyond self correction, because the mass of you let the psychopathic few take over and they are not likely to make the needed adjustments. They are going to accelerate the problems. Look at the ongoing behavior of the financial institutions in the face of what has been exposed about them, with their mortgage fraud mills, their massive bonuses and their endless excesses and aggressive contempt for the rest of us.

The food and fuel shortages and many of the dire social conditions are being manipulated by them simply for greater profit. This is how business is done in that arena. It’s Mother Nature who has to step in and kick some collective ass in the hope it leads to collective awakening. When I say Mother Nature, I mean just that but I also mean other invisible agencies in concert with visible engines of change.

Take the time to tell people, who present themselves as respected members of ‘the truth movement’ what you think of their weaseling about over what is obvious to most of us. Take the time to check yourself, as I try to do every day, and see if there aren’t some changes you can make. You benefit the whole world when you do this because we are all connected. Every transformative and self corrective act changes the whole world. Every unselfish act and effort at self scrutiny sends ripples across the face of all the oceans on the planet. Each of us possesses the power of the sun so… shine. Don’t darken your countenance just to make it through something you are perpetually free of, so long as you do shine.

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