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I found this at Gilad Atzmon’s site a few moments ago and could not wait to even have my morning cocoa before posting it for my readers. Now, you think you know a thing or two about propaganda?

This flagrant propaganda and the slant it takes should tell all of us just who has been rewriting the history of humankind at the expense of all others' histories! This attitude might also, in a small way, explain why the young soldiers are as brutal and "born to kill" as they are to their Arab neighbours.

We have always known the Israelis are deluded; now, they have taken another step to push their children towards madness. I can already see little boys and girls playing “Captain Israel and the evil Arabs” much as children everywhere play soldier or variations on such games. 

I have gone a step further and posted the entire comic and introduction to the various characters in this horrific series. And you KNOW it will surface in North America if it has not already.

I used to work for a Zionist woman as house wife and nanny. It was tolerable and the pay was good and my eyes were not yet fully opened. The morning of 911, I went in as usual to fix breakfast and get them off to work and school as usual. When I walked in I asked her if she had seen what happened to the Trade Centre so we watched it together. 

Her son, six years old at the time, asked, "Mommy, why did they do that?" She got down on her knees to him and looked him straight in the eyes and said, 

"That is how much the Arabs hate us Jews, sweetheart." 

My jaw fell to the ground. There I was in hijab and she is painting a Jewish victim scenario for him. I called her on it immediately with "You do not know that. This just happened and nothing has been said who did it!"

Unperturbed, she arose, held her son protectively and said in one of those this-subject-is-closed-tones, "Just remember son, this is what we face every day." 

Subject closed. 

All green type is my $.02 worth of Snippits and Snappits.,

 Now we know, the dog has gone mad. 
Foaming-at-the-mouth, beyond-almost-all-salvation mad.

 It has become pretty obvious that that 
Israelis and Zionists do not try to disguise their morbidity 
anymore.  Zionism is clearly a threat to humanity and humanism.

 Airplanes and tanks, decorated with Jewish symbols,
are consigned to spread death and carnage in the name of the Jewish people.

Captain Israel, a kosher superman, is holding a Menorah torch. 
He is there to set the entire region on fire.
 Captain Israel Disseminating the deceitful myth
of Jewish Exile and homecoming (above)

A few more lies (just to be on the safe side).

Endowed with the 'strength of Samson' and the 'wisdom of Solomon', Captain Israel is a genocidal hero who profoundly personifies the disastrous state of current Jewish national affairs

Israelis and Zionists are proud of their pathological, murderous intentions. They are a threat not just to their neighbors, but  to humanism and humanity in general.

Unlike the naive,  idealist and humanist  Superman who steps in to attack and terrorize wife beaters, profiteers, a lynch mob and gangsters, the kosher Super man is far from being naive. He is an ethnic cleanser, murderous and politically indoctrinated. He is there to save one people only namely the 'chosen tribe'.

Here is what the SupperJews’ Website  says about its kosher characters.

“Led by the fearsome Captain Israel and the fiery Beth El, Team SuperJews is a group of everyday people who rise to action when help is needed.  Uniquely talented yet collectively strong, Team SuperJews unites whenever new or recurring threats endanger the Jewish community.”  

According to SupperJews’ Website  the following Jewish organizations are affiliated with the  project. 

I really want to know, once and for all,  where Zionism ends and Jewishness starts?


No matter who you are, 
or what your interest, 
there is a hero for YOU to relate to!

Led by the fearsome Captain Israel and the fiery Beth El, Team SuperJews is a group of everyday people who rise to action when help is needed.  Uniquely talented yet collectively strong, Team SuperJews unites whenever new or recurring threats endanger the Jewish community.  Become a Jewish superhero today by watching highlights of local Jewish heroes, learning about Jewish professional opportunities and finding a Jewish federation event near you.

Even Madonna wants to be me! 
But I was born Jewish, not goyim like her, so I am the better Jew!

Origin: She came to the U.S. from the former Soviet Union in the late 1980s. She comes from a long line of miracle workers who have been involved in some of history’s most unbelievable events, like the oil burning for eight days, the Six-Day War, and the meteoric rise of a certain Jewish Reggae star.

Powers: She wears rings that shoot kabbalistic spells and knows the genuine value of red bracelets to protect and heal. Taught the way of spiritual mysticism since childhood, she has prophetic visions of events before they happen, and extra-sensory abilities to communicate with nature.

Personality: Queen Kabbalah is a champion for the needs of immigrants finding new homes, such as Ethiopians in Israel and her fellow Russians settling in America. Her Friday night “alternative chavurah” is hugely popular, reaching even the most casual spiritual seeker with inspired singing and dancing. People come to her at all hours, looking for guidance on personal and professional matters.

Occupation: Choosing to hide in plain site, her alter ego is the typical artsy, nature-loving gal that one would expect. She writes kids books, sells beaded jewelry on eBay and spends her summers as the program director of a Jewish summer camp.

Study the Torah and the Talmud and you too can be
strong and powerful even if your body is slight!

Origin: Mega Mensch is not only a good friend to have in times of need; he is a good friend to have, period. He is the buddy at the ready to help take care of a difficult task, he is the guy who “happens to be there” when an extra pair of hands would really help. Mensch also happens to be his alter ego’s last name.  

Powers: After answering an ad on Craigslist for an internship with Team SuperJews, he has become a “Tikkun Olam” maniac.  Always doing what needs to be done ~ from developing global care infrastructures to picking up a friend’s kids from school, Mega Mensch defies nature in how he can be in so many places at once. His favorite gadget is a GPS tracking device that can find people in need by zeroing in on cell phone frequencies. 

Personality: Serving as the manager of the team’s portfolio of philanthropic investments and projects, Mega Mensch is loved and respected by everyone he works with.  His friendly and helpful personality is addicting, something he wishes to spread through his gigantic friends list on Facebook.  Living vicariously through his Second Life identity, he is out to prove that nice guys don’t always finish last. 

Occupation: One day hoping to start his own hedge fund with a social justice angle, he supports himself by trading stocks online.

I am with Mossad and do exciting things to kill our enemies!
(All Christians and Muslims are our enemy so I am very busy!)

Origin: Beth L comes from an illustrious family of Jewish community leaders. She is named in honor of her great, great, grandmother ~ a founding member of the first “Temple Beth El” somewhere in New England.

Powers: Wielding the power of her Jewish maternal lineage, her biting remarks are usually enough to stop enemies in their tracks. She is tall and athletic, a perennial summer camp color-war champion and elliptical trainer junkie who can take care of herself in any situation. Her photographic memory and keen intuition make her a natural for spycraft.

Personality: Despite her intimidating beauty and intelligence, she has a soft spot for anything Jewish and is constantly putting the needs of others before her own. A sucker for sushi and trendy boutiques, she can’t be bothered when watching Entourage or Grey’s Anatomy. She and Captain Israel co-host a lavish community Passover Seder open to all.

Occupation: Her alter ego is an account manager at a top communications and PR firm, where she supports clients who advocate socially conscience public policies. She loves her Mac and is responsible for maintaining the Web site

I am an environmentalist just like you! 
We Jews care about the earth.

Origin: Inspired by an Israeli initiative to bring hybrid cars to the masses, Eternal Light decided that Jewish people have extra reasons to cut their dependence on Middle Eastern oil. She has since dedicated her life to protecting the environment and keeping the world safe by championing the cause of sustainable energy. 

Powers: She wears an experimental photovoltaic bodysuit that uses stored solar energy to power a jetpack, enabling her to leap tall buildings and zip around town like a bolt of lightning. Her wrist bands emit powerful pulses of light that can charge engines, zap her enemies, or even kindle the Shabbat candles ~ just in the nick of time.  

Personality: She is energetic and will never back down from a challenge. Her IQ is extraordinarily high, but she likes to play “the ditz” to get others to underestimate her. She does have a tendency to lecture friends and strangers alike on the “little” lifestyle changes they could be making to reduce their carbon footprint and she often takes to the streets to give away reusable coffee mugs and water bottles.  

Occupation: While her first love is the Hebrew punk band she leads (she is her own light show, after all), Eternal Light’s alter ego is a bio-tech engineer employed by NASA. Additionally, she maintains a directory of sustainable-energy legislative action and business incentive programs as a resource for her fellow activists.

I am all that little Jewish boys want to be! 
So eat your vegetables!

Origin: Captain Israel started the SuperJews and dedicated his life to defending Israel after watching a documentary on the Munich Olympic tragedy. He was an American volunteer in the IDF and has become an expert in Krav Maga, an elite form of Israeli martial arts. 

Powers: A skillful bargainer who often talks his way out of perilous situations, Captain Israel ’s grizzled exterior belies a youthful idealism for making the world a better place. He trains daily at the gym and swears by a balanced diet of salty fish and ritual grape juice. On any given day he can be found providing extra security for Birthright trips, marching in Israel Day parades or speaking on college campuses.
Personality: A reserved guy with a dry sense of humor, he’s a fan of fine single malts and fast machines. He can be charming, earning a slot on a “Top 10 Eligible Bachelors” list in a national tabloid. He can’t resist an opportunity to make impassioned pro-Israel speeches, and his eyes moisten when he hears HaTikvah. He teams up with Beth L to host a community Passover Seder.
Occupation: Captain Israel ’s alter ego as a global communications consultant gives him free rein to travel to all corners of the world to assess Jewish needs. He is the Middle East security expert for a “current events” think tank, and often provides the SuperJews with the intelligence they need to start a mission.

 I tear down Palestine homes with my bare hands!

Origin: Judah the Giant stands over six and a half feet tall, with a body chiseled from Jerusalem stone. A star linebacker, wrestler and baseball catcher at the college level, he picked up his name after winning the heavyweight gold medal in wrestling at the Maccabiah Games.

Powers: The obvious muscle of Team SuperJews, he travels to areas affected by natural disasters to rebuild and to help those most in need. Believing he is a descendant of the original Judah Macabbee, he joined the SuperJews after working alongside them in post-Tsunami Phuket.

Personality: Judah is surprisingly soft-spoken for a Goliath. He has the courage of a lion and will stand up for the underdog against any odds.

Occupation: His alter ego is a foreman on large construction and demolition projects, valuable expertise in many SuperJews rescue missions. He is a committed member of his state national guard and coaches a little league baseball team.
Look at this new Jewish ~ cartoon magazine. PDF version

It seems that the following, published in HEEB magazine is old hat by now..

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  1. Look, there in the's a race, no, it's a people, no...., it's a! It's Jewish Zionist Israel!!!

    Could any other group on the planet get away with such racist propaganda! I think not.

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