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Winston Churchill, gambler, drunk, Rothschild, was "owned" mentored by the infamous Bernard Baruch who served the Zionist cause by dictating to both Prime Ministers and Presidents. He kept Wilson like "a poodle on a leash" and I imagine Churchill like "a bulldog on a tether". Churchill was greatly indebted to this man who rescued him from financial ruin. It is said, on Black Friday in 1928, Baruch led Churchill around the Stock Exchange bragging to him of the true power that he, Baruch, wielded in the financial world.

 Zionist Winston Churchill ~ the embodiment of greed

Posted by Druv Chandra
November 6, 2011
Posted December 26, 2011

In the year 1943, there was a great famine caused in Bengal which was a planned action of the Zionist German Jew Rothschild who owned the British East India Company.

Churchill's SECRET WAR - Deception is deeper than you think

In response to an urgent request by the Secretary of State for India, Leo Amery, and Viceroy of India, Wavell, to release food stocks for India, Churchill responded with a telegram to Wavell asking, if food was so scarce, “why Gandhi hadn’t died yet.“

Food deliveries from other parts of the country to Bengal were refused by the government [aka Churchill] in order to make food artificially scarce. This was an especially cruel policy introduced in 1942 under the title “Rice Denial Scheme.”

If you just look at his face, you can easily tell his true nature which would be clear to any man. His face reflects the darkness that lies within him and history is proof of the dark actions committed by this monster who was part of the dark clan of the Zionist.

Churchill’s mother the attractive Jennie Jerome was a Rothschild.

ED: ‘Cunning, no doubt, came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother Lady Randolph Churchill, née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome.’ ~ Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post 

He was a henchman of the German Ashkenazi Jew Rothschild who was the owner of the British east India Company. This was the man who was also involved in engineering the two world wars which helped the Zionist make a lot of money from war.

Churchill and Jews lifelong friendship by martin Gilbert

They are the SAME drug runners who cultivated Opium in India and made the Chinese addicted to drugs. They made a lot of money off the deaths that was caused by famine caused by the Opium production in India. (Opium makes the land barren and nothing can be grown on the lands after this crop is produced.)

Zionist Poison corrupts the world

It’s more than clear that in the year 1943, India was still under the direct control of the monsters of the British East India Company. Hence any excuse that the Indian Government did not do anything to protect its public is absolute bullshit propaganda to hide the real intentions of the monsters who deprived many people of their lives.

No one is Safe from Zionist monsters

The Zionist have manipulated the history, facts and the atrocities they have committed all over the world and specially in India which many people of this country have never bothered to double check.

Zionist Stooge Amartya Sen married to Emma Georgina Rothschild

How many people/Indians are aware of this man’s existence, let alone understand why this man even won a Nobel Prize?

His second wife was Jewish Italian Eva Colorni who had died in 1985, and he had got his Nobel Prize 2.5 years before he met Emma Georgina Rothschild.

He is nothing more than a Zionist Stooge who they wanted to use to warp and manipulate the economics and the mind sets of people of India. The third wife of Amritya Sen. ~ Emma Georgina Rothschild is the direct descendent of the Amschel Mayor James Rothschild on her father’s side.

Amartya Sen (1976) revived the claim that there was no shortage of food in Bengal and that the famine was caused by inflation, with those benefiting from inflation eating more and leaving less for the rest of the population, a claim which had been widely used at the time as a justification for not sending food to Bengal. Sen claimed that there was in fact a greater supply in 1943 than in 1941, when there was no famine. He rejected, without reasons, the calculations of The Famine Inquiry Commission, Afzal Husain

Amartya Sen re-writing Indian History for Rothschilds

Amartya Sen was used to whitewash all the atrocities committed by the Rothschild family in India by writing his bullshit books. This is the reason he got the “Nobel Prize” which is just a propaganda machine for the Pseudo Global elites who intend to manipulate the flow of information in the world to control it at a global level. “Nobel Peace Prize” has also been set up by these Global elites to magnify Gentiles who follow the instructions of the Zionist to the dot.

Fame, fortune and Nobel Peace Prize for being a nice Goyim puppet!

Such people have no honor and do not stand for justice!
Zionist poison spreads to destroy the world

After all this information, you must be thinking why is it related to “Green Revolution”?

This was a very long term attack done towards the people of the world which even includes the people of India.

After the great famine, the British East India Company made sure that food did not reach Bengal which was well connected by roads and Sea. Which aided them in the propaganda, in destroying the native farming industry which is the source of life for any enemy. This was a war tactic played by the Zionist to slowly kill off their enemies by giving them mass produced lower quality food grains which most of the Indians eat today.

Green Revolution fraud

Listen to the Audio Link Below:

Since that time, India had to import food from America which was of the most inferior quality of food grains in the world. The quality of food grains was so bad that “Americans” did not even feed their cattle. This food supply continued to be imported to India till the 1960′s which gave them ample of time to create bio-engineered frankenfood which was created by another “Zionist” Norman Borlaug.

From ~ ~

Those, that is, like Dr. Borlaug’s fellow scientist Paul Ehrlich, whose 1968 book “The Population Bomb” predicted worldwide famine within twenty years as a result of rising birth rates and limited resources.  

Hundreds of thousands of people, Dr. Ehrlich soberly prophesied, would starve to death by 1988.  He compared the “population explosion” ~ he coined the phrase ~ to the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells in a body, and advocated the “radical surgery” of compulsory birth control, in the form of spiking the world water supply with sterilizing chemicals.

Jews the world over have now begun the yearly cycle of synagogue Torah-reading anew.  In the first portion of Genesis, the world is created, the first man formed, and the former is entrusted by God to the latter.  To be sure, Adam, and we, his descendants, are forbidden to wantonly destroy nature.  But we are also mandated, as per God’s command to the first man and woman, to “subjugate… all the land,” to press the earth’s natural resources into the service of the human race.

 Pure Monsanto propaganda video by Penn and Teller, two uber Zionists
A nasty little video but educational.

You can clearly see the deception and the information provided in this video, and you can see that you have been used as the first Guinea pigs who have been fed the same genetically engineered food since 1960′s by the Zionist who give themselves the “Nobel Peace Prize” for the disasters they caused in the first place!

Green revolution fraud of Global Ruling Cheats

We are going to be hit by the next wave of Bio- Engineered Food which is filled with Animal DNA which is fed to you every single day of your life since 1960′s. Hopelessly entangled in the dark-web created by the Zionist who have planned the destruction of the world for over 2500 years so their “Race” can stay ahead of all humanity.

Green Revolution caused by the dark spawn of Kali the demon

This high yield genetically engineered Food grains use a system which uses more amount of water and the use of Fertilizers instead of Cow dung as manure. Hence, more amount of water is used to produce these high yield grains which are made from completely unnatural methods.

Green Revolution ~ Ground water contamination

So what is the problem if we are able to make a lot more food?

Do you even understand if you push nature to go out of its flow and go beyond its laws then your whole society will eventually break.

The Vedic Civilization was built on respecting the laws of nature and living within the means provided by nature itself. However, the system established by these Global elites has completely corrupted the natural laws that made our lives healthy, wealthy and wise.

Now this poisonous food that we eat today will cut down our lives every single day and our coming generations will have shorter life span compared to what we have today. This is a slow poison which was made to slowly kill you off by the Pseudo Global elites who want to have the best for themselves and make the rest of the world burn in hell.

Corrupted food from Green Revolution leads to population explosion

You can clearly see the trend that has followed by the introduction of the corrupted system which was aimed to cultivate the population of India as cattle. India used to be more of an Agricultural based economy before the advent of the foreign powers that completely destroyed our original way of life to fill their empty lives, pockets and heart with gold.

Today, we have shifted from self owned farming business to become a Service based economy which means we are only working for other people and not creating anything. This is a whole new level of slavery cultivated by the people who had taken over India and stolen everything from it.

Green Revolution ~ the web of deceit

Bio – engineered food is not the only problem that comes along with this system as you can clearly see in the above picture. Our Environment is completely polluted by the system that has come along with the industrialization of India, which I have personally despised since the beginning.

Green revolution frankenfood ~ containing animal DNA to produce more than normal amount of food.

Its time, that you as Indians start asking the same questions that the Average “American Man” has started asking his government about the food that is being cultivated and fed to them every single day. They are going through the same problems and more due to the processed food that is fed to them by the ruling elites of the world.

Green Revolution ~ Franken Foods

You have been lead into the same trap by the Global elites who consider your lives nothing more than Cattle. Yes, you are nothing more than cattle to them, and they will not hesitate when it comes down to taking your lives if you stand up against them.

Is that going to stop you from rising up? Or are you going to remain in the state of Denial and non-resistance which will only give these monsters power over you like they have had for many centuries?

Green Revolution ~ frankenfood ~ From your friendly neighborhood Zionist Frauds

Try to find out about everything around you, which even includes the food that you are being fed today. Is your food pure as you think or is it the contaminated poison that is meant to destroy your life?

I prefer to face the harsh reality that this world throws at me, and it’s time that you do the same to find greater strength within yourself against the impending threat that lies ahead in your future as well as your Family.

Green Revolution Manipulation by Zionist monsters

Many farmers have committed suicide because they cannot keep up with the changes that have been brought due to the high yield corps, pesticides and chemical fertilizers that corrupt everything from the soil to the food you eat. The poison not only seeps into the soil but also in the water irrigation system which had mutated other animal life that was dependent on water.

The complete system is corrupted which has lead to many deaths and many farmers have given up farming and their lands have been converted for real estate. You can check last 30 years of the changes that you see in the real estate projects, many of them have been developed over agricultural lands which come at a very low price.

If you build many cities but not farmlands to support the coming population, then inevitability of future starvation is inevitable. All these builders think about their own profit and the luxuries they can attain from the projects they build. But their luxuries will not last for future generations to come because they will be the ones suffering the inevitability of their greed.

And to feed the ever expanding population of the world, such genetically engineered food will grow in popularity and the poison will spread into the systems of your future generations, if the Zionists don’t carpet bomb your homes before that.

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  1. If you are not a Crypto-Jew in disguise, then i would like to show you the true depth of the deception:

    Atlantis Conspiracy – The manipulated Arab Triple Goddess

    This post shows, Mohammad was a Crypto Jew who took over your civilization and use your people as weapons.

    There are many Crypto-Jews in Islam who have created the concept of "Jihad", they use that to terrorize the world and put the blame on the rest of you.

    Islam used to be a "Gentile/Pagan or Kafir" world before it was raped by the "Zealots" for the creation of Israel.

    Yes, the word "Kafir" was created by Crypto Jews who invaded your world to control every one of you.

    And the word "Kafir" will lead you back to the word "Gentile".

    They are going to use you as puppets and kill you all off if you dont realize that "Mohammad" was a crypto Jew.

  2. Moi? Crypto-Jew? Well that is an imaginative thought but, pal, way off base.

    Me? Muslim? Uh, no I am not. Just the name is Arabic because I like the translation.

    And I understand much that is Muslim because of exposure and education.

    I don't plan to discuss this matter with you because I do not have the proper qualifications or education to do so.

    I have the page open. It would take me a lot of time to work out the goddess procession as given here. Most all the names used are quite familiar to me but it would take time to break it all down. Are there links to reference please?

    I will look into it.

  3. You are a dumb, deaf and blind crypto zionist yourself. Frankenfood has allready destroyed your capacity of thinking it seems. You obviously only want to spit your frustration because the writer has written truth about vermin like you; zionist descendants of pigs and monkeys.
    You can't stand the fact that people are waking up and beginning to know about your agenda.

    1. Who are you speaking/writing to? I only post your venom because I am curious about what the heck you are talking about or to whom. This is just a rant that really means nothing.


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