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‘I am well pleased at your sincere devotion. I am born again and again to chastise the wicked and protect the virtuous. This time I shall be born in your cottage and accept you as My father.’ Khudiram was struck dumb with awe.” (Ibid., 8.)

The blessed one whose birthday we celebrate on December 25, though He Himself says that it happened on another date, (1) spent His whole life re-establishing for His generation the way to God. As such He fulfilled the purpose of all avatars or “descents of the Divine” into form. Sri Krishna said of avatars:
“When goodness grows weak,
when evil increases,
I make myself a body,
In every age I come back
To deliver the holy,
To destroy the sin of the sinner,
To establish righteousness.” (2)

Of Jesus, Sri Ramakrishna, Himself a divine Incarnation, said: “Why, I look upon Him as an Avatara.” (3) 

However as our knowledge of avatars increases, we see distinctions that can be made that explain much about Jesus.

Apparently, an avatar is like a Babushka doll. The outer vehicle is the human form ~ Jesus. Inside that form is another form that overlights the human ~ in Jesus’s case, Sananda Kumara.  And on the very inside is the Divine descent. For this reason, Sri Ramakrishna said: “Here are two beings. One is She and the other is Her devotee.” (4) The “She” is the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit, Sri Ramakrishna’s favorite form of God.

I once asked Archangel Michael if my analogy of a Babushka doll was accurate and he said it was. I also asked him if Sananda and Jesus were one and the same or different and he said different though united in their mission.

So the answer to the debate on was Jesus human or divine is “both” if we’re talking about Jesus as an incarnation of God.  Jesus Himself did not descend from God, unless we’re speaking of the way in which we all do. But God did descend into Jesus and not in any way He can be said to descend into us.

Moreover, Jesus has also settled the question of whether or not His was a virgin birth or immaculate conception as Sri Ramakrishna’s (5) was:

S: All right. Sri Ramakrishna was born of a virgin birth, as far as I’m aware, and I believe that Zoroaster or Zarathustra was as well. Is it accurate to say that you, yourself, were born of a virgin birth or an immaculate conception in the same way that Sri Ramakrishna was?

J: Yes, that is correct.

S: Would you mind spending just a few minutes with our listeners telling them how such a thing can be? I’ll share on the blog site about Sri Ramakrishna’s virgin birth, but how can that be, given that we believe that the male and the female cells must merge?
J: Because there is ~ what you think of as your human reproductive ways are very useful, but it is not the only way that conception takes place. We have talked, earlier, a little bit about inspiration, and about how that can burn and explode. Well, joy can explode within the womb, within the female, if she is of a nature that is in complete alignment, as this one was. She was prepared diligently, throughout her entire life.

So it was by the spark of the, yes, the Holy Spirit, but also of the Father. It was the joy outpouring that there would be an embodiment of light. That embodiment of light, we do not say it could not come from Joseph, but it did not come from Joseph. He did not have the wherewithal for that level of energy, of what you can think of as lightning, to enter in and to fertilize. (6)
It is not a difficult thing. It is only the humans ~ the other beings understand it perfectly ~ the humans have always been reticent to understand that one can be so filled with light that it can create new life.
Many of Jesus’ teachings, as he himself tells us, (7) were misunderstood, none more than the statement that “I am the way, the truth and the life. None comes unto the Farther except by me.” As he explained it to me in An Hour with an Angel:
“When I have used the term ‘I am,’ I was aligning with All, with Source, with Father/Mother/One. That is the alignment. And if you, Steve, or listeners, say, ‘I am the truth,’ then you have aligned with that, and you have become that.” (8)

The “I am” could be said to be the same, I think, as the Self, which is one with the All-Self, which is why many masters offer us a variation on this theme:
Knowledge of self is the key to knowledge of God, according to the saying: ‘He who knows himself knows God.’” (9)
“To attain enlightenment without seeing your nature is impossible.” (10)
Ibn Arabi:
“To know God is not an easy matter, until one becomes a knower of one’s self.” (11)
St. Catherine of Genoa:
“My Me is God, nor do I recognize any other Me except my God Himself.” (12)
So far from Jesus making an exclusive claim to being the only one who could lead a soul to God, He was making the same statement and numerous other sages, pointing to the Kingdom of Heaven within, the Self, the only road to God.

The “I am” or Self is the way to God and the Truth of God. Sell all you have (all other desires but for God) and meditate on that Self and you will purchase the treasure, inherit the Earth. Win for yourself all things, as we can be said to do in part upon Ascension.

Many people write learned tomes about spiritual subjects, but no one has been able to epitomize spiritual truth in a few sentences the way Jesus has.

His epigrams and parables are cited by masters of all religions. My favorite example is the Zen master who read the New Testament and said that the man who spoke it was not far from enlightenment. Perhaps the Zen master was also not far from enlightenment.

In January I hope to be permitted to interview Jesus again. This time we’ll discuss the events of His life because they are much in dispute. Was He born in a manger? Did He marry Mary Magdalene? Did He “die” on the cross? Let’s let Him tell us.

Both Jesus and Sananda are here today.  Some say that Jesus is Hierarch of the Great White Brotherhood (13) that Sanat Kumara, Lord of the World, founded.  (14) Sananda says that He Himself is Supreme Commander of the Ashtar Command and of the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood. (15) Both play a commanding role though the exact manner in which they split the task is not known.

Jesus spoke often of the end times but the greater portion of his teachings explained the purpose of life (to enter the Kingdom of Heaven or merge with god) and how to achieve it. This goal persists beyond the Ascension we’ll experience before another years is up.

Our journey goes on until we return to the Source of all that ism from which we came. “Everything that exists is moving back to the Source,” SaLuSa says. (16) The teachings that Jesus bequeathed us offer one of the best roadmaps of the endless journey and will probably be equally useful to us in the Golden Age which he foresaw and described as they are to us now.


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I might add that Chandra’s husband, Khudiram, was away in Gaya at the time so he could not possibly have participated in Sri Ramakrishna’s inception. There he also had a vision of Sri Vishnu, advising him that a child would be born to him:
“That night he had a strange dream. He felt himself transported again to the temple of Gadhadar where in the solemn silence of the sacred precintcs, he found his forefathers feasting with gladdened hearts on the oblations.

“Suddenly a divine effulgence filled the room and the spirits of the departed fell reverently on their knees before a luminous Person seated on a throne. The effulgent one beckoned to Khudiram, who came forward and, with a heart full of devotion, prostrated himself. Addressing Khurdiram in a tone of great sweetness, He said:
‘I am well pleased at your sincere devotion. I am born again and again to chastise the wicked and protect the virtuous. This time I shall be born in your cottage and accept you as My father.’ Khudiram was struck dumb with awe.” (Ibid., 8.)
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