Wednesday 28 December 2011


We all know Wikipedia serves the Zionist masters from Israel. There are thousands of eager trained hasbara agents on line tasked with making sure Wikipedia entries paint Israel in the most positive light.  

In this incidence, Mathaba points out how this has been done to gloss over the situation as imposed by America and Israel through NATO in Libya during the past years.

The countries of Nato have an army of propagandists carrying out their agenda on Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter. They are desperate to keep spreading lies because many people know the truth, and are sharing it. 

December 28, 2011

Pretending to be unbiased and the new world encyclopaedia, Wikipedia is a wiki run by countless thousands of volunteers around the world, and receives donations aimed to raise tens of millions of dollars under its founder Jimmy Wales

The owner of Wikipedia should face future Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace charges, supporters of the Libyan Jamahiriya say.
They point to obvious bias and outright lies and disinformation from the web site which claims a strict impartiality and objectiveness.
Some of the examples immediately obvious at even a cursory glance can be found on Wikipedia pages concerning Libya, Muammar Qaddafi, and the Jamahiriya.

On its page
History of Libya Under Muammar Qaddafi, Wikipedia, not to be confused with the Soros-Zionist-sponsored WikiLeaks operation, claims:
"After a number of atrocities were committed by the government,[6][7] with the threat of further bloodshed,[8] a multinational coalition led by NATO forces intervened on 21 March 2011 with the aim to protect civilians against attacks by the government's forces.[9]"

As references for these claims it provides news items from Sky News
[6] based solely on the claims of a reporter who on the one hand said he spent the entire time locked up and yet was miraculously able to see atrocities without providing any evidence, and claims to have been in an ambulance (not as a wounded person but as an embedded "reporter" with the anti-Jamahiriya NATO-rebels who misused ambulances for their cover to shoot on civilians who were defending their city), and [7] the Chinese Communist Party state organ "Xinhua" which provided a brief news item saying that the Jamahiriya sent tanks to try to retake the city from the lawless rebels, but again providing not even a single allegation of any atrocity.

On the other hand, there are countless tens of thousands of
videos, recorded by none other than the rebel "rats", supported by NATO, the European-American military command along with Qatari and other Arab mercenaries, showing their own abominable crimes, not one of which is mentioned nor linked to on the so-called democratic-collective Wikipedia site.

The source for the "threat of further bloodshed"
[8] is none other than the New York Times, a very well known mouthpiece for the U.S. "intelligence community" (CIA), so nothing that source says, especially on a country and leadership that had troublesome relations with the U.S., can be taken at face value. Yet, that, for Wikipedia, is a reliable source.

The brutal NATO bombing of Libya lasting almost a year, and which claimed the
lives of an estimate 100 thousand people, was referenced by WikiPedia in one single link [9] which laid down the NATO propaganda about humanitarian intervention to save lives, by none other than France's tell-lie-vision network, hardly an objective nor impartial observer given that French mineral water companies have been promised Libya's pure underground water, and the French intelligence set up the entire conspiracy in Benghazi via snipers to cause confusion, claims being that they shot Tunisian and Egyptian citizens in the head, who had a peaceful march supporting the uprisings in their own countries, the reasons which had forced them to work in Libya, thus causing the required confusion and anger that assisted the Islamic TNC conspirators to march on the police and army barracks to seize weapons to conduct the take-over of Benghazi.

And that is just one small paragraph from the WikiPedia page, near the very outset, that sets the tone for the rest of the very long page which is claiming to be an objective historic account of "Libya under Qaddafi"! We leave it to others to see for themselves, if any of the countless incredible achievements of the Jamahiriya are even mentioned. And we leave it to the masses to see if they can waste time making edits to the page, that will only be reverted for being "unobjective", by those who have more time on their hands, and may even be recipients of some of the WikiPedia funds, to keep the "historical record" playing to the tune that the aggressor-Zionists wish us all to hear.

Let us not even go anywhere near Wikipedia's entry on the world's number 1 independent news agency (don't take our word for it, go to Google and search for Independent News Agencies, and see which is top of over 100 million search entries in popularity and relevance). We do not bother to correct it, for we know it would be a waste of time, given the above factors. We will however be pleased to support future legal action against WikiLeaks and its founders and operators, and also seek compensation for libel.

For the Wikipedia
entry on The Green Book, it does not link to the official source and official last approved translation of The Green Book into English by the World Centre for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, of which this author is a director but which ceased to exist when bombed by NATO killing some 8 people, and which remaining building was trashed by the rebel rats who have no time for intellectual discourse, democratic theories, or human rights.

It does however link to our own copy, which is a faithful copy of the original. It also links to a site, which is no longer on-line, and which was a personal page by person(s) unknown, claiming that to be a "faithful translation".

To continue a rough overview of the handful of Wikipedia pages that lay claim to objectivity and truth on Libya, we now turn to the page on the alleged
Death of Muammar Qaddafi. Not once does it mention contrary claims and reports that show him alive, nor raise any questions concerning why the ICC does not therefore drop its (bogus) charges against the dead man. Further, it makes outrageous claims without even providing any evidence, such as that the alleged Muammar Qaddafi was hiding in a drainage pipe.
This is a well-known tactic used by the Zionists against their enemies, who they perceive as rats and dogs, always cowering and hiding in sewers, drainage pipes, and toilets. But the entire page contains little useful information, and also once again white-washes NATO.
Wikipedia entries on Libyan Jamahiriya democratic structures contain truth mixed with fiction, and obfuscation and bogus claims provided without any reference, such as that the General People's Congress "served as an intermediary between the masses and the leadership" instead of as the final stage of nation-wide democratic deliberation where all the results from the basic popular conferences took their final shape at national level.

Regarding the General People's Committee, Wikipedia also sows confusion and obfuscation, repeating the same claims as regard to the General People's Congress, and making no attempt to explain the clear distinction between the latter as the legislative process and the former as the executive. It also provides much false information and makes no attempt whatsoever to explain the functioning of the People's Committees.

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