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By Zen Gardner
December 20, 2011 11:20

Think about it.

The more people who lose their homes and material wealth in this manipulated downturn, the more people who stop, think and re-evaluate.

The more people who realize the financial and political situation is engineered for the good of a very few and not the people, the more wake up.

The more people who are directly offended by these draconian new anti-freedom laws and intrusive surveillance methods, the more startled, questioning and activated they will become.

And the more people who become aware it's this way because that's the way someone wants it, the more come to some alarming yet empowering conclusions.

This is what the New World Order is unwittingly precipitating, and they're seeing it and they're afraid. Here's their admission by an Illuminist global strategist and a hint at their sinister solution:
"For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive... The resulting global political activism is generating a surge in the quest for personal dignity, cultural respect and economic opportunity...

“[The] major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might be greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people." ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski
"Infinitely easier." No options there. This wicked snake is one of Obama's mentors and current advisers. But who's looking?


Beginning the search leading to a radical change in viewpoint can be precipitated by many things; personal financial ruin, the death of a loved one, a serious accident, experiencing the horrors of war, or a major health challenge.
Any of these can drive someone to want to get the answers to the real questions in life ~ who are we, where are we, and why are we here?
It's odd that so many don't approach those fundamental questions before embarking on life, but that's what the matrix does ~ it does everything it can to prevent human awakening.


Because our empowerment and understanding of our true unlimited identity and potential goes contrary to their control plan.

Whatever personal experience, discovery or realization precipitates this paradigm shift, one of the following categories will usually be highlighted that begins to shake people to their foundations and make them realize something's very rotten in Denmark. Here are 7 just for starters:

This is possibly the best way to introduce people to the deliberate, orchestrated government backed abuse of humanity. It's a great inroad just by pointing out,
"Did you know the FDA approves more and more dangerous drugs, rather than less?

Do you ever wonder why natural foods and supplements have been targeted for elimination while highly questionable tainted and genetically modified foods are given a free pass?

Have you heard how many people have died or been seriously sickened by vaccines?

Do you think it's right pharmaceutical and big agro industry heads rotate as heads of the FDA?"   
The rest follows, but this field has been a major avenue towards a big wake up for many.
Headline news for a long time with no change happening, all while people's accounts get drained and even stolen by the likes of MF Global. The FED conspiracy has come to a much greater light, while the government clearly bails out the guilty.

Do they think no one is looking?
"If the banks are getting away with that now, how long have they been at it?"
This has turned many into anti-bankster/corporate control activists and led to further serious dot connecting.
Finally anti-war folks are realizing Obama is an extension of a long line of war mongers. Like the stark truths of Pearl Harbor or Vietnam being engineered to get America into costly wars, the 9/11 wake up is difficult for many to swallow, it's so all-encompassing and frightening. But it's becoming increasingly clear to most Americans that at the least war is a big, costly business that's draining our economy and has no end in sight.
The 9/11 realization will take them "home" if they get it, but it's according to each person's willingness.
Built on the false premise of 9/11, this Nazi era infrastructure of people monitoring is so over the top even your Sunday footballer is getting fed up. Cities are finally protesting these invasive and dangerous scans and searches, realizing this is absolutely uncalled for as well as dangerous. They're pushing their limits, and have been for a long time.
The lines defining the category of conspiracy theorist are starting to blur as people witness for themselves they can be subjected to unlimited detention without trial and will soon see our own military on our streets, signaling a dramatic erosion of our constitution.
That there hasn't been more outrage is mind boggling.
When they start to exercise this unlawful detention on innocent Americans we will see outrage as we've never seen.
These outrageous government takeover bids by the banking cartel are a huge catalyst for change. It is dissolving the lazy laissez faire public mindset and causing people from all walks of life to want to regain their national and ethnic identities.

The collapse of the EU is the perfect example, but this is taking place across the globe, financially, politically and religiously.
The harder the PTBs pound Islamic cultures the more they're galvanized.

The more they attempt to erase the Christian heritage and sovereignty of Americans the more ardently they're clinging to their fundamental faith, values and Constitutional roots.
Whether spiritual, economic, political or geophysical, things are pointing to cataclysm. While the PTBs have been attempting to program humanity with as much fear as possible, just the realities of increased earthquakes and violent weather due to solar activity, magnetic field changes and galactic alignments are enough to make people stop and take notice.
What would you do in such a calamity?

How should you change your life now to prepare?

Why does this all match up with some many prophecies?

 How should I prepare and care for my loved ones?
Even though the manipulators are exacerbating and taking advantage of current changes, there's no way they can completely control geophysical, never mind profoundly spiritual change.

But they're trying.
Just don't help them; they can't do it on their own.



I believe the most important aspect of this wonderful worldwide awakening is the incredible power of the individual.

By any one of us realizing our true potential, and living our lives accordingly, things change radically.

We will naturally then influence anyone and anything in our sphere of influence.

As others resonate and break free it then grows exponentially.

All it takes is a little cooperation with Source, God, the Universe, whatever you want to call It.

When the options and means for living the essentially selfish, materialistic lives we've been taught to live start to fall away, people look for meaning in their lives. Many years ago I spoke to a Holocaust survivor in Holland who told me the best years of his life were his internment in a concentration camp.
That may sound pretty extreme, but he said life became real to him for the first time. Every day had real meaning and he discovered the power of living in the moment. Friendships he made had profound importance, and most of all he discovered the spiritual side of life and the power of gratitude which he said made it worth it all.
It's so easy to take things for granted, and when things are moving along fine for you, why rock the boat?

It's said 15% of Americans work for our bloated government bureaucracy. Let's say they each have spouses, now you're at 30%, or somewhere around there. When voting time comes and family decisions are made, do you really think they're gonna vote for smaller government? It's survival.

However, with a crashing economy many of these people will eventually be dumped, and hard. Think they'll see things differently? It's human nature. Now apply this to any sector out there, never mind the ongoing bankruptcies and foreclosures, and it's like a room full of mousetraps loaded with ping pong balls going off.

And they're gonna eventually find and plug into the truth!



Other things that can cause a shift in consciousness are psychedelic and kundalini experiences which are often life altering. Again, whether someone continues to pursue and live up to the fundamental truths than can be revealed is another issue. 

In the hippie generation I knew many who wanted to be a lawyer to defend the defenseless and next they're a corporate whore. Others wanted to be a doctor to help the helpless and now they're a highly paid hot shot whose only other passion is golf ~ hitting a little ball around till it goes into a hole.

Living up to consciousness is contrary to worldly norms and can lead to isolation and humiliation. But it comes back in spades when you stick to your convictions. We all get waylaid but now's the time for everyone to get back on board.

Paranormal experiences are another portal for drastic change. Many people's lives are turned upside down after having contact with other dimensional entities. Once that has happened you world view changes, and your commitment or at least preferences and outlook become metaphysical and even mystical.

A good example of one of these consciousness shifts is brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor's "Stroke of Genius" experience which turned her into a worldwide speaker on the infinite power of consciousness instead of the mechanics of the brain. (Do watch the linked video.)



The biggest difference between our era and previous ones is access to information, embodied by the internet. They say the enlightenment began when the printing press was invented. Radio and television catapulted society into a media crazed mind controlled mass of consumers.

But the internet is a whole other animal. It's not fully managed and manipulated like TV, although they're trying. It responds to you and your requests. And just about anything is available, all the time. So when someone has this initial life change ~ loss of job, home, security, personal calamity...they can turn to the internet and fill in the blanks.

There they'll find blogs from others who have gone through the same thing. They'll hear others' story of their wake ups and what it's led to...which I would bet in the vast majority of cases has led to a whole new perspective and a more spiritual and fulfilling life.
But the support is there, the information is there.

And then, when you learn to start asking the right questions it really gets interesting!

No more mainstream controlled pablum, and it starts to shed some serious light in corners you didn't even know existed!


The wake up is here and well under way, despite the PTB's efforts to ignore, belittle or ridicule.

We're going to hit critical mass very soon and the sooner the better, because people are suffering unnecessarily.

Only a world saturated with Love and Truth can ward off this evil we're being bombarded with, and we each need to carry the torch boldly, bravely and continuously.

Do you talk to your check out person about the world situation and ask what they think?

Do you stop and point out the chemtrails to people, gently but genuinely?

Do you pass on and post information you find empowering and important that others would benefit from?

Rather than let people be run by mainstream mind-control triggers to buy, submit and fear, let's pull a few triggers of our own.

You never know who's ripe and ready to take action from just that next bit of information or word of encouragement. 

We can't force people but you'll be surprised how many are already blossoming and would love to talk, at which time you can share some good websites and exchange emails perhaps.
So many who've woken up are on their own amongst family or friends who think they're nuts or paranoid, so anything we can do to reach out and help each other is huge!
It's a great time to be alive!

And I mean alive.

I wouldn't want to have my head in the sand when this next baby hits.

The Ark that's gonna save us this time is the Ark of Truth and Love, available to all!

Shine on!

Love, Zen

P.S. Here's an inspiring little video that shows how far a little love can go, one person at a time!

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  1. I'm most concerned about how the Globalists use our banking system to their own benefit. This problem is especially evident in Australia.


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